The Purpose in being “Right”

> Do you know what you’re talking about?
> Do you know why you’re talking about?

KS: whats the paper about
NB: Man the first episodes were good
MR: Last time someone recommended it to me they said “Yeah the first season sucks but man season 2 onward is amazing!”
NB: Then it started world building
BD: the expansion of internet acess in rural america with a focus on the historical sucess of utility cooperatives
OA: fucking rednecks
OA: invading my internet
KS: uhh
YQ: what the fuck
KS: histo-…. what?
YQ: how’d you even make a connection between the two
KS: utility cooperatives?
MR: I still think the worst recommendation I’ve ever received was someone who told me I had to read all of Tokyo Ghoul which was utter shit so I could enjoy Tokyo Ghoul Re which he said was one of the best manga ever written.
KS: what class is this? business?
YQ: utility cooperatives? yeah what is that
NB: Kek
YQ: you mean like (((large corporations)
NB: Tokyo ghoul was trash
BD: utility cooperatives are memeber owned utility companies pretty much
NB: Op was good
YQ: yes
YQ: (((them)))
MR: Yeah that’s what he said.
YQ: it’s just a god damn monopoly
BD: they supply things like gas and electricity to members in areas that otherwise wouldnt have these services because they are unprofitable
YQ: there’s no success
MR: “The original series is garbage but the sequel is going to be remembered as a classic.”
YQ: they get money because they’re the only choice for the service
KS: utilities should be owned by the government
YQ: no
BD: commie go home
YQ: laissez faire pls
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Explaining vs Explaining Away

FK: revised inside view of the XG-70
FK: and new Isumi shot
FK: also some new art with Sumika in hospital clothes after the first shut down
FK: also the translators changed ‘autistic mode’ to ‘safe mode’
FK: and the HUD shots of all the girls use some new updated ones
KS: safe mode is a sensible enough change i suppose
KS: still worse but sensible
GA: GITS copyrighted it
FK: I could take it or leave it
KS: did they? didn’t i hear it in psycho-pass too?
KS: it’s a very good word to use to describe such a thing
KS: i heard “autistic mode” in GITS long before i heard “autistic” or “autism” the condition in general
AA: psychologist protip: everytime 4chan says autism, its actually social phobia or OCD
AA: do not fall for the memes
FK: people have confused the word ‘autistic
FK: with savant
FK: 98% of the time
BV: tfw ocd
KS: wittgenstein protip: words mean whatever people use them to mean
FK: but that’s wrong
BV: how do i shake it
KS: i defer to wittgenstein before i defer to online strangers
FK: english is extremely rigid, each word has only one meaning ascribed to it. Each word represents a specific idea
KS: what does “apple” mean?
FK: look at the difference between ‘massacre’ and ‘slaughter’
KS: are you going to tell a bunch of hooligans discussing women that they’re using the word apple “wrong”?
AA: filthy deconstructionists
FK: I just won
FK: t
FK: know what they refer to
FK: since they are using the word incorrectly
KS: you are choosing to feel righteous over what you believe a word to mean, rather than attempting to understand words as they are said
KS: that’s one way to go about life
KS: one which i think is stupid.
FK: I bet you think dictionaries are stupid too
KS: i do
FK: well enjoy being illiterate I guess
KS: if someone argues with me and says “b-but look at the dictionary”, i know they’re a tool
EV: they have a*
EV: that tool being a dictionary
KS: they are a tool of the dictionary
FK: but that’s incorrect
EV: big dictionary
KS: men don’t have ideas, ideas have men.
FK: the dictionary is a tool to help better communicate
EV: is this autism
FK: and express yourself
KS: the dictionary is a political tool for one person to whack over the head of another

Vector of Truth vs Vector of History, 2

ZB: The Falklands belong to England
KS: i am 90% confident the recent argentinian sub incident was caused by anglos
ZB: the eternal anglo
YQ: is that the one argentina won
BD: anglos rise again
YQ: the war thingo?
