Parents as Stars, Children as Supports

I don’t mind the woman being a realistic bitch. I don’t mind the man being an unrealistic cuck. I don’t even mind the art standards of western webcomics and all the words words words words words.

What really grinds my gears is the portrayal of the kid.

I absolutely refuse to believe any kid would respond to that sequence of events in that way. They’re not that stupid. Or more importantly, unlike ~mature~ adults, they call shit as they see it. The stated intent was obviously not fulfilled. There’s innate physical truths which are immediately observable and understood by instinct, stronger than any understanding by words: if you assume a specific physical stance and are moving forward and then, for no discernible physical reason, start going in reverse, then obviously something is wrong.

At “best” the kid’s response would be “oh… okay”. Wouldn’t be uncommon for questions to start appearing. If it was a ballsier kid they’d just voice their disappointment. But a “Wow! You got serious game dad!“? I’d be really worried.

There’s screwing with visual beauty standards ala “tumblr art”, and then there’s… whatever this is. I want to say “logical beauty standards” but it’s not really logic. There’s a natural order to the world that’s understood innately by everyone and this screws with it at a primal level. I don’t even like kids, but they act a certain way and can see certain things, a way which is useful to everyone else in its own right.

And this comic says that unique insight of kids is “Hey everyone, my shit doesn’t stink!“.

I’ve heard the idea before, but it didn’t really hit until seeing this “comic” that this parent generation is the first one where baby pictures are more important than the actual baby. All the kindergarteners holding up signs about abortion or trump or immigration were just whatever to me, I suppose, because in their minds they’re just holding up the sign mommy told them to. But a comic depicting “the whole situation” with no direction or prepping beforehand… maybe I’m just stupid. But better late than never.

And something I’ll never do is making children the supporting cast for their parents. If I made something where a bunch of adult women drooled over my dick, either 1) it would be taken as an obvious joke, except for the part where I’m a pervert, or 2) it would be taken seriously and I’d be delusional, as well as a pervert. I wouldn’t be able to do that with less-than-adult women. People take children seriously. As they should.

But not seriously enough, it seems.

If you had asked her if she wanted to raise a transvestite she’d have said no– she wants a child free of stereotypes– because there are stereotypes of boys and girls but not of boys who dress like girls. That mixed logic reveals the true intent of her “gender-neutral” project. It isn’t for the kid, it is for her. If it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t have heard about it. Wasn’t the whole point not to call attention to the gender? Oh, I had it backwards, the whole point was entirely to focus on the gender. Sigh. The main character in this story is herself. The kid is supporting cast. He is not a person, he is a blog topic.

“”Did you see that wonderful melodrama, Stella Dallas with Barbara Stanwyck? She has a daughter who wants to marry into the upper class, but she is an embarrassment to her daughter. So, the mother – on purpose – played an extremely vulgar, promiscuous mother in front of her daughter’s lover, so that the daughter could drop her, without guilt. The daughter could be furious with her and marry the rich guy. That’s a more difficult sacrifice. It’s not “I will make a big sacrifice and remain deep in their heart.” No, in making the sacrifice, you risk your reputation itself. Is this an extreme case? No, I think every good parent should do this.” […]

She is doing the exact opposite: sacrificing her child’s reputation, subjecting him to potential ridicule and god knows what else, not for his benefit but in order to promote her own identity. It’s not the gender neutrality that’s going to mess this kid up, though it might; but being raised by parents who are using their kid as something other than an end in himself. As was said in a movie I hope has no parallel here: this isn’t going to have a happy ending.

A self-aggrandizement parent comic for self-aggrandizing parents.


Last Words on Feminism

Ultimate offense:

The goal of feminism is to turn the world into one big kindergarten.

Ultimate defense:

It’s almost as if women are like every other category of literally anything: 99% disgusting shit, 1% maybe not so disgusting shit.

General idea:

Fourth wave, Nth wave, doesn’t matter. In the end it’s women complaining to men about men, and there’s only a certain category of things they ever can really complain about (or alternatively, only one way they can ever really complain about things), and this is it.

Obviously this doesn’t mean all the problems it causes in reality are dealt with or its history is erased, but there’s no point in entertaining the idea that their premises might be true. No more wasting time or energy in manners of things that do not matters – at least from this mental plague. Keep these things in mind and all possibilities have been covered.

Endgame doesn’t mean the game is over.

Just means there are no more moves that gain possibility.

Purpose and Loyalty (Mankind)

Thomas Hobbes wrote that when men live without fear of a common power, they live in a state of “warre.” In warre, every man is against every other man.

Hobbes’ idea of warre is interesting on a theoretical level, but his warre of all against all is not the state of nature for men. It’s natural for a man to look after his own interests, but those interests drive men together – quickly. A loner has no one to ask for help, no one to watch his back, no one to guard him when he sleeps. Men have a greater chance of survival together than they do apart. Men have always hunted and fought in small teams. The natural state of warre is ongoing conflicts between small gangs of men.

– Jack Donovan, The Way of Men

All the stories are always about one or a handful of central characters in relation to a team. The team can have a uniform distribution of importance or be structured in a tall hierarchy, be fighting dragons or simply going through high school, but in the end the story treats them all as one cohesive unit. They are all knowns – hair color, personality, endurance to stress – even if it is true they aren’t exactly the best. Everything else in the world is just that: everything else. Sometimes, they have no faces. Sometimes, they have no names. In the end, what is important is that they are not treated as part of the group. They are treated instead as walking questionnaires, or theoretical scenarios. This is why the introduction of a new character is always a significant event, it makes clear the differentiation between the “us” and the “them”. Everyone who is not on the team is not, as the messier conventional use of language likes to call it, “a person”.

Today, nobody has a team.

It is why we always have to talk about “team building”, and how in “the workplace” it’s “now” the standard that we work in “small groups”. We all work in small groups, we always do. But we don’t recognize this anymore because outside of the fact that we are working with 3-10 other people, none of the other factors apply. More likely than not, you’re never going to see them again – there’s a bajillion of us running around doing these same things, why talk with these guys and get to know them in particular? What’s the chance that they are actually different? More likely than not, you’re never going to have to complete any task like this ever again. This is accentuated by the school bell schedule nature of our society: 9-3 if you’re 10 years old, 8-4 if you’re 30 years old. Every hour you switch to something completely different, every three or so hours you get a break, and every year, all the stuff you’ve done is wiped and for naught. So why bother getting really good at anything?

There’s no I in team. So, why does it matter?

It was once true that if less than every last member succeeded in fulfilling his part correctly, it was almost certain death. Imagine you and your team of prehistoric men are going hunting and the target is a large mammal. A single one of failed to do his job correctly. You’re all now injured, if not some of you gravely so. The only-bruised of you can go out hunting in a couple of days. The cuts and concussions can go back out in a week or two. Any bones broken and your hunting ability is reduced forever, and with it your physical ability to do anything from simply guard at night to even picking fruit. And all of you – with whatever women and children you have – need to eat. Every day. If more than a couple of you were injured past a certain point, it would spell certain death for your group. You had to get it right. Somone got it right. They identified people and understood them accurately, that is to say, put them in their place. Women do this. Children don’t do that. Those unable to hunt, create something which makes our lives easier. Don’t associate with those people who look like that and are from over there. Eat these berries not those, circle the predator don’t run at it.

Today, there is no certain death because food and medicine are plentiful and everywhere. There is also no way to communicate the idea that death is a risk to someone else. If someone fails, you can’t kick them out. You can’t insult them. You can’t beat them up or break whatever bauble was the cause of their distraction and failure. Because that’s “unreasonable”. Because focusing (getting mad) and correcting issues (getting rid of leechers and obstacles) are “counterproductive”.

