Detecting Enemies: Houseki no Kuni

Tumblr says Houseki no Kuni writer Haruko Ichikawa makes money from writing stories glorifying incest and pedophilia.

I don’t know whether this is true.

However, I do know how Tumblr has reacted to allegations of incest and pedophilia in the past, and their reactions in the past were exactly the opposite of how they’re reacting now; namely, “Let’s put a P on that LGBT”.


So what I know, having spent negligible time and energy on the information, is that not only is there something else other than The Truth going on, I know they know something else is going on, they find that thing more important, and they intend to deceive everyone by going into significant detail on the “Truth” of something which they do not find important.

Following that are two questions: Do I agree that the other thing is more important than truth? and Do I support or oppose them?

This isn’t a difficult problem. The thing that’s more important than truth is reputation, and the corresponding goal is character assassination. People understand these things intuitively, they just forget because the battleground itself always deals in the language of truth. They forget, and don’t remember, because attention is being actively and continuously being paid to the wrong thing and only the wrong thing.

To consider truth as if truth alone is how you win a battle of truth is like thinking as long as you have more bullets than the enemy you will win a battle of military combat (extended: writing more words makes a better story, painting more detail makes a better picture, doing more work makes a better project, etc.). Yes, “all things being equal” he who has more truth wins, and if truth itself really is overwhelming, then nothing else matters.

“All things being equal” just happens to be a really bad assumption, and the “truth itself” in question is almost invariably guaranteed to be weak.

Truth’s purpose, in an engagement, is first and foremost to be shot at the enemy. Or more correctly: Things should be examined first and foremost in their potential to do damage to the enemy, and Truth is one among many items.

It may be sensible or even agreeable to refrain from using certain items. Nonetheless, this is the correct framework. It is, at the very least, a more correct framework than “But is it true?”.



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