YQ: oh wait they lost that one riught?
YQ: the naval warfare thingo
KS: they lost
YQ: from back then
YQ: yeah
YQ: they lost hjorribly
KS: they lost and then for the next half century the anglos have continued to fuck them
KS: it was really really terrible
YQ: war is always terrible it’s only fun if you ‘re ont he winning side
YQ: look at typical teamswitcher italians
KS: if you look at media from the years immediately after WW2, everyone really believed argentina was up to become a superpower
KS: europe was destroyed
KS: america was superpower
KS: russia had nukes but everyone knew they were poor
KS: it was basically
KS: #1: america
KS: #2: argentina
ZB: Argentina should have become one, they have everything they need geographically and resource wise. But they were unfortunately too stupid to make it.
KS: you read Starship Troopers, THE book that started science fiction
KS: where did it take place on earth?
KS: Buenos Aires.
KS: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
KS: that’s because that’s what people believed back then.
KS: before the falklands war and the anglos fucking of argentina.
NB: reminder argentina didnt become a superpower because we got fucked by socialists and also USA who put us really deep in debt with their forced dictatorship from the shadows
NB: malvinas was just to hide what the fuck was going on
NB: that the goverment was incompetent and corrupt
ZB: maybe you upside down mexicans should just git gud instead of blaming others for your problems
NA: ^
NB: >Blame the victim
NB: ?
NA: sometimes
NA: sometimes
NA: they bring it on themselves
KS: oh yeah NB is argentina
ZB: You can blame the USA but it isn’t gonna get you jack shit
ZB: not even pity
ZB: CIA doesn’t give a fuck
ZB: USA citizens don’t give a fuck
KS: USA is basically out to make sure no power anywhere ever can consolidate without their control, and they can do it too
KS: but especially in the western hemisphere.
ZB: We’ve been doing this shit destabilizing any other government in the Americas for literally 130 years
KS: 130?
KS: 1890…?
ZB: 130 is probably conservative
ZB: I guess the Monroe Doctrine was even earlier
ZB: like a lot
KS: one of these days i need to read up on the history of the Marines
ZB: but the run up to the Spanish American war was when USA got a huge hard on for imperialism
KS: their official history is probably the closest to the real history out of all of them
KS: i read up on the opening of Japan with Commodore Perry a month or so back
KS: it’s really great stuff
KS: all the political bluffs and maneuvering
ZB: Everything going on in Asia with the Europeans in that era is pretty interesting
ZB: China got fucked so hard
ZB: it’s hard to even comprehend how fucked China got
KS: from western standards, maybe
KS: china’s understanding of its own history is basically a long line of “here’s how the rulers of the past have fucked things up” so the culture is pretty used to it
BD: china had about 200 years
KS: the east has a very very different understanding of the world than the west
BD: of getting butt fucked
KS: 200 is a wrong number
KS: you want 2000 or 3000
BD: na
BD: china was fine
BD: untill it fell to mongolia
KS: it fell to mongolia because of internal problems more than mongolian military supremacy
KS: or maybe im thinking of the manchus, i forget
ZB: Even setting that aside, the Brits and the western powers + Japan really did some crazy shit in China around the turn of the 20th century
KS: in any case their conception of getting fucked, or at least their historians’ conception of getting fucked, places recent western fuckery at not even close to anything else
ZB: And leading on before that with the Opium
KS: like westerners have a very long philosophical line of thought that is just not the same as china’s
ZB: The Opium crisis via Britain in china was crazy. Also the civil wars that were more or less started as reaction to Western influence were incredibly bloody.
NB: I see I see
KS: the west basically expects rulers to treat them as having some inherent value; all men are created equal can be traced to athens or even further back to zoroastrianism
NB: so this….. is Fate/Grand Order
KS: the conception of power is “power comes from the people”
ZB: The Boxer Rebellion in particular was one hell of a wild event
KS: the conception of power in china is “whoever is emperor owns everyone else, you all do what he says or off goes your head”
KS: and thats how it was for 3000, 4000 years
KS: they can say what they want today, it’s still basically the same
KS: they say they’re communist, but we know what that means
KS: they know what it means too.