As if the bush beating we do can anywhere near compare the creation of all we know today from fires and bone clubs in damp caves.

When I finished my exam middle of the day Wednesday, I had the pleasant surprise of one of my friends introducing to me an idea from one of his friends: we can build a steam engine. Pretty simple stuff, boil water to push a piston and convert that into mechanical energy. It’s a little more difficult to build and calculate, but at least it’s something. It’s not like the wood sanding I was assigned to do at the university-sponsored plane building team, it wasn’t something completely unaccomplishable by my means like the Jeep engine block deconstruction, and it certainly wasn’t just sitting around studying. I had forgotten we had a machine shop at our disposal on campus (technically we have to hope there’s a machine we want to use open, but it’s basically free access to >$10,000 machines) so that solved a lot of the problems, and outside of that he simple materials can be obtained for a paltry cost. It was actually something I could do that would be cool. Both of them were animated about it, so I felt relieved I’d met more than one person who wanted to do something.

And then, I proceeded for the next day and a half going back to doing nothing but sleeping and playing video games. Because why not? Granted, I probably would have spent an hour or two extra on both of those things anyways because I was burned out, but I went the whole way simply because I could. There’s somebody that’s going to do something for me now. If I don’t do something, they’ll take care of it, and by extension if I don’t do anything, they’ll take care of everything. I didn’t think this consciously, but it’s effectively what crossed my mind. In terms of the goal, there is no difference between apathy, stupidity, and evility. This hilariously got turned around yesterday when I went to Communication discussion and attempted to find out what everyone had been doing for our presentation over the past week, and discovered that 3 of the 5 had done absolutely nothing. I really couldn’t get mad at them. Though I had yet to meet up and we had yet to start up anything on the steam engine, it was what I had literally just been doing before I went off to that class. For the steam engine, I was not one of the leaders, so what did I care? For the Communication presentation, they were not one of the leaders, so what did they care? (Today was when we were supposed to meet for just an initial overview of the engine. I went, no one showed up.)

If you can get to the end purpose just hitchhiking on the back of someone capable enough, someone who will not (for whatever reason) throw you off for being unproductive, isn’t that enough? If in the end everyone only really remembers the starring actor, why bother to do anything except get out of that one man’s way when he tells you to stand aside? If success is essentially binary with a seemingly infinitely long plateau of diminishing returns for effort, is there any point in chipping in some of your own energy? This is the state of all purpose today in postscarcity. There is no point in doing anything but eating, shitting, sleeping, and masturbating, because “everything will be taken care of.” Except the actual men and women, who are nowhere to be seen.

As is also true when none of the actors show up to the play, the show does not go on. Or perhaps it’s closer to everyone showed up to cast for the star, and no one accepted the support roles. Better yet, everyone showed up to be an extra because they’d get to talk about it on facebook and twitter and get several thousand likes for no real work or skill,

And no one wanted to lead the rest.

Thomas Hobbes’ state of nature of every man against every other man perhaps would be what happens in a scarce world, but in a nonscarce one it’s the exact opposite: every man couldn’t give less of a shit about every other man. Why wage war against that other guy over there? Isn’t that going to cost a lot of energy and time? Don’t risk it, just go back to smoking weed and drinking alcohol and wanking off. He’s not worth it. Nothing is worth it. Or, everything is worth it. What does it matter how words are used, take it easy dude. Chill out. We don’t need leaders, we are all our own leaders. We’ll form groups every so often, sure, but hey, it’s just work. It’s not life. It’s not who we are. Social rules, roles, and scripts are for people of previous generations, unenlightened and people who haven’t woken up. Calm down. Everything is going to be okay.

And then these same people turn around and wonder why this culture has motivation and self-esteem problems.

In one line, this following picture is why people today join groups and are part of movements:


Being goal-driven is great and all, but we are not free to choose. “We”. As in, we the bipedal apes reading English from this blog on the internet from a computer in the year 2012. Fundamentally, human beings are engines. Men are a means to labor, they are labor machines; women are a means to reproduction, they are baby machines. We are pieces on a board, and we were assigned certain attributes when we arrived into existence. One of these attributes is a goal, a “meaning to life”. That goal is reproduction. Civilization – everything from its material to its social structure to its social rules (laws and culture) and its philosophy – exists because our ancestors found all across the world that those things were a decent overall plan to have more offspring. But today in this “postindustrial” society where everything is taken care of, that is no longer a goal. Instead we measure in terms of data, profit, or material wealth. By optimizing for these items and paving over our tendencies, strengths, and ultimately needs and desires, we make for things which are not us to replace us in pursuit of those goals. It is why we don’t see receptionists as human, why there is a universal hate for HR and PR more than any particular group’s despisal of some specific race or sexual orientation. It is why no matter how hard ideological groups try, they can never match the solidarity of armies. It’s because those things are not human. We have lost a sense of us, and thus increasingly everyone is becoming part of them.

We are progressing ourselves into obsolescence and into extinction. “We”. As in the small groups of 3~10, the most efficient unit size of our kind.

The team is the true individual unit. Alternatively,

No one exists without and outside of their team.

This is a true statement. There is a balance somewhere between the need for group action because several minds are better than one mind, and between the need to keep others out for the sake of efficiency  at achieving objectives and unit cohesion. The “team” size happens to be it. They were right about humans being social animals – but they were wrong about how social. Anyone without their head up their ass will admit they don’t really know more than 150 people, and will readily agree that any team over 20 is due for some cuts because coordination to action is simply more efficient with less people. This is hardly a rigorous logical proof, but evolution and the laws of physics weren’t shown via mathematical derivations. They were observed, and time after time it was correct. It is a law given to us by birth that we cannot simply all “rise up as one” if “we” are 300 million people. Indeed, the physical action of rising up as one is seen nowhere except at graduations and in the military when an officer is on deck. For graduations, it is a one time action. For the military, even they don’t have it down completely.

A team can rise as one – consistently. It is on this level where people can truly know others as humans, where history’s every last detail sticks and is learned. Everything from their thought patterns to their favorite food, from their sleeping habits to their maximum and total energy output is a known. Here there are no “I don’t know, maybe Y would do X”, it’s either “Yeah, X was Y’s doing” or “It is impossible for Y to have done X”. There exists confidence in one’s reading of another’s abilities, their probable actions, and most importantly, confidence that what needs to get done will get done (this confidence exists neither at the individual nor societal level). There are deviations and vices on account of single men that are mitigated, or optimally negated, on the level of the team. In a high stakes situation – of great success or great failure in one stroke – where one person making a single mistake could cost the entire thing, a team can cover for those faults and get that one person back up to speed faster than most would think realistically possible. In any situation where one person attempting to achieve a goal only has so many hours and so much knowledge and so much stress, a team can reduce the costs and multiply the total action by specializing roles and keeping morale high.

Because this increased level of power is so pronounced, people are inclined to invest more energy and time into it. Not just any team, just that one they happened to be in that one time and are still in today. They don’t simply join random teams for whatever objectives, because objectives change and every time it or the group changes, it’s a blank slate all over again. Their team, however, already has all the history and background built up. Their team is simply more efficient. Both individuals and large groups reliably lose to well-coordinated small groups in any given situation and any given goal, because

The team is the only structure where honor is king. By extension,

The team is the only structure where discipline is produced.

