1/8 – nightmare
2/8 – very bad
3/8 – bad
4/8 – barely not worth the time
5/8 – barely worth the time
6/8 – good
7/8 – very good
8/8 – masterpiece

/10 scales are generally superfluous, since there’s usually two numbers which people can’t really tell the difference, usually 3 vs 4 or 6 vs 7. /100 scales suggest that people have opinions accurate to at least two sig figs, that out of the blue, they can say a certain thing is, without referring to past history of scores to other things, a 91 instead of a 92 – which is the point, their final objective is more viewers and more views. They’d go and say 91.4 and 91.5 too if they could, but people generally only see things divided by 100 so it’d look too obscure. Scales of fewer denominations than 8 are pretty clear. Everyone knows what thumbs up means versus thumbs down, what 3/5 means vs 4/5. 8 I think is the greatest possible number of sensible divisions.

The purpose of a review is to tell the audience whether or not it’s worth their time. I believe anything and everything is a spoiler, that most reviews should be called “previews” instead, and that reviews are more about trust than any arguments or information – the meat of any review might be why it is or isn’t worth their time, but the objective is a yes/no answer. In light of these, my reviews will always present the final judgment first.

My reviews are generally not intended to be replacements for experiencing the things in question; story or world synopses exist only as necessary to elaborate on certain points.


Houseki no Kuni 8/8
Kemono Friends 8/8
Seiren (first 4 episodes) 3/8
Amagi Brilliant Park 5/8
Angel Beats 6/8
Code Geass 8/8
Code Geass R2 6/8
Cross Ange 5/8
Fate/Zero 7/8
Gabriel Dropout 4/8
Heroic Age 7/8
Infinite Ryvius 8/8
Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon 5/8
Madoka 6/8
No.6 (incomplete) 1/8
Psycho-Pass 8/8
Shirobako 8/8
Steins;Gate 8/8
Terra e… (incomplete) 1/8
The iDOLM@STER 6/8


The Godfather 7/8
Wanted 5/8



NieR 6/8
NieR:Automata 8/8
Persona 5 5/8
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun 8/8
The Witcher 3 7/8
Assassin’s Creed 2 6/8
Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood 4/8
Assassin’s Creed 3 (incomplete) 2/8
Company of Heroes 7/8
Guild Wars 2 (Oct 2012) 1/8
LA Noire (incomplete) 4/8
League of Legends (Dec 2013) 1/8
Remember Me 5/8
Rocket League (Jan 2017) 8/8
Saint’s Row: The Third 5/8
Saint’s Row IV 2/8
The Stanley Parable 2/8
World of Tanks (Mar 2017) 1/8

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