BD: asian culture is more community oriented
BD: compared to western being more focused on the individual
KS: that’s a different topic. i’m just talking about history of rulers and power.
BD: no
BD: its really connected
KS: takes too much effort to connect
KS: in any case china’s gotten fucked a lot by a lot of things and they have a long line of historians talking about it
NB: in the end people only think about themselves so this “community” or “communism” is all a facade
NB: the chinksĀ are worse than jews
KS: opium wars are nothing compared to mao
BD: opium wars led to mao
KS: splitting of shanghai was nothing compared to fall of the song dynasty
KS: i’m not saying you’re wrong BD
KS: maybe i just spend too much time around certain people
KS: namely the new american alt right and white nationalists
BD: compartmentalizing history is a mistake
KS: and the tone of everything is “white people fuck yeah”
KS: so i feel like i have to balance things out and look the other way
KS: they always talk about things from the european perspective
BD: you live in america dont you?
KS: which happens to be “the people from overseas” perspective for the past 400 years or so
BD: no shit its going to be euro centric
KS: okay…. so you understand my intentions then
KS: i need to look the other way
BD: yeah but you are looking like its two opposing sides when its just different angles
BD: in most cases
KS: how did the opening of japan look like from the perspective of japan, how did the opening of china look like from the perspective of china
BD: yeah
KS: no, i’m not
KS: i’m just talking that way
KS: that’s a slightly different topic on which i have a really strong belief in
KS: i absolutely fucking hate having to say “on one hand theres this opinion, on the other hand theres that opinion”
KS: or when i’m saying something about a group of people, “just generally speaking, i’m not saying absolutely everyone of this group is like this”
KS: i fucking hate having to preface myself for the sake of idiots
KS: “not all women”
KS: no fucking shit you literal imbecile
KS: the fingers on your own hands are of different lengths; how could it be possible that anything else in the world are identical?
KS: i know there’s “euro-centric” or “east-centric” ways of looking at things, i also know euro is the standard
KS: so i just say the other way
KS: if people cant put it together for themselves, that’s too big of a problem for me to solve.

You Shall Call Me Ma’am

SH: you know what i realized the problem with trannies is
CR: huh
CR: I’m talking to someone right now about this exact topic.
SH: they base their entire existence around being a girl
SH: they literally kill themselves if they dont accomplish it
SH: like come on
SH: dont yuo have any other talents or anything to be proud of
KS: you make it sound more honorable than it actually is
SH: why is being a girl so important
KS: it’s not about being a girl, it’s about being paid attention to
KS: there’s a reason why speedrunning is filled with trannies
KS: it just so happens that for external reasons unrelated outside of their own control, it became more and more socially acceptable to cut your dick off
KS: and that cutting your dick off means you can call yourself a girl
KS: girls being the literal highest base social value you can have out of any and all human categories.
KS: if you watch their words their emphasis isn’t actually on being a girl
KS: it’s that you have to recognize them as whatever they decide to call themselves
CR: t. trans…?
KS: are you calling me a tranny
CR: No
CR: I’m wondering if you are or not
CR: Nigga I dont know who is what anymore.
KS: my dick provides me the second best pleasure in life
CR: Your hand is the 1st?
KS: it is completely inconceivable to me that i would do anything to it
CR: :^)
KS: no, sleep is the first
CR: ooh.
CR: sleep
KS: sleep is the greatest pleasure.
CR: Sleep is the biggest time sink and I hate it.
KS: but anyways back to what i was saying
KS: it’s about them getting to tell you what you’re allowed to call them
KS: so long as you/the public recognize them as that, it’s equivalent to social status
KS: one popular position they currently use other than “i am a girl” is “i am a software developer”
KS: neither of these are particularly important to them, it’s the method that’s important
KS: so if tomorrow something else is higher, they can move to that instead.