Something culture doesn’t value today is a low turnover rate. It was the original, the tradition, but we have abandoned it for the pursuit of using a certain word that starts with the letter P more. Today, corporations and governments measure their turnover rates in months and years. In so and so many months and years, this percentage of our employees will be completely different. I am unsure how it operates in third world countries, but in second world countries like America, these turnover rates are high not because people are getting shot or getting so sick because they can’t work, it’s because people don’t care. There’s more money elsewhere, I’m going there instead.  There’s a nice mall or nice weather somewhere else, bye bye Company, it was nice being here for 2 years and knowing only two people out of the thousand people in the building.

There is one type of group that still operates with low turnover rates in mind, and they have amazing capabilities. Rather than measuring turnover in months and years, they measure it in terms of generations. How many generations has your family been part of this brotherhood? It is the organized criminals. The mafias, the triads, the yakuza, all of these groups have and rely on low turnover rates. Indeed, any group which has this succeeds enormously. The monarchs of the past had loyal servants and an orderly culture. Can the leaders of countries today boast the same thing? People of the same guild or the same town used to be ready to take up arms to defend a financial partner or a community member. How common is that in “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”?

It is this deferral and loyalty at this most basic level which serves as the foundation for every social standard. Today, we have an amalgam of various bitchers about identity (LGBT) or privilege (feminism) or oppression (NAACP) or hate speech (SPLC, ADL), but it’s important to note that none of these are freestanding structures. They are supported by the rest of us, treating these mother fuckers like a good old friend who’s simply pointing out something we did incorrectly on a sleep deprived day. Imagine, instead, that society had nothing but this kind of people. Victim/Slave mentality everywhere. Every large scale interaction would look like Congress. Every small scale interaction would look like Customer Service. Nothing would get done. Everyone would complain. Civilization would collapse back to the stone age.

We’re not there yet. This blog still exists, and we can still talk shit. But the all-inclusive politically correct wave of the void has been at work before we were born. It has already wiped out the legacies of those who came before us, and we have lost all but the most fragile seeds of the idea that it is axiomatic and vital that we be part of something greater, and is still us. It has become a nihilistic binary between absolute independence, each human with infinite rights and deserving of all things good by the fact of their existence, and absolute dependence, each human part of some uncaring greater whole whether that be God, Earth, the Universe, or some “Noble Cause”. These beliefs of imbeciles are the norm today, because “everything is taken care of”. Because no stories are needed, no stories are being written. Thus no characters, no script, thus no cast, no actors.

“We” need to start a story if we want to exist. There will certainly be ones like us after the long goodbye, but they aren’t us. We want to exist now, and we are a story. So:

How does one start a story?

To The Beginning

When I write my entries on discipline and talk about how it’s really difficult to do something simple, I regularly get this sense that I’m saying something really silly. Though it felt like a very good idea at the time, by the time it was put into words “Riding To Stanford” felt like a joke. Fundamentally I am certain of my position; reality is infinitely more complex than any model or fantasy we can ever create, thus it follows fairly easily that because we are creatures of reality, everything up to our own bodies and minds will sometimes if not very often act in ways we do not completely account for. Giving examples for this… is more difficult, unless you’re completely focused on trying to see that the idea is correct. “It is hard to hold a dumbbell straight out parallel” – if you have done weightlifting you will instantly recognize what I mean, but if you haven’t then it can sound almost facetious. Just hold the dumbbell up, what the hell is the problem? Are you just a faker weightlifter?

But it doesn’t even matter if I point out something that seemingly everyone does. You aren’t perfectly still when you’re sitting at your computer monitor, you are moving forward and backward ever so slightly at the tempo of your heart. You don’t type perfectly; you miss a key every once in a while or delete half of a sentence when it doesn’t end up going somewhere good. You will have mental blindness to some of the things that are in your field of vision. Your utensils may sometimes drop the bite you wanted. Particular example is not relevant. The universal response is “But I don’t care/train for such things.”

“Such things” being synonymous with “Everything”.

Everybody knows that they themselves and everybody else treats reality as something that could be dealt with another day, and of course “Tomorrow never comes”. Our entire culture has only one pride and it is on the breaking of complacency; it’s measured against… themselves, that they could be doing… something else. Swag, yolo, saving the whales, change we can believe in… competition and reality do not enter into it at all. Nothing is measured against the greatness of the ancestors, or even some successful guy today. Though on the political scale things are claimed to be “The most important X ever/yet” and on the individual scale “Personally significant”, we all have the general idea that a good 90% of such claims are full of shit.

Now why is that?

It’s been answered multiple times, but as with all knowledge, we can’t particularly digest it unless it is in a form familiar to us. This is difficult in general because there is no such thing as a universal / general / cultural form anymore, because leftism for the past century (and arguably back to Rousseau) has aimed at making a culture of culture destruction. Where once you could reliably say something short, fast, and expect a reasonable penetration strength and rate, entire books and blogs have to be created so a shell and environment exists as a surrogate. The general answer is that we have become soft and we have not had hard lives. The author here approaching everything structurally, the more specific answer here is that…

Between the end of the 19th century and the 1920s, capitalism shifted its frame from the producer to the consumer. And so Since the 1920s and for nearly a century, it has been the norm that production is a given. It’s presumed that there’s going to be a shit-lining of shelves and we just need you to come and buy it.


…Production is a given.

In other words, the culture takes it that resources are nonscarce.

Economics is actually just something to hear about in college. Opportunity cost is now just a word.

I was browsing a new book I bought, Lennard Zinn’s “The Art of Road Bike Maintenance”, on a double-decker bus to school. I had bought the book because it was cheap and I had always wanted to learn a little more about my most prized possession so I wouldn’t need to spend lots of time (truing is *not* fun) or money (I don’t like the idea of leaving my bike in a stranger’s hands) to fix it – just maintain it well and catastrophic failures will cost less. But Zinn basically wrote a bible, and made a bajillion magical things sound like everything could be done just – like – that. Oh, here’s how you build a fucking wheel. It’s fine if you flat and dont have spares, just tie the inner tube into a knot.  This is an exploded picture of all the parts inside a brifter. While pondering one of these entries looking around my surroundings, I read a paper sign. It said, “Don’t stand while the bus is moving” or something like that. A sensible thing to post, being on the second floor.

And then I realized, I’m sitting in a chair 9 fucking feet off the ground moving forward without any energy on my part at 30mph. This sounds rather cliche and similar to the comedian in this video, but as a mechanical engineer, this is the kind of shit I will build. I can’t just expect stuff to work “like it should”.

Minus nature (and really, who experiences nature today anyways), every last thing you see was created by a human somewhere. So there I was, not even paying attention to Zinn anymore, wondering how every single thing on the bus got to where it was. Those bars had to be made somehow. They’re wired some way because the red STOP button works. Someone had to make sure the clearance between each of these seats was identical, say nothing of the seats themselves. The bus itself had to be designed and tested to know what speeds and angles are safe for a double decker. A height had to be set for the first deck; “oh about this much” definitely didn’t cut it back at whatever factory.

It’s easy to say “Machines do it” if you don’t know anything about manufacturing. But when you learn how all metal and plastic is made via a number of processes, you’ll realize that all the machines which exist today were once not there. Each one had to be put together, each part molded or casted. Machines themselves had to be machined, and those machines before them, and those machines before them, all the way back to just man and metal (and perhaps water and horse). The same story exists in measuring, in materials, in planning, throughout all of creation.

The story is that, sometime, somewhere,
some man did something to start it all.

