The Purpose in being “Right”

> Do you know what you’re talking about?
> Do you know why you’re talking about?

KS: whats the paper about
NB: Man the first episodes were good
MR: Last time someone recommended it to me they said “Yeah the first season sucks but man season 2 onward is amazing!”
NB: Then it started world building
BD: the expansion of internet acess in rural america with a focus on the historical sucess of utility cooperatives
OA: fucking rednecks
OA: invading my internet
KS: uhh
YQ: what the fuck
KS: histo-…. what?
YQ: how’d you even make a connection between the two
KS: utility cooperatives?
MR: I still think the worst recommendation I’ve ever received was someone who told me I had to read all of Tokyo Ghoul which was utter shit so I could enjoy Tokyo Ghoul Re which he said was one of the best manga ever written.
KS: what class is this? business?
YQ: utility cooperatives? yeah what is that
NB: Kek
YQ: you mean like (((large corporations)
NB: Tokyo ghoul was trash
BD: utility cooperatives are memeber owned utility companies pretty much
NB: Op was good
YQ: yes
YQ: (((them)))
MR: Yeah that’s what he said.
YQ: it’s just a god damn monopoly
BD: they supply things like gas and electricity to members in areas that otherwise wouldnt have these services because they are unprofitable
YQ: there’s no success
MR: “The original series is garbage but the sequel is going to be remembered as a classic.”
YQ: they get money because they’re the only choice for the service
KS: utilities should be owned by the government
YQ: no
BD: commie go home
YQ: laissez faire pls

NB: Well they DID just announce Tokyo Ghoul re
YQ: not owned, KS
BD: anyway i edited 8 pages today
YQ: but regulated
BD: is that enough
BD: please god
BD: help me
KS: >90% of the time utilities have been privatized shit has gone south real quick
YQ: there’s a difference between owned and regulated
NB: Anime
BD: give me strength to write one more page
YQ: that’s why regulated
KS: might as well fucking own it then
YQ: what’s the difference between owned by a jew and a service owned by a government controlled by jews
KS: why pay lip service
YQ: because if you regulate something
YQ: the government doesnt have to put man power? and the government can put taxes on them
YQ: it’s all the same really
YQ: if it was the other way around
YQ: and the companies just give the consumers
KS: what’s all the same? regulation and government ownership?
YQ: get the money they lost to the government
YQ: from the consumers
YQ: no, look at it this way
YQ: owned by the government, people would pay higher taxes for other services through value added tax
KS: so you’re talking theory
KS: i’m talking actual numbers
YQ: no, there’s beena lot of companies owned by the government back then that they had to let go
YQ: privitized it
YQ: it becomes a better service
KS: better in terms of what? no outages? lower price?
KS: is that actually the case?
YQ: if you mean quality of service
KS: who’s actually clamoring for utilities becoming privatized?
YQ: you can’t really compare that since you can’t A/B either
KS: if i go to google right now, what search terms will i have to give it in order to see more negativity about government utilities than private utilities?
KS: oh so i cant compare
KS: but private is better
KS: you’re full of shit
YQ: you can because there were a lot of companies owned by the government
YQ: and has been privitized
NB: Y-yes america!!!
YQ: private isnt any better but government owned is definitely worse
YQ: government regulated however
KS: okay lets go about this a different way
KS: what is the purpose of government?
YQ: you have to protect both the consumers and the companies
YQ: it’s simple as that
YQ: you cant go full commie or full goy
QK: :surfa:
NB: What anime are you discussing guys
KS: is there anything which it would be a better idea for governments to own than private companies?
QK: initial d
FD: Spice & Wolf, obviously
NB: Oh ok
EV: Fate grand order…
YQ: definitely prisons
FD: ^
KS: anything else?
YQ: banks maybe
NB: Nice! My favorite anime!
YQ: not the internet
EV: Im bored of winter event whens london
FD: There are certain things that should not be run for-profit
KS: okay, prisons and banks
KS: and why prisons and banks?
NB: Next week EV
YQ: banks because it runs everything
NB: Or 2 weeks
YQ: prisons because privatism turns it into ‘punishment’ more than rehabilitation, in the US anyway
NB: Inb4 london gets delayed to 2018 for saber wars
KS: governments should own banks “because it runs everything”?
NB: :taigasalute:
KS: am i understanding this correctly
NA: dont put it past seamonkeys net
YQ: yes
KS: okay
YQ: you think money is just there for whatever?
KS: can this be generalized to a principle then?
KS: governments should own things which “run everything”?
NB: Did you watch coldfusions central bank video?
NB: Basically americans fucked each other
YQ: well regulating everything is the part of their job, is it?
NB: And then fucked the world
YQ: that’s why therre are private banks
YQ: and public banks
KS: im not disagreeing or agreeing with anything in particular
KS: im trying to follow your line of logic
YQ: or whatever those are called
KS: yes/no: governments should own things which “run everything”
YQ: no
KS: no
YQ: they should regulate
KS: but they should own banks.
YQ: they should definitely control banks though
YQ: not all hjowever
NA: you might be getting trolled KS
KS: so there’s something special about banks other than that they “run everything” that should make them government owned
NB: No one should run everything
KS: am i getting this right
NA: except the Church
NA: deus vult
KS: what’s special about banks other than that they “run everything”?
NB: ^
YQ: but there’s already the federal reserve , which is government owned already
NB: Listen to the priest
OA: (image related to server, not related to conversation)
KS: i’m not asking about specific examples right now, you like theory we’ll talk theory
NA: I want Seibah buffs!
NB: >its another the evil church controls everything in isekai world episode
KS: you say no, governments should not own things which “run everything”, but you ALSO say governments should own banks because they “run everything”
YQ: okay
KS: which is it?
YQ: control
YQ: they need to regulate
YQ: private banks
KS: so governments shouldnt own banks?
YQ: they should own a central bank
KS: okay
YQ: the federal reserve is one
KS: and they should own it because it “runs everything” yes?
FD: So basically you’re a proponent of public option
YQ: yes, i’m assuming every country has one
KS: the principle behind why a bank should be owned by the government is because it “runs everything” YES or NO @YQ
YQ: this one right now