KS: not that all trans are this way obviously, some fall for the meme and then kill themselves when they find out they replaced their dick with a second asshole

Game of Truth

REZ: i remember one summer a long time ago
REZ: probably middle school
REZ: i went to a “writing camp” over the summer
REZ: i.e. a class run by non-teachers
REZ: and for some reason i forget we played this game
REZ: two people would be blindfolded and put into a ring
REZ: a rolled up newspaper would be thrown in there
REZ: and there’s two stages to the game
REZ: first is someone needs to find the newspaper
REZ: second is when the newspaper is found, it’s announced, then the guy with the newspaper needs to be able to find and whack the other guy
REZ: arena size was…
REZ: i was a kid so it was smaller; i’m trying to imagine how large it’d be for an adult
REZ: 9×9′ or 10×10′, thereabouts
REZ: i wasnt the first to play so i got a chance to see others play for a while, maybe it was even the second or third time it happened until it was my turn
REZ: maybe multiple days, maybe not, i forget
REZ: but the way i saw people do it was really really obtuse
REZ: granted it’s young teens doing it but whatever they had in their minds, it was different than mine
REZ: newspaper’s somewhere on the ground, and what they do is they reach out at different spots with their hands to see what’s there
REZ: second phase was basically the same except standing up and with one guy not reaching out at different spots
REZ: maybe 3~5 minute rounds of people blindfolded, acting as if they weren’t blindfolded
REZ: as if the lights had just been turned off
REZ: the whole time.
REZ: then it came my turn with some girl
REZ: and i swam along the carpet
REZ: the objective was to find a newspaper and there was nothing that would hurt me, so the strategy as far as i could tell involved covering the largest amount of area as soon as possible
REZ: made me look like an idiot but i wasn’t interested in that
REZ: so basically, breaststroke.
REZ: unfortunately my strategy wasn’t able to get me the newspaper because i hadn’t thought through how to measure covered ground versus uncovered ground, and i started in a bad direction
REZ: i hit the edge of the arena multiple times and didn’t know where i was facing after i got turned around
REZ: so now i’m the hunted versus the hunter
REZ: and rather than walking around with the smallest profile like a girl in a movie walking down a dark unfamiliar street
REZ: my upper body was about as wide as it’d normally be
REZ: but i was basically squatting with how far apart my legs were
REZ: and rather than having (nothing) to indicate to me where my opponent was
REZ: i listened and felt for heat
REZ: if i felt something, i’d move far with only a few strides
REZ: i’d stay mostly put otherwise unless something changed
REZ: it went on for 10~15 minutes until the “teachers” finally stopped it.
REZ: i got pretty popular afterwards for a few minutes.
REZ: then afterwards the game was broken and i don’t think anyone really felt tension from playing it anymore.
REZ: both players would always start out with breaststroke and whoever got the newspaper would instantly start swinging it around like a madman
REZ: i forget if everyone actually got a chance to play in the end or if it was just stopped without comment.
REZ: oh yeah i forgot one part of the story
LAX: I feel like someone would have accidentally gotten punched like that
REZ: when the blindfold was put on, i was also the first to insist on a certain way it was put on
REZ: namely, that they didn’t cover my ears.
REZ: oh sure
REZ: i meant relatively speaking
REZ: rather than a swordsman in a dark dungeon on the wary for large monsters
REZ: the hunter actually did assume the role of the hunter after that
REZ: moved quick, “sword” in front, extended arms
REZ: one time where i really did change ‘everything’.
REZ: i solved it
REZ: and then i ruined it.
LAX: What do you mean ruined it?
REZ: what’s the point in playing a game?
LAX: To win
REZ: no no no
REZ: that’s the point when you’re already playing a game
REZ: why do you pick up a game?
REZ: why play a game rather than do something else?