Useful things, things with function, don’t simply exist. The first man did not have a ruler with inches on one side and centimeters on the other. He had to say something, out of nowhere, arbitrarily, THIS is what one unit of (whatever) is. The man to make the second ruler – the first “accurate” ruler – had to go straight off of the first one. How else would he have known how long a single unit was? He didn’t have access to some kind of Platonic Form, some arbitrary knowledge which would allow him to randomly draw marks in the correct positions. Even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to do it if he had a fat marker. With a large enough marker and a small enough increment, you can’t see anything. I can use a paint roller and say “here is 1cm” and it could be true, but it’d be fucking useless if I covered everything from -10.7 to 8.215cm as well.

We all recognize that these intricacies of reality exist, but we never deal with it because our models don’t account for it, and our models don’t account for it because… well, why should it?

What intricacies can we not avoid? If food is not to our liking, we don’t shop at that supermarket anymore – there are so many others. If some other product is not to our liking, we return it for a better one (one with intricacies we cannot perceive) – there’s a bajillion of those too. If we make a mistake on a form of any kind, whatever, we’ll do better next time – there’s always a next time. We do not perceive food as something we have that is limited, or items we have that are actually ours, or errors which could cost us more than just an irrelevant timespan of our brief existences.

When something does happen, when something cannot be evaded, we claim to “not know what to do”. Could be getting robbed, taking a test, breaking up, any of this special “life changing event” kind of thing. “Not know what to do” is actually just a very nice way of saying PANIC TIME, itself in turn a polite way of hiding the fact that we are actually all just fucking overgrown children who can’t make a single decision.

We think we’re part of this perfect world, that everything will just be taken care of for us and we’ll never have to worry think about anything.

Production is a given. What could go wrong?

It is, of course, not actually a given. To make something into a given is perhaps the greatest of achievements – but even then, it fundamentally still must be created by men.

It is why once upon a time, the greatest creators were called craftsmen. They excelled at creating quality products, in a time where “quality” actually had a meaning; they created reliable products, in a time where “reliability” had a meaning. Back then, it was actually possible to create gears and cogs for clocks in a way so that they’d tell the wrong time fast, and thus be a bad clockmaker. It was once an amazing feat to create an item with interchangeable parts – to be able to craft parts with such similar tolerances, you could take one apart and use it as spare parts for another without the need for a hammer and chisel, or a forge to change any shapes. As such, each item was individual, unique. You knew who it was created by, and you knew it was yours, because it looked and performed differently from the rest. There was meaning in continuing to use the same one, because everything from its center of gravity and its moments of inertia to its inscriptions and colors were truly and magically unique.

But no longer. With the continual improvement of logistics and mechanics, the engineers have been able to shave down margins and error rates to a scale completely below the range of unaided human recognition. The advancement of technology does not necessitate that humans can adapt to it quickly – indeed, it’s commonly said that our technology now controls us by amazement. Alarm clocks and cars, along with freight trains and the technology of refrigeration, have made it so that instead of waiting for the farmer to deliver food in the morning, it’s possible for them to do it long before the sun rises, or even several days before a dish is ever cooked. Massive machines, fine tuned by lasers and tens of engineers drawing upon centuries of mathematical knowledge and modelling on paper and computer, are able to churn out hundreds of thousands of items, each with dimensions so similar a bacteria hopping from one to the next on the assembly line would wonder whether or not it was actually going in circles.

It was once true that achieving perfection made you a god; that having errors was just fine, easy to deal with, we’re all human and in this together kind of thing.

Now that the collective skills of all types of engineers have achieved this much, perfection is an expectation; anything less is cause for true terror.

As clearly indicated by the rise of the short-sighted, hedonistic, all-questioning and all-justifying intellectualism of the Left, the human race is “progressing” past greatness and into entropy. “Past” not as in “surpassing”, but in “missing the mark“. Because the greatness achieved by those who came before has allowed us such great ranges of error without the slightest glimpse of the failure that is death and the erasure of all that is good, we now childishly think that we can do anything we want, at any time, and still achieve glory. You’re an 80 year old man, you can still go back to college and start a new career. You’re a 50 year old woman, you can still go back to the bar and find a strapping young man. You can still be the greatest athlete in the world with no legs. The best writer with no eyes. The best pianist with no hands. You can’t talk down these things either explicitly or implicitly either, because that’s “wrong, how could you even think of such a thing”. Where once the goal was to increase the tolerance of error for a greater chance of success, now the name of the game is how far you can increase the tolerance of success. The ends no longer justify the means; the means justify the ends.

Some take it as a joke that to raise a child well, you must fuck their life up.

I don’t. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” isn’t just some namby pamby line you use to make someone feel better, it’s a fucking universal. Do you know what happens when you control fuck ups so that you only encounter a certain type? You gain a skill. Raise a child this way, and he will become the greatest you’ve ever known at whatever it was you controlled for. There are controls put into reality by God – they are called biology and physics. There are rules to this game that we can not avoid, and they dictate the strategies that will be best. It is these laws, and the laws we create which makes sense of these laws in simpler and more functional forms, which grows our kind toward the heavens. This is why Discipline and Honor are universal values throughout all cultures throughout all history.

It is why equality, feminism, fairness, and freedom are not.

If we do not keep this treasure of the ancients alive, Fortuna will steal it from us and we will go back to the beginning.

Reality has scarce resources, and mankind is currently treating resources as nonscarce. This must be rectified, and mathematically it must happen either by massively increasing the need for resources, or by massively decreasing their effective existence. Losing knowledge on how to use resources (or even recognizing something as a resource) is doable, if the infinite propagation of knowledge is stopped and restricted more to only those who use it well. Doing things more “inefficiently” is also a fairly easy task. By removing some machines and going back to a larger proportion of human labor, the current problem of nonexistence of human bonding (loyalty, family, brotherhoods, etc.) would also be resolved.

Of course, we would rather hamper ourselves with a purpose – we would rather challenge ourselves. There is only one option that fits the scale of the current human population.

We must colonize space.

The genesis must be respected and properly feared if we are not to return to it. Humans are not “sustainable” creatures. We are “growing” creatures. We dominate and we seek more. This cannot be changed. It is in our nature. No amount of logical runaround will change reality.

We expand or we die.

Breaking The Ice: Who You Are (Nice vs Good)

I actually haven’t encountered this idea for a while; it caught me by surprise when I saw it again today. It was in a discussion section for “Interpersonal Communication Competence”, though to be sure, the fact that the male-female ratio has risen from 10-1 to about to 10-12 should’ve tipped me off that something like this was going to happen.

It should go without much explanation that I hate icebreakers. As always the justifications they give for such things is half-accurate. Yes, if you’re going to work with a team of other people, you’re going to want to treat and view them as something above “stranger”. It is true that an obstacle exists when everything first begins and it is true that the obstacle must be removed for optimal performance, but the process involved with removing the obstacle does not necessitate bureaucratic intervention. It is why the “Peacemaker” or whatever “Initiatives” elementary schools make to “Combat” bullying always end up failing and making things worse than they already are or would be. For getting to know strangers who will be working with you for both your and their grade, no additional intervention is really necessary. You already share the same goals; how exactly you mesh together is a fairly emergent process. It could be said that the existence of “Icebreaker” activities makes things on the larger scale worse over time, because people become more reliant for the most basic and simple things.

Thankfully though, I was assigned a group, and the group was all male.

Icebreaker #2: Personal Values

Look over the following “value items” and select five that would be the most desirable to you. Then, rank order the five values. Discuss with your group members what you chose and why.