Limmy’s Show – Yes or No?

YQ: :sader:
YQ: yes banks run everything
YQ: do i have to explain why?
NA: therefore the jews run everything
NA: confirmed
KS: so governments should own things which run everything YES or NO
YQ: what?
KS: do you not understand yes and no
YQ: :gudaoking:
KS: i’m not asking about names or institutions, im asking about reasons
YQ: the answer is always
YQ: it depends
FD: This is just going around in circles
KS: okay, you’re full of shit then
KS: here’s the principle:
YQ: you can’t just go full gungho on ownership and privatization
KS: “governments should own things which run everything”
FD: He’s too wishy-washy and/or retarded to debate civics with you
NA: Communism wants a word with you
KS: yeah he is
KS: so governments should own banks, because money is pretty close to everything
KS: it should own law, same idea
KS: additionally on the same idea
KS: is water.
KS: air.
KS: natural resources.
KS: utilities
YQ: water should be regulated but not sold
KS: infrastructure
YQ: maybe the bottling for it can be a service
KS: probably the internet too, as far as im concerned
KS: maybe the details are a problem
KS: but the principle is there
NA: but then YQ
NA: you get into territory of
YQ: no that’s just going full commie
NA: what if they want to pay for extra water
YQ: there’s moderation
YQ: you pay for the services to make the water drinkable tbh
KS: if banks should be owned by the government “because it runs everything” but not water because water runs the world less than money does* then i know i’m talking with someone living in la-la land
YQ: it shouldnt be sold
YQ: we’re not on the same page, you’re seeing things differently than they are it;s not black and white
OA: fuck man i got 52 apples
OA: im gonna spend them
KS: you’re seeing things differently because you’re an idiot who gets confused by words
OA: i wont have time to grind it
OA: :sader:
OA: how am i gonna spend 50 apples in like 6 days
YQ: well you cant just start owning everything as the government, there are a lot of procedures
KS: water runs the world less than money does is all i need to know from your position
PR: Fgo finacial chat
NA: @BD you should make an arguments chat
KS: it’s also the centrist neoliberal position, which is what you are, consciously or not, so it makes sense
BD: lol
PR: Argue deeze nuts
YQ: yeah i’m a centrist
KS: i basically just wrote out 2 pages for you @BD
YQ: you just can’t go full retard and go left or right
YQ: they both have bad aspects and good aspects
YQ: you take every piece you can

(image: I bet u think ya got me cornered, well guess what nerd?
you heard me right

People who hold serious convictions or beliefs are

YQ: lmao
KS: literally YQ
YQ: exactly
FD: At the basic level I support a fair market over a “free” market
YQ: globalization is good WITH regulations
YQ: competitiveness is what makes services good
OA: >dont regulate
OA: >the free hand guides thhe market to a monopoly
OA: God bless
YQ: just don’t OWN everything
YQ: regulate it
NA: Gilgamesh disagrees
OA: >dont regulate
OA: >net neutrality dies
YQ: KS cant comprehend that and he only thinks it’s full ownership or no regulations
YQ: maybe in america it is like that
FD: One of the big problems I have with my country is this deification of Capitalism that makes people think of corporations as their friends and turn a blind eye to Jews making blood money off of them
KS: im talking principles and youre talking who has what title plate
YQ: it’s hard to put up a rulebook based on principles because the answert is always it depends
NB: Guys…
NA: Relax
OA: niggers should be enslavved
KS: if you think Comcast et. all don’t de facto own the FCC because they are de jure separate entities you are beyond my abilities.
YQ: oh so it’s all american government thing then, if that’s the case
YQ: by right yes they are separate entities because the government didn’t regulate them enough
NA: OA: niggers should be enslavved
NA: this tbh
YQ: they just tell the government to fuck off