LAX: Because other stuff is boring?
REZ: yes
REZ: because games are fun
REZ: it wasn’t fun after i and whoever came after me solved it, me with the search and defensive standards, and him with the offensive standard
REZ: “everyone” had a certain understanding of “how” the game was played
REZ: then i played it
REZ: and that other guy played it.
REZ: it was a game of tension and mystery
REZ: then it became a dice roll.
REZ: or rather, a coin flip.
REZ: i wonder if i was the dumb one in the end.
LAX: Nope
LAX: You were the only one to think outside the box
LAX: The rest of the kids followed in your footsteps, no one else attempted to change it
LAX: It’s like when a new “unbeatable” meta shows up in a game
LAX: Everyone conforms to that meta and no one tries to break it
LAX: Everyone was doing what you did rather than thinking about how to beat what you did
LAX: AKA they were fucking stupid sheep
REZ: as was the case with most educational summer camps, no kid actually wanted to be there and little of it was interesting at all
REZ: that was the first time something happened that was both interesting and something they couldnt simply replicate at home
REZ: you really do need a human ring creating an arena for no danger of running into things to be involved, and enough eyes on the scene to determine what the objective state of the game is
REZ: but after those two games it was just another thing to do.
REZ: and then not a thing to do, because it stopped.
REZ: back to writing stupid shit no one cares about and no one reads.
LAX: The problem with your story isnot that you ruined the game
LAX: It’s that the game was stupid.
REZ: oh sure
LAX: Or more that the rest of the kids were….
REZ: we’re adults and we have experience with games so we can see that the design was absolutely retarded
REZ: but i don’t think that changes the purpose and niche the game filled for that situation at that time
REZ: everyone played the game as if there was also the rule that you had to act as if you could actually see
REZ: and that created a certain feel for the game
REZ: i played as if that rule didn’t exist and revealed that the emperor wasn’t really wearing any clothes
REZ: good for me i suppose
REZ: but all that was left for me and everyone else after that was looking at a hairy fat ugly old man.
LAX: The real problem is that you were theonly person that actually played the game
LAX: In a competetive game the goal is to win
LAX: Or rather to beat the other person
LAX: Everyone saw that you found the winning defense strategy
LAX: If there were a few smart kids in that group the game could have been a bit more like rock paper sissors with a phsyical aspect
LAX: The problem with being smart is you tend to ruin the “fun” for everyone else who isn’t smart.
LAX: No one else there had the physical or mental capacity to win aginast a decently thought out plan
LAX: But, was there a point to that story?
REZ: i’ve been reading some of the kaiji stuff i hadnt before since i cant sleep and something in there reminded me of this story
REZ: the point was that i wasn’t sure if it was the right move
LAX: It was the right move for you
REZ: it was the right move inside the game.
LAX: Same difference
REZ: no, i think it was the wrong move outside
REZ: there’s fewer smart people than dumb people
LAX: No matter what, the same outcome would have happened
REZ: if smart people can figure out a way to win, they should also figure out the cost of ruining the whole thing
REZ: on a long enough timeline, yes
REZ: but it was a camp of like 4 weeks, maybe 16 days
REZ: and its not like we played all that time
REZ: the dumb kids wouldn’t have made it out, only the smarter ones
REZ: we could’ve played for a few hours longer rather than not
LAX: With enough iterations the game would have evolved anyways
LAX: With your strat that is
LAX: Someone would have figured out how to beat it
LAX: Really, the burden lies on the teachers.
LAX: For ruining the game
LAX: They’re the ones who cancled it, presumably
REZ: i think that way of thinking will evade the understanding of a lot of things people do
REZ: there are more dumb kids than smart kids, more dumb people than smart people
LAX: Sure
REZ: how much of society is run with the super smart people pretending just enough so that all the dumb people continue enjoying life the way things are?
REZ: or rather: not seeing how absolutely retarded their situation is, not realize such a thing, and thus also never start trying to even want to look for a way out of it?