1. A starring role in a movie.
2. $50,000 for any charity you pick.
3. A contract to play professionally on a sports team of your choice.
4. A maid to keep your room clean for one year.
5. World peace for a minimum of ten years.
6. Lifetime tutors to teach you anything you want to learn.
7. A recording contract for two years.
8. A nutrition pill that would eliminate world starvation.
9. Your student loan paid in full.
10. A guarantee that you will experience inner peace for the next twenty years.
11. A decent job for life with a minimum salary of $50,000 per year.
12. A dream house built to your design anywhere in the world.
13. Free medical treatment for ten years for twenty people of your choice.
14. Foster homes for seventy-five abused children.
15. Complete wardrobe of new clothes each year for ten years.
16. A guarantee that your parents will be taken care of financially for the last ten years of their lives.
17. One day with any famous person.
18. A long and happy marriage.
19. A church built at the site of your choice.

And, with the exception of three items on this list, we laughed at all of it the whole way through. (Try to figure out which three, we should agree as well)

“A starring role in a movie”? How exactly is this a value? One would imagine that a value clearly defines in a meaningful way the essence of a person, but few of these nail down a person for anything at all. A starring role in a movie could mean any number of things to us commoners, and none of them ranked particularly higher than the others. Is it for the money? Or perhaps the fame? Maybe it’s to work with some really hot actress or a very creative and effective director? Is it for traveling the world? If you want to be an actor that’s fine, the rest of us can immediately know what you are, but we’d learn nothing about who you are. A list of personal values should be single words, or perhaps followed by single sentences to clarify what exactly they mean. The words should indicate something about the person “as a person”, or more functionally, their ultimate preferred modes of operation in any situation. In Jack Donovan terms, someone’s values should indicate to you why you want them on your team. It’s great to want “world peace” or “money for life” or “inner peace”. But that doesn’t tell me anything about you.

Instead of a bonding of truth and honor, the list is instead filled with stuff to jack each other off with. Icebreaker #2 is the serious one; I have omitted the other one completely because the title is “Who Has These Qualities” while the list is completely of things like “Has never received a speeding ticket”, “Wears contact lenses”, and “Likes country music”. These are the kinds of things you expect people to talk about when they’re completely bored or completely drunk, not when you’re trying to read, gauge, and decide how to interact with people in an optimal fashion to obtain the best grade. The TA even said it was a competition – yet he handed out this complete inanity. Is it simply a play fight then? Yes, it is nice to know that the guy sitting next to me also “speaks a second language at home”. But it is good to know that he would not betray his word. Can I know such a thing from his ability to “speak Spanish fluently”?

This is not the kind of thing men in an all male situation would come up with. Could you imagine? It doesn’t even really matter who it is; go ahead and pick amongst any of the men you know at all ages and stick them together in a room, dictate to them some purpose and their assigned teams, and see how they would “break the ice”. Would they ask each other who “Likes to play a musical instrument”? How about who “Likes writing letters”? Or maybe who “Has a Siamese cat”? More likely than not, they’d get straight to the task after letting the obvious one or two people to declare the leader role, and figure out other relevant things as the actual stuff rolls along. Doesn’t particularly matter if you have an accent; nobody really cares where you came from or what your experience back home was like because it really doesn’t fucking matter.

Now if instead there was an all girls group, this is exactly the kind of thing they’d talk about. Hey grrrrrlz~ how yall doinnnn, so liek, who “Has the most pairs of shooooes”? They would “totalyy” agree that the best “Personal Value” is “5. World peace for a minimum of ten years.” It is no politically incorrect statement to note that this extends directly from their “nurturing” nature – that is to say, their complete inability to exclude anything. It is why you can find women justifying mass murderers and having their children. They can’t justify in their heads to actually punish anyone, because historically men just dealt with threats before women could even begin to try and perceive them as part of the group. Because historically they also didn’t really do anything (remember, it’s only been recent history that women have done anything other than cooking, gathering food, and raising children) requiring the intensity of focus and the discipline of skill, they had nothing to actually relate about other than stupid little fucking shit like “Likes to go camping”. There are a variety of other explanations for why women act the way they do; I will not delve into it too much because “why” is not interesting to me. It is only interesting to the extent that it can be used, which is to say that the actual interesting thing is how to work through it or around it. I am not a woman, I am a man.

Thank the goddess that all my other group members were also men.

In a Communication class where groups are assigned randomly, the chance of this happening is a godsend.

There were three items on this #2 list which we all agreed on. This is of note because each of us found that only these three truly worth anything, or alternatively, worth so much more than the rest. The other 16 we laughed and joked about it for long and meandering minutes like they were from list #1: pointless and useless. When we went down the list and encountered these three, however, the leader read it out, we each said “Yes.”, a moment of silence, and the reading continued. It was a solemn agreement, a recognizing of something important.

3, A contract to play professionally on a sports team of your choice.

6. Lifetime tutors to teach you anything you want to learn.

18. A long and happy marriage.

In functional terms,

3. A team of men doing physically demanding and tactically difficult activities with your life on the line.

6. Improvement and the seeking of skill throughout your entire existence.

18. A family, a love, and the creation and genesis of a legacy.

If I showed this list first without the title or any other description, any sensible person would label it “What Would You Wish For?”. Because that’s what this stuff is, wishes. They are not values. A maid cleaning all my stuff regularly would be nice. New clothes every year which I like and fit me and is picked out for me would be very nice. World peace would be nice. It’s all NICE, just like arbitrarily being able to order Jessica Alba or Han Chae Young to ride my cock for a whole day would be NICE. These are all desirable things, and wanting them is perfectly fine. But these are not values. These are ends.

They are points.

They are not functions.

A person’s value(s) is a person’s function. It is their pattern, their way of approaching the chaos of reality and their priorities in ordering and sorting things into sensibility. It is how they act here, there, everywhere. When you read someone, even though what you see is what they drive and what they wear or how they walk and talk, this is the thing you are in the end looking for. It’s easy to see what someone is doing. But you want to know what someone can do, and someone will do.

Due to the facts of physics, biology, and evolutionary psychology, men are built so that certain values are more desirable than the rest. You want men that have strength, courage, mastery, and honor. Though the existence of such an icebreaker was disgraceful and the actual setup was even more disgusting, it showed through in all of us even to men we’ve never seen before (and probably will never see again) that saying that we value the direct proxies of these values is important.

The simple and solid Yes + Silence = Understanding process would not have happened had we even a single female in the group, say nothing of if I was the only male in a female group. Silliness and waste of $15,000 tuition a year and 3 hours a week would have occurred.

I guarantee it.

Ultimatums and Decrees (Sorcerer Of Certainty)

I’ve written a few posts singing the praises of anger. To me it the advantages it endows are abundantly clear; as the fundamental problem of all problems are distractions and confusions from the correct method, and anger gives effortless elimination of things which don’t matter relative to your desire, it can be said that anger is a fundamental solution. I do not think it is optimal, but its benefits should not be ignored simply because it may not be the best solution. Often, to solve any problem you need a number of different skills and resources each used correctly in harmony. Anger is one of those resources.

The original purpose was to create and illustrate a direct response to what seemed to be a straightforward simplistic claim by the convention: “being mad is bad, being rational is good.” This is a false statement first and foremost because it is a false dichotomy – one is generally infinitely more rational while emotional than not (I do not treat the average female’s toying with emotions as the real thing). Do you make better decisions when everything is on the line and you need to make the correct choice, or do you make better decisions when you can really afford to just stay in bed all day and not do anything? Emotions simulate the former situation. We experience reality through models, and when are models are there but reality is not, we treat reality the same way. If I act in my everyday life with the belief that everything could be fucked up by a disgraceful and dishonorable person if I don’t pay attention, I will act with the same precision that everyone else would use only in the most dire of situations. This makes me more efficient in two ways; one because I am more precise more of the time, and two because I have practice and they do not.

