Vector of Truth vs Vector of History, 2

ZB: The Falklands belong to England
KS: i am 90% confident the recent argentinian sub incident was caused by anglos
ZB: the eternal anglo
YQ: is that the one argentina won
BD: anglos rise again
YQ: the war thingo?
YQ: oh wait they lost that one riught?
YQ: the naval warfare thingo
KS: they lost
YQ: from back then
YQ: yeah
YQ: they lost hjorribly
KS: they lost and then for the next half century the anglos have continued to fuck them
KS: it was really really terrible
YQ: war is always terrible it’s only fun if you ‘re ont he winning side
YQ: look at typical teamswitcher italians
KS: if you look at media from the years immediately after WW2, everyone really believed argentina was up to become a superpower
KS: europe was destroyed
KS: america was superpower
KS: russia had nukes but everyone knew they were poor
KS: it was basically
KS: #1: america
KS: #2: argentina
ZB: Argentina should have become one, they have everything they need geographically and resource wise. But they were unfortunately too stupid to make it.
KS: you read Starship Troopers, THE book that started science fiction
KS: where did it take place on earth?
KS: Buenos Aires.
KS: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
KS: that’s because that’s what people believed back then.
KS: before the falklands war and the anglos fucking of argentina.
NB: reminder argentina didnt become a superpower because we got fucked by socialists and also USA who put us really deep in debt with their forced dictatorship from the shadows
NB: malvinas was just to hide what the fuck was going on
NB: that the goverment was incompetent and corrupt
ZB: maybe you upside down mexicans should just git gud instead of blaming others for your problems
NA: ^
NB: >Blame the victim
NB: ?
NA: sometimes
NA: sometimes
NA: they bring it on themselves
KS: oh yeah NB is argentina
ZB: You can blame the USA but it isn’t gonna get you jack shit
ZB: not even pity
ZB: CIA doesn’t give a fuck
ZB: USA citizens don’t give a fuck
KS: USA is basically out to make sure no power anywhere ever can consolidate without their control, and they can do it too
KS: but especially in the western hemisphere.
ZB: We’ve been doing this shit destabilizing any other government in the Americas for literally 130 years
KS: 130?
KS: 1890…?
ZB: 130 is probably conservative
ZB: I guess the Monroe Doctrine was even earlier
ZB: like a lot
KS: one of these days i need to read up on the history of the Marines
ZB: but the run up to the Spanish American war was when USA got a huge hard on for imperialism
KS: their official history is probably the closest to the real history out of all of them
KS: i read up on the opening of Japan with Commodore Perry a month or so back
KS: it’s really great stuff
KS: all the political bluffs and maneuvering
ZB: Everything going on in Asia with the Europeans in that era is pretty interesting
ZB: China got fucked so hard
ZB: it’s hard to even comprehend how fucked China got
KS: from western standards, maybe
KS: china’s understanding of its own history is basically a long line of “here’s how the rulers of the past have fucked things up” so the culture is pretty used to it
BD: china had about 200 years
KS: the east has a very very different understanding of the world than the west
BD: of getting butt fucked
KS: 200 is a wrong number
KS: you want 2000 or 3000
BD: na
BD: china was fine
BD: untill it fell to mongolia
KS: it fell to mongolia because of internal problems more than mongolian military supremacy
KS: or maybe im thinking of the manchus, i forget
ZB: Even setting that aside, the Brits and the western powers + Japan really did some crazy shit in China around the turn of the 20th century
KS: in any case their conception of getting fucked, or at least their historians’ conception of getting fucked, places recent western fuckery at not even close to anything else
ZB: And leading on before that with the Opium
KS: like westerners have a very long philosophical line of thought that is just not the same as china’s
ZB: The Opium crisis via Britain in china was crazy. Also the civil wars that were more or less started as reaction to Western influence were incredibly bloody.
NB: I see I see
KS: the west basically expects rulers to treat them as having some inherent value; all men are created equal can be traced to athens or even further back to zoroastrianism
NB: so this….. is Fate/Grand Order
KS: the conception of power is “power comes from the people”
ZB: The Boxer Rebellion in particular was one hell of a wild event
KS: the conception of power in china is “whoever is emperor owns everyone else, you all do what he says or off goes your head”
KS: and thats how it was for 3000, 4000 years
KS: they can say what they want today, it’s still basically the same
KS: they say they’re communist, but we know what that means
KS: they know what it means too.
BD: asian culture is more community oriented
BD: compared to western being more focused on the individual
KS: that’s a different topic. i’m just talking about history of rulers and power.
BD: no
BD: its really connected
KS: takes too much effort to connect
KS: in any case china’s gotten fucked a lot by a lot of things and they have a long line of historians talking about it
NB: in the end people only think about themselves so this “community” or “communism” is all a facade
NB: the chinks are worse than jews
KS: opium wars are nothing compared to mao
BD: opium wars led to mao
KS: splitting of shanghai was nothing compared to fall of the song dynasty
KS: i’m not saying you’re wrong BD
KS: maybe i just spend too much time around certain people
KS: namely the new american alt right and white nationalists
BD: compartmentalizing history is a mistake
KS: and the tone of everything is “white people fuck yeah”
KS: so i feel like i have to balance things out and look the other way
KS: they always talk about things from the european perspective
BD: you live in america dont you?
KS: which happens to be “the people from overseas” perspective for the past 400 years or so
BD: no shit its going to be euro centric
KS: okay…. so you understand my intentions then
KS: i need to look the other way
BD: yeah but you are looking like its two opposing sides when its just different angles
BD: in most cases
KS: how did the opening of japan look like from the perspective of japan, how did the opening of china look like from the perspective of china
BD: yeah
KS: no, i’m not
KS: i’m just talking that way
KS: that’s a slightly different topic on which i have a really strong belief in
KS: i absolutely fucking hate having to say “on one hand theres this opinion, on the other hand theres that opinion”
KS: or when i’m saying something about a group of people, “just generally speaking, i’m not saying absolutely everyone of this group is like this”
KS: i fucking hate having to preface myself for the sake of idiots
KS: “not all women”
KS: no fucking shit you literal imbecile
KS: the fingers on your own hands are of different lengths; how could it be possible that anything else in the world are identical?
KS: i know there’s “euro-centric” or “east-centric” ways of looking at things, i also know euro is the standard
KS: so i just say the other way
KS: if people cant put it together for themselves, that’s too big of a problem for me to solve.


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