LAX: A lot.
REZ: probably.
REZ: and people like us, not-dumb not-super-smart people, spend time looking at how to win the individual games instead.

Age vs Class

SH: i dont understand how somebody can sue without any sort of medical problems or anything
SH: why doesnt the lawyer take one look at you and just be like, nah i dont think so
SI: what the fuck? she’s suing over a fucking fender bender?
SI: itll be laughed out of court
SH: it doesnt matter @SI
QC: I’m gonna cry if I go to court
KS: no she’s suing over chronic neck pain
SH: the point is settlement
SH: and the idea that youll have to pay out the nose for a lawyer
KS: oh yeah QC is a girl
QC: And then I won’t be able to speak because I’ll be blubbering
KS: perfect
SH: most people are scared of that so they settle
KS: the rate of out of court settlement is directly proportional to the rate of societal fraud
KS: I mean, freedom.
SH: freedumbz
SI: she doesnt have a case if her car just got nudged. you got this. fucking harpie trying to extort money
SH: it might cost just as much for her to settle as it does for a lawyer
SH: i mean youre right
KS: you don’t understand! she has a history of fragile bones!!
SH: chances are QC it will only be like 5000 or soemthing
SH: they cover you up to 25k right?
SH: youll be fine
KS: are you just going to make her suffer for life? how are you going to make things right!?!!
SH: the more money they ask for the more risk of them for a court battle, which is what they dont want
SI: ^
SI: scare tactics
SI: she’ll back off most likely if you don’t want to settle
KS: what if Americans are actually just a bunch of pussies :thoughting:
SH: she should settle as long as its covered by insurance
SI: yeah it all depends on the cost
SH: if its not then you call the lawyers
SH: because up until that point, it would cost more for the lawyer and ensuing court battle
SH: the american legal system is so :ugh:
KS: better to just give the bullies your lunch money until they ask for an amount where it’d be better to tell your parents and the school what’s happening……..
KS: :thoughting::thoughting::thoughting::thoughting::thoughting:
SH: @KS it costs a shitton of money for a lawyer, only rich housewives can afford it
SH: its bullying that you cant really avoid unless youre rich
KS: sure, I’m just thoughting.
KS: there’s just so many things like this you’d think this sort of thing would be taught in school or at least be explained in children’s stories
SH: my mother would have gotten a lawyer to fight against my father a long time ago but, well, most of our income and the money he stole left with him
SH: some things you just cant fight
KS: but you rarely find it anywhere
SH: @KS because children’s stories are fictitious
SH: nobody writes children’s stories about the real horrible things, they just write about hansel and gretel and shit
QC: IDK I’m sick to my stomach about it
KS: yeah but adult stories don’t write about it either
KS: we get stupid shit like SVU
SH: i think a lot of them do
SH: oh
KS: or marginally less stupid shit at best like The Wire
SH: maybe theres a few movies about it
SH: i dunno
KS: even Japanese seinen only uses it here and there from what I’ve seen
SH: scamming insurance companies through poor unsuspecting people isnt exactly heart-pounding material
KS: feels like it’s less children vs adults and more just different classes of people
KS: do you think Mafia guys the age of 15 don’t understand these things intuitively?
KS: of course they do.
KS: but they’re also raised by different people, people who don’t care to write books and mass paperback novels.

IFLS is an intended result of Science

LAX: What is that supposed to mean
REZ: whats what supposed to mean
LAX: “objectivity is a big fucking meme, just like science”
REZ: it’s the same group of people and same mentality
REZ: IFLS is effectively a religion
REZ: or if you’re a bit more highbrow, the Rationality Community e.g. Less Wrong, Slate Star Codex et. all
LAX: Are you saying you’re opposed to science?
LAX: Science and being objective are appropriate in certain situations
REZ: I am opposed to both science and IFLSers, though they’re two slightly different topics
REZ: well, i suppose it could be seen as two slightly different ways of being the same thing
LAX: How can you be opposed to science yet use a computer?