I was responding to the wrong thing. I missed the fundamental problem and solved something else.

The thing they don’t like is what anger entails: an ultimatum.

You are not allowed to be absolutely sure about anything.

Being able to lay down any definitions – whether they are accurate with reality is, again, not relevant at this time – is the greatest sin in this equalitist culture. You can never be “serious”. It is a feminine world; you can never believe in something until you consult with the committee of everybody. Which makes decisions based on…. the decisions of everybody… who each look to… everybody. Everybody is equal, and everybody is shit. Of course as reality and time waits for no one and things actually need to get done, inevitably decisions are going to be made. However, where a man outside of this culture would simply decide what he wanted and dealt with whatever came afterwards, those in this culture decide what they want and then bitch about whatever comes in their way.

“Confidence” is fine because you are “open to criticism”, which is simply a phrase for “You’re going to believe what I believe”. Look at any situation where people have disagreement, discuss, and then still end in disagreement. The person in question will first think “Finally, a dumbass who is willing to change his ways”, then if they failed in their task and then proceed to change their painting to instead say “Wow what a fucking waste of my time, closed minded asshole”. It’s as if they think reality is like school, where they are the teacher and everybody in the world are their students, just waiting to have information dumped on them. If the students are disobedient or insubordinate, one word or one pink slip sends them away, and suddenly you don’t have to deal with them anymore. Unless they come back and shoot up your school. In which case, it’s still somebody else dealing with the problem for you. This is still true on the other side of the analogy; if you are the average facebook user and you tell someone off, every last one of your friends will also tell the guy off for you. Or you can tell on them – “report” – to the admins, and they’ll ban them for you. And you can be all smug about how you didn’t have to do anything and the evil people got justice served to them, because everybody else is smug about it too.

“Arrogance” however is not acceptable, because you can’t do what everybody doesn’t like. In the frame of individual action, there is no meaningful difference between confidence and arrogance. Its difference arises from social disapproval. Leftists will call Obama confident; non-leftists will call Obama arrogant. The broader case was illustrated in the previous example; someone will be “confident” until they are confident that the other option is correct, at which point they become “arrogant” because they “don’t” listen. “Don’t” is a rather important term. If someone “didn’t” listen, it does not reflect on whether or not they are currently listening. These equalitists do not particularly care whether or not you did listen, but whether or not you are listening. If you listen/listened and change/changed your ways, you go from arrogant to confident. They claim to want you to just open your mind this once and make a decision afterwards, but they never actually want you to make a decision, because they could end up being wrong and if you tell them they’re wrong, well, that’s the apocalypse. This is all assuming the definition of “listening” as “agreeing”. To put it nicely, it is not a very accurate synonymism. To put it bluntly, it’s fucking stupid.

That’s what this whole anti-definitional culture is. Fucking stupid. It’s an extension of the nihilist “There is only one truth, and that truth is: there are no truths”, which has a patent obvious error that it actually posits a truth. It’s very appealing to the retarded masses though because it fits in exactly with their “freedom” idea and the “American dream” that “you can be anything you want”. Don’t make assumptions. Don’t judge me. You don’t know who I am. I’m still discovering myself. I’m finding my passion/calling. You don’t know that. You can’t know what the future is. How could you possibly say that tomorrow, or maybe the day afterwards, there won’t be a knight in shining armor coming to pick me up in his sports car and ride us off into the 50 Shades Of Sunset?

I’ll be that these protests are just about the usual crap. Government is not providing enough handouts to the people and is only helping rich people.

You don’t know that! You always label people! You have no idea what their values are! You’re just assuming that!


My assumptions are right about you. I also assume the sky is blue; I am right about that too.

It matters not how much time I take. Whether it be five seconds from one instance to five years and a significant fraction of my life, this culture is against claiming any ground.

#1 Temper NA

I’m sorry that I’m confident about my reads on how good players are and what they can do. Oh wait. No I’m not.

It is definitionally impossible to be incorrect when you are correct; don’t let anyone fucking bullshit your way out of direct contradictions or you’ll never be able to start a train of thought. Homosexuals are NOT normal. Feminists are NOT feminine. Spending more money does NOT get you out of debt. Fucking up a country’s economy will NOT achieve peace. A culture centered around hype and procedurally manufacturing the next big thing over and over again does NOT create unique individuals each with self initiative for their own passions. Note that I don’t particularly care whether I make statements which are politically correct. This is because being correct has nothing to do with being politically correct. I am smarter than a fifth grader. I’m not about to question my level of intelligence with such a low bar.

I treat everything else in reality the same way. I know something, and I will act on it. If I don’t, I will learn something once, then I will act on it until I make a mistake, at which point I correct my error and continue to proceed.

Not abiding by this and not putting authority before reason turns your entire world into a high school girl gossip circle where at every turn you are looking for approval. There is no right or wrong there, no correct or incorrect. There is only what the group says. In this communistic attempt to get rid of and overthrow the king, the result is that everyone is slaves to the halation and the winds of time and change. This “enlightenment” has lowered us back to being animals. Do the great men focus all their energies on obtaining the latest designer clothes? Do those who succeed in creating history-changing inventions go for the most hypes shoes?  Phones, movies, concerts, “The Game”, this is the kind of shit the people cement as the foundations of their identity.

This “SWAG” is for sewer peons. Kings have something else, called “CLASS”.

CLASS is dictated by someone specific. SomeONE did something a particular way, and everyone else started doing it either because that guy did it or because he told people to do it. It does not matter that “You’re just following someone else” because in the end you are either following someone else or you are leading yourself, and when you are clear about which category you’re in for which action, you are much more likely to be respectful and mindful of each and have less of this imbecile “every child has his own potential” to “I’m fucking unique because I fucking bought the fucking iPhone5” spoon-fed society.

I hate the standard Plato Allegory of the Cave / Matrix thing because that’s really not the problem we have these day. The problem is not that people don’t want to be told they’re wrong, the problem is that people don’t want to think that they even might be wrong. Spoiled so far is this civilization from our parent generations and reality, it has been able to believe that it is possible to exist throughout all of reality questioning everything, except questioning themselves on whether or not it’s possible for them to be wrong. The concept of fallibility itself is incomprehensible to the entitled solipsist bitchism of today.

It is an inevitable result if you never lay down the law. Which law does NOT matter. Some feminists talk about how it is men who start wars, men who kill and murder, men who rape and men who thieve, therefore if we have women running the world all children will be loved and educated everybody will be fed and the world will be at peace. A fucking fantasy, because the average American teenager is basically free – they have cars, credit cards, aren’t under the dominion of their parents or anyone else for that matter – and the American teenage girl says not how to organize society for a better future, but how it’s fucking embaressing that she got a 16gb white iPhone instead of a 32gb black iPhone. Say that’s just a bad apple all you fucking want, it’s the fucking norm and the norm is normal. Saying the magazines on the cashier rack at the supermarket don’t matter and nobody actually reads them is a LIE because nothing is sold and widely circulated unless it is bought. IT IS TRUTH that most women are fucking retarded, and IT IS TRUTH that most people will vote for the worst possible reasons.

This is what your free world looks like. Welcome To America.