BB: Tfw we got a new guy at work who used to work there years ago
BB: He told me the story of how tardimus almost got fired a few years ago
BB: If you need proof that unions make you untouchable
BB: We had an electrical failure in the meat department like five years ago, all of the cases died
BB: Tardimus didnt tell anyone, he was like HUH WOW THEYLL HAVE TO FIGURE IT OUT
BB: It happened in the middle of the afternoon so he just kept filling the case like nothing happened
BB: So it stayed dead overnight, and even the cooler failed too
BB: Next day people came in and all the meat was rotten, we lost over $7000 in produc
BB: Union came in and slammed down the “hes mentally retarded, cant be helped” card in defense mode
BB: And hes still here to this day
KS: :thoughting:
KS: unions are pretty nice
KS: i dont think its the union’s fault though tbh
KS: it’s the government’s fault for not having executed him earlier for worse things he probably did that we haven’t heard about.
BB: Unions are the only think liberals and i will agree on
BB: I have had too many jobs which ive gotten completely and absolutely fucked and there was nothing i could do
KS: the failure of unions in the united states is generally unrelated to the principles people (read: libertarians and neoliberals) criticize them on
CR: tbh it’s too damn exploitable.
KS: for who
CR: The union can exploit the business.
KS: you think the organization of capital isnt “too” exploitable?
KS: i think in a sense it’s the bigger problem
CR: I think the big problem is all these damn words I keep seeing put in my mouth that I could’ve sworn weren’t there.
KS: “but if we change this people will just exploit it back the other way using that other thing”
KS: it’s not specific to any law that is or isn’t implemented
CR: I’m a hacker, dude. Everything is exploitable.
KS: it’s american culture
KS: or something broader
CR: My point is that unions are great, except when they’re bending companies over.
CR: >$7,000 gone
CR: >cant fire him, he’s just a retard
CR: It’s bad enough companies waste food all the time.
CR: Bet, BB probably knows about the insane volume of meat just thrown in the trash instead of being donated or used to help the community.
CR: might as well, if it’s 1 day until exp.
BB: Its true nibba
BB: I fight that shit to the death
KS: right
KS: and that sort of attitude is the same thing which leads to “oh hes retarded too bad we cant rid of him ooooh noooo”
KS: it’s not a union or not problem
KS: it’s something else
CR: Oh, I know that. I’m saying for now, the union is the vehicle for that problem.
KS: oh sure. it’s the vehicle in this case.
CR: Not entirely, it’s got its positives.
BB: The shit that we donate and the shit we dont baffles me(edited)
KS: in terms of vehicles by type i think the union is a very good vehicle though, and i think generally speaking if a vehicle is being discussed then it should be compared to other vehicles
BB: >okay all this pork is expired by a day, box it up and call the food bank to come get it
KS: i.e. union is organization of labor, it should be compared to organization of capital
KS: or something like that
BB: >okay all this beef expires tomorrow just throw it out tonight
CR: Sure, but black and white isn’t really something I’m a fan of talking about. We could shit on literally everything if we really wanted to.
KS: these “but it can be exploited” is like that old saying “when a wise man points at the moon, the imbecile examines the finger”
KS: “black and white” is significantly more productive, more clear, and takes less time than “but this could be exploited too”, in my opinion.
KS: i understand the intent is to avoid creating additional problems
CR: Sure, but if we dealt with absolutes, we’d literally just agree on 95% of what we talk about :stuck_out_tongue:
KS: but if it’s treating symptoms and not cure then it’s a work.
SI: >tfw I worked at a food bank over the summer
SI: Some of the “meat” is questionable at best
KS: right
KS: i’d prefer that
BB: SN is a good boy!
KS: i don’t share peoples’ interest in wasting time arguing things that don’t matter.
BB: :catface:
CR: But it helps maintain and promote grey-matter growth.
BB: All of the food at a food bank is expired SN
CR: Makes ya smaht
KS: yeah i dont think so.
KS: i used to, but no, i don’t think so.
BB: Unless its actually donated by people
BB: Honestly i think it makes you smart
CR: Why would the food at the food bank be expired
SI: Not all of it at all BB, most all of it was in date. But holy shit some of the meat we had to toss because even The poor won’t take those cuts
BB: When i have to learn about all this stupid feminist horseshit i dont fucking care about to stay on even ground with commie and dudeweed
KS: there’s an infinite number of problems in the world to solve and organize; using time to argue over 5% of one problem is worse than using time to figure out the 95% of another.
BB: Makes me realize im smarter than i think :umu~1:
CR: Oh yeah, definitely. But who the fuck are we?
CR: We’re not solving shit lmao
CR: I can lay out a nice plan on how to run shit, but no one is going to let me actually run shit.
CR: anyone could
KS: it’s up to what you want to do with your time in the end
KS: i learn things to figure out and be at peace in my own mind
KS: i argue to learn rhetoric
BB: When i was on unemployment and had to get from the food bank all i got was stale bread, caramel bugles, brown lettuce, and pork
BB: :thoughting:
CR: meh, i just like talking to you guys.
KS: being “right” doesn’t have any meaning to me beyond being able to say “oh i see” to the world and not “wait a fuckin minute”.


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