REZ: my using a computer has nothing to do with science
LAX: It’s a byproduct of science
REZ: i will give you 5 more arguments until i stop this line because it’s base as fuck and wastes my time
LAX: I get being opposed to the IFLS shitlords
REZ: it’s a byproduct of a bunch of things which aren’t science too; doesn’t mean anything
REZ: it’s like saying haha aren’t communists funny they complain about capitalism but they still buy things
REZ: communists are idiots but that’s not a legitimate argument to level against them
REZ: they have about as much choice to not buy things as they do to evade taxes or not drive cars or not speak english
REZ: there’s one great thing that everyone touts about science and it’s that it’s self correcting
REZ: which is completely nonunique since every way of thinking has methods of self correcting
REZ: religions have priests who interpret their holy books, science has scientists who interpret their experimental results
REZ: i forget the number but something came out recently showing that something like 1/2 or 2/3 of scientific papers in recent years have experiments which aren’t reproducible
REZ: in english that means “most of recent science is effectively made up shit and not science”
LAX: I know of this
REZ: science isn’t so great that i have to acknowledge tribute to it by using something i have to use in order to live
REZ: science sticks its name in a bunch of things just because it’s only ever so marginally related
REZ: like a college claiming “oh yeah that famous guy? he went here.”
REZ: whereas the vast majority of people who’ve actually been to college can tell you, it really isn’t that special.
REZ: except for the partying.
REZ: when colleges start saying “oh yeah that famous guy? he partied here. and that’s why he’s famous” instead of pretending it’s some great knowledge or insight he gained through hard work and education, i’ll take another look.
REZ: same with science.
REZ: but if they do that, then their credibility goes out the window, so i won’t have to.
LAX: So you’re not actually opposed to the scientific method, just the way people use science to “seem smart”?
LAX: like people using science to publish a paper that’s just total bullshit?
REZ: why would the difference between what something is and how it manifests matter to me?
REZ: we had this conversation like yesterday
REZ: my brother COULD be something that ISNT a complete literal retard
REZ: but unless it’s demonstrated who cares?
REZ: science COULD be the greatest thing ever but if the big people who are so much smarter and so much more productive than me are 1/2~2/3 LYING about their SHIT then why do i care?
REZ: i don’t have any personal investment in the word or ideology of “science”
REZ: i see its leaders being shit, as far as i’m concerned, it’s shit
REZ: if i remember high school science and youtube atheism from pre-2010 correctly this is the scientific response too
REZ: god COULD exist
REZ: but if we can’t detect him then he’s not in this universe, i.e. he doesn’t exist
REZ: that’s the big problem
REZ: the other problem which is somewhat related is science is one of the mainstream religions
REZ: anything which is NOT “proven by science” is “pseudoscience”
REZ: things which have long existed before science are deemed “immoral” or “wrong”, even if they are accurate predictions and have demonstrable effects, up until the moment some “scientist” records it in an experiment and presents his conclusions to a “scientific community”
REZ: at which point it becomes truth, oh look we were wrong this whole time, isn’t it great we have science to correct our ways?
REZ: like literally go fuck yourself
REZ: the point, anywhere in any field of human activity, is to be “correct” or to get a job “done”
REZ: whether it’s “scientific” or not is secondary
REZ: and the more i see and hear about science it’s the modern day equivalent of religion in the sense that they’re the gatekeepers of knowledge
REZ: just like media
REZ: “if we say its true its true, if we say its false its false”
REZ: media has eroded a bit thanks to internet and smartphone video but people just keep lapping up whatever they hear when they also hear the word “science” or whatever
REZ: it’s all related
REZ: IFLS is not a mistake, it’s an intended consequence of how science is portrayed and how their people work in our system
LAX: Okay I’m with you now
REZ: good
REZ: laxeris was not an idiot today
LAX: I don’t know about not an idiot.