Was this how people acted in the unenlightened, old-fashioned, bigoted, racist, sexist, and intolerant recent past?

The thought that it could be better and it just needs change is inherently an exclusive one; you must necessarily send into oblivion those aspects which you think must not exist in whatever niche. This is a decision, an ultimatum for the near or forseeable future so long as you can maintain its existence, one which necessarily limits your options. Opportunity cost is a truth of reality, and those who acknowledge it and treat it as a solid concept progress towards their goals linearly, rather than in the haphazard and lost manner of those who think that they could do everything if just “given” the “chance”.

Men are not created equal. Women and men are not created equal. We were not born with absolute powers (“rights”).


Well? What is it?

I… I want to ask you something about Honda. How did you feel about her?

Why do you ask?

Sh… She asked, me to…

How do I feel about her? Oh, geez.

You don’t think you’ve done anything wrong to her?

Wrong? Did I? It’s what she wanted, right? It’s not like I extorted her into doing anything.

B…but you were blackmailing her… with the m-movies.

What? She even told you about that? Shit.

I… I know everything that happened.

Well. I do it because I can, right? Is that a bad thing? If Honda doesn’t like it, she has to do something about it. After all, she’s in her situation because of choices she made. Of course, it’s not like there aren’t people whose decisions are made entirely by others, but those are very special cases, you understand. For everyone else, we have a series of options, and we choose out of them. Are you following me? If you can’t solve it on your own, you can ask someone else for help. But if there’ no one to ask, then it’s your fault for making those life choices.

But… you still… you still did some things that were wrong.

Hey, you shouldn’t speak like that. Even if you happen to be correct.

It’s a common habit in all kinds of worthless people to look for fault in others rather than oneself, whenever something goes wrong. The first thing that Honda should do, is to think of how to correct the things she did wrong, isn’t it? From there, she can come to me, and think of ways that I can correct myself. I’m an educator, you know? I think this is much more useful than any school lecture. But it’s up to you to get something out of it.

What? Are you one of those kids who says garbage like “Adults don’t understand me”, or “Nobody knows what it’s like to be me”? You can’t turn out to be so spoiled and rotten. If you think they don’t understand, then you have to give the effort to make them understand. Like what I just told you. You can’t just abandon the effort to explain, and blame the other person for not understanding, can you?

Here’s another thing. People who talk about “finding themselves” are also worthless. They’re just avoiding their current state, and finding escape in a nonexistent pretense. All there is, is what you want to do in your future, where you want to go, and what to do in order to achieve that, right? Right? What kind of you needs to be found? All the things that you’ve done are the sum of what makes you yourself. And if you can’t recognize your current state, then that’s a problem isn’t it?

If you’ve only done so much in your life and that’s all you can come up with, well, it just goes to show there’s no cure for stupidity.

– Honda’s teacher lecturing Kirie, Bokurano

You are nothing until you act, and action requires certainty.

Fiat was once treated as a power of the gods, now it’s treated as shit tier obviousness because everything has become simplified and computerized. But reality always collects debts people owe to it, and this civilization is continually paying at least minimal interest on its existence by ignoring the laws of biology and physics. Because reason is placed before authority and committee before decision, nothing is done anymore and anything aspired to is chaotic – a revolution, or a zombie apocalypse. Meanwhile, Fortuna retakes her place as master and because we refuse to realize we are not actually gods, we start “wondering” about why everything falls apart when we try and touch it. The names used in each particular instance doesn’t really matter, the universal rule is that no serious obstacle is taken seriously: Oh, politicians are just stupid. Muslims are just different. Those feminists are just extreme. Etc. etc. etc.

When you plant yourself and your flag down somewhere, anywhere, you suddenly need to defend it. You are now bound. No longer are things random and equal, it is possible to have selected something which has great pros in some directions and great cons in others. You can now gain and lose in a meaningful manner, and keep things with a sense of permanency and security. You begin to develop power, the ability to obtain what you want, and learn through the successes and failures of your endeavors. But this only happens once you have declared something as a truth.

Nothing exists before that. When you declare something as truth, you are literally creating a world.

Do you want to be right?

Do you want to become a god?

You know something when you are satisfied with what you know,
You believe something when you are satisfied with how you believe,
You have trust when you are satisfied with your pattern predictions,
You are saved when you are satisfied with doing no more,

You are always where you want to be,
And you are never where you cannot be.

Masculinity’s Misdirection (True Sight)

The past couple of days I’ve been moving and unpacking things in my new apartment. It’s a nice place. I don’t have too much of an eye for interior design, but I have significantly more room than I did last year, everything is clean and functional as far as I can tell, and there’s air conditioning. Windows are also pretty soundproofed, it’s a flat upstairs and at least 400ft away from any major intersection. However, right beyond that 400ft in two directions are two shopping centers, making buying basically anything basic only 15 minutes away walking, round trip. No rats. No flies. A short-fiber/hair carpet which looks durable. A major improvement over where I lived during the last school year. I should be able to write well throughout this year instead of just during the summer, given the time.

I like living an easy life. What I have now is great and all, but it’d be even better if I didn’t have to cook my meals or worry about paying bills.

Saying this is rather easy; justifying it as a serious thought as part of a belief system is unconventional.

All the deterioration of mental and physical mechanics in living a life of luxury aside, the life of luxury is universal throughout all cultures in many aspects and it is as such because that is the best conditions as dictated by human biology, and it thus is also the desired life. I like having my dual monitor high quality GPU and CPU with my SSD, my colorful and sexy posters, my pillows and comfy bed, and wonderful games with immersive stories art and music. I don’t want complete/full/true “independence” and I frankly don’t care for it because I see no value in such a thing. I can deal with paying rent and finding out how to best save energy on my utilities bill and set up internet and how to get work and then go to work to have money to pay for whatever, but I’d really rather not deal with it. The end goal is power and the purpose of power is to get to do things you do while avoiding things you don’t want to do.

Frankly, I want power, and I do not particularly buy into the masochism some men seem to look for. If something has to be done then so be it. But there is not too much point in glorifying obstacles and hardship.

Just as perfection is another word for simplicity, luxury is simply another word for permanency.

San Francisco Bay Area is luxurious, because it has permanency of temperature and weather. Cruise ships are luxurious, because they have permanency comparable to five star hotels while at sea, and five star hotels are luxurious because they have permanency in quality of food, service, and accommodations. A house is more luxurious than a cardboard box because you have a permanent place to take a dump, to wash your hands, to sleep in and to have “a roof over your head”. A mansion with servants is more luxurious than a house because you don’t have to deal with the nonpermanencies of a house: caulking in the shower, cleaning the toilet, leaves in the gutter, weeds in the garden, feeling cramped ever. Kids who grow up in the same place their whole childhood have a luxurious life compared to those who have to move every year, because they see the same people and become familiar with their environment. Higher quality products of any kind are more permanent than their lower quality kin, because they require less maintenance or can take more punishment before failing. Permanency is a luxury, because “the only constant is change”.

Masculinity/Discipline/Honor is inherently not a state but a direction; it is a set of behaviors which dictate how to do things rather than what to attempt to attain. It is why one who is good at being a man is not necessarily also a good man. This means I take as relatively set, there are universals for men across all cultures.

The ends (“ideal”) seem to be relatively set as well. But set in a place I do not agree with.

The image is that of a nomad (we will discuss the manosphere’s image of an ideal man, as the feminized convention is incapable of producing ideals). Living light, carrying nothing but the essentials, yourself, and your skills. Be productive only to the ends that you need to fulfill what you want. Do what you love, fuck all the rest. Be a “Free” man. Children are transient, women are transient, work is transient, logistics are transient. The only thing not transient is working out, fucking women, and maybe a couple of arbitrary hobbies.

The reasoning behind this departure from tradition is the “red pill” of misandrism: the realization that the culture as it stands really has it in for everyone with a penis. Men don’t exist except as evildoers, all the while being expected to serve womens’ every whim. It is Original Sin, except this time, it’s just for men. It is “misogyny”, the “patriarchy”. Being that the system has made it so that there is no place for men, the solution is to exploit the edges of the system as much as you can. Deprive the system of what it needs – men to build and maintain it – and eventually it will fall. Something better will come eventually. Our job now is to destroy this one.

There is no particular problem with living a life with mostly transience if that is what is necessary. It should not replace the ideal.

There is a difference between acknowledging (“respecting”) change as constant, and seeking to create/embrace change as a passion.

I speak no lies when I say men wish for a family to call their own. To have an “us” to return and be useful to, rather than be in a constant situation of “I really don’t know anyone”. To have a woman who is yours, and children who you know are yours and will carry your legacy. It is ideal to own a home and be able to defend it. To have a home surrounded by a community who you’d defend and who’d defend you. Defend from physical and psychological, from economic and natural obstacles. It is ideal to be a man amongst men, to be recognized in public and have explicit opponents and enemies. These are universals, because they are all relatively permanent. They are in other words, not halation. They are knowns, and it is always easier to deal with knowns than it is to deal with unknowns. The path of order is always to create more knowns out of unknowns, and then put them in their correct place.

This “Nomad” end does only the former. It is true that by exploring the mechanics of game and how to attract women consistently, by traveling to strange new places, by living life on the down low, knowns are being created out of unknowns. Where once only the unintelligent dwelt haphazardly, higher men now descend to discover and make lives for themselves. These are all useful things to know, and I respect the men who choose to tell all willing to listen of their experiences.

But that’s not the man I want to be. Because the ideal is off center, there is a color of forsaken, a taste of desperation in the image they produce. These are not explorers who set out on a journey into the unknown to bring back the fruit of youth to their kings and their loved ones. These are explorers who stay in the wild, who do not want to go back, who think they have nothing to return to, and do not want to recreate a civilization where they stand. In the red pill knowledge revealing the evils of feminism and the stagnancies of this globalist world, the rallying cries have been to throw out not just this civilization, but civilization the concept itself. Though it is correctly stated that the first and foremost problem is “inner game” – philosophy, your approach to the world – the people who result do not seem to aspire to something greater. They are perfectly fine with living life fast and short. For all the emphasis they put on keeping the standard ideals as simply transients because of their potential to fuck up every last thing, (ex: women, rape accusations) the permanencies they establish fail to be worthy of envy. I do not doubt that the most famous pick up artists of the manosphere will be remembered and quoted. It will be just that – quotes. Little snippets. There isn’t a big picture, because they themselves actively seek to deconstruct it.

They will not be remembered as great men. Neither will any of the great destroyers of our time: the feminists, the occupiers, the equalitists, the “hope and change”rs.

I am not “blue pilled”; I acknowledge many and at least the most important lies of this mass non-culture. I still don’t buy this red pill.

Yes, if you pick the wrong woman and you do the wrong things, your life is basically over. Yes, if you talk to that girl in the office the wrong way, your life is basically over. Yes, doing this thing in that way is basically supporting the system and the system supports many bad things and that is not good. Yes, getting there the normal way means you have to jump through a lot of stupid bullshit hoops and you should not be forced to do bullshit for less than nothing. None of this changes anything.

In the end, there is only you, your goal, your desire, your friends, and your obstacles.

All of those things are simply obstacles to the goal. The fact that women today are suboptimal, that the world today is suboptimal, that both are out to get men in very difficult to deal with ways changes NOTHING on whether having a family and a community and being king is desirable. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1950s, 1850s, or 2050s, whether it’s hard as fuck or easy as fuck, so long as the “human condition” remains as it is, everything from a dedicated wife to 60-80F temperature range will remain ideal. Economics changes only what is achievable with a given amount of chance and effort. I have no doubt that the intersect given the demand curve of the manosphere and the supply curve of current culture is that of the pick up artist, the blogger who excels at being the master in any sexual relationship, the man who does what he wants but really doesn’t have too much to do. But what is and what should be are not the same.

Once escalated to principle it becomes blatantly senseless – there is one order, and everything else is arbitrary. If it is desirable and justifiable to get many women for just sex rather than one (or many, the number doesnt particularly matter here, only the desire) woman to do your bidding and raise your children, then why not also make it desirable and justifiable to be blue balled your whole life? Why not just go otaku shut-in mode? Cut off your own dick and make a big deal about it. Become a transsexual. Or kill yourself. If it is desirable and justifiable to live a constantly moving life, paycheck to paycheck and go out drinking and fucking every night, rather than be in the same place with the same people doing the same great productive things, then why not also make it desirable and justifiable to live completely off of welfare checks and loopholes? Why not live a life of theft, or one in your grandparents’ basement? Live in the Occupy camps out in the public and the weather. Or under a bridge. Or kill yourself.

If such a fast life is indeed your kind of thing, all of my criticism disappears. There is no particular problem with such a life in and of itself. People will be different.

As a solution and a response to the current rotting carcass of the ideals of the ancestors, as a replacement ideal for a new civilization? The proposal is literally to be average. Because the ideal is probably not going to happen and bad shit might really happen if you try to get a good girl and make a good family, you shouldn’t do it and you should convince all other men not do it? The justification seems to be that we have to get to a point where “all” women recognize that they’re shit out of luck without sperm first, and then change things. Ideals are for later, we have to be troubleshooting mode first.

Let’s pose the problem in a different manner:

A problem exists. You can choose to be the troubleshooter, or you can choose to be the guy who creates a new system where the problem doesn’t exist.

Which one would you want to be? Which one do most people actually become?

Which one does history usually remember better?

Do you want to be remembered by history?

I have no fetishes for “working for change within the system”. But a system must exist, and the more this is recognized the better and the more orderly things will become. In the end what is sought is not freedom, but power, and power requires order. Fundamentally, “game” and its creation was the creation of a knowledge system. It is a theory. No clinical retard can achieve such numbers consistently. Being able to live on the move requires a system, one which has the mind ready to deal with the logistics of such a thing and the psychological effects of a nonstatic surrounding. Success at anything and everything requires a system. Systems – orders – are created around ideals, putting everything in their most productive positions. Ideals are things which given all halation dealt with would be desired as the best of the best. They are permanencies, created through the great effort/virtu of man.

Is the pick-up life the ideal? Is that what a civilization should be built on?

If one can be determined to overcome all odds and live on the underbelly of society exploiting all the loopholes, then one can equally be determined to overcome all odds and build a dream on top of everyone and everything who stands in the way. Fight Club’s simplification that “Self improvement is masturbation” is fairly useful in the shithole of a mental structure we’re given by “mass media”, but ultimately not optimally accurate. It is a good tool to cut the crap. It is not the tool which creates.

In the end, creation must be done. The other side of the Nomad masculinity – the image of self-sufficiency, of fine craft, of hard labor, of loyalty to brethren and steadfastness to all else – is correct. It is the way of men. It is not the destination.

The destination is obvious. Luxury, permanency, ideal – the obvious. Deal with less problems. Do more fun things. It is eternal.

This is one of those goals where keeping the main thing the main thing may be the most difficult task of all.