LAX: But I wasn’t totally retarded
LAX: :3
REZ: yes, which is why i said “today”.
LAX: Sometimes I forget the way you view things and it makes it really hard to comprehend how you come to conclusions
LAX: Like how you put science and science people in the same category. Which makes sense, but not the way I do it.
REZ: people like to recite that one line from v for vendetta, ‘you can’t kill an idea’
REZ: but you can kill people, and you can censor books, and if there are no people to espouse an idea and no one to hear the tree fall in the forest, it doesn’t make a sound
LAX: I dislike that line, it’s pretty stupid
REZ: in obverse: an idea is only as much as its people
REZ: i could take the conventional stance, “those guys weren’t real scientists, how horrible they abused our system!”
REZ: but why would i do that?
REZ: people generally don’t reach that question because they just accept that science is correct
REZ: which it might or might not be
REZ: if we’re to believe the great message of science, that we’re always learning and 90% of what we knew 100 years is wrong today and 90% of what we know today will be wrong 100 years from now
REZ: it’s pretty plausible what we think of as “the scientific method” today will look fucking stupid in 100 years
REZ: in which case the only thing retained is the name
REZ: the brand
REZ: the marketing.
REZ: the religion.
REZ: and i don’t care about marketing that brand for free.
REZ: i’m gonna need to get paid.
LAX: I think it’s fair to assume that science is correct a decent amount of the time. But to place one’s entire faith into the results of science and accept it as fact, I completely disagree with too
REZ: i’m not going to assume science is correct even a decent amount of the time
LAX: I think the baseline of what science would change into (should) still remain the same
LAX: To compare them to computers, in 100 years our computers will be slow and basically useless
REZ: first of all stuff we actually operate on day to day doesnt rely on science
REZ: science today is string theory or other nonsense
LAX: But at their cores they’d still be the same fundamental idea
REZ: yes… a same fundamental brand.
REZ: an idea in your head and not related to anything that’s actually done.
LAX: The methods used to “extract data” would still remain fairly the same
REZ: you say this without any knowledge of how university researchers do things today or how university researchers did thing in the enlightenment.
LAX: I don’t need to know the tiny details of how they find things, like what equation they use, or what material etc
LAX: Those things will obviously change
LAX: The core of having an idea, then testing the idea, then retesting the idea should remain the same
LAX: Which is the core of what science is built on
LAX: If that were to change, and it still remained “science” that would be a problem
LAX: But if the catalyst in which science is preformed is changed that doesn’t really affect anything.
REZ: clearly it doesn’t exist anymore then, because 300 years ago a majority of experiments were actually done to retest other people’s ideas, these days everyone’s trying to do their own because that’s what gets published
REZ: which is why you hear about all these studies being done on some really specific super obscure shit that doesn’t matter
REZ: it’s “still science”
REZ: just like how people living in california can “still own a gun”
REZ: have fun marketing pointless research no one’s interested in for grant money and not being able to buy a rifle with a detachable magazine in the current year
LAX: Plenty of people still test old ideas with new variables to see if it still holds ups
LAX: Obiviously not a lot of people though
REZ: undergrads in chem 02a and that’s it.
REZ: you’re right though
REZ: chem 02a is mandatory, so “plenty of people” is an accurate statement.
LAX: Until someone finds a new variable to test the old things with, what would be the point of testing them with the same variables?
LAX: Thus people look for new variables and have to go through the bullshit procedure of getting funding
REZ: “what would be the point of testing them with the same variables”
REZ: well lets see
REZ: lets see if i cant find some textbook-like description of the pillars of science
REZ: actually i dont have to
REZ: you already conceded that the 1/2~2/3 story was true
LAX: Mhm
REZ: the only reason why that story matters is because reproducibility matters
REZ: if i do an experiment and you can’t reproduce it, that means, in science world, that something is wrong
REZ: whether you can’t won’t or don’t is irrelevant
REZ: that it isn’t means science either is dying or isn’t happening