Age vs Class

SH: i dont understand how somebody can sue without any sort of medical problems or anything
SH: why doesnt the lawyer take one look at you and just be like, nah i dont think so
SI: what the fuck? she’s suing over a fucking fender bender?
SI: itll be laughed out of court
SH: it doesnt matter @SI
QC: I’m gonna cry if I go to court
KS: no she’s suing over chronic neck pain
SH: the point is settlement
SH: and the idea that youll have to pay out the nose for a lawyer
KS: oh yeah QC is a girl
QC: And then I won’t be able to speak because I’ll be blubbering
KS: perfect
SH: most people are scared of that so they settle
KS: the rate of out of court settlement is directly proportional to the rate of societal fraud
KS: I mean, freedom.
SH: freedumbz
SI: she doesnt have a case if her car just got nudged. you got this. fucking harpie trying to extort money
SH: it might cost just as much for her to settle as it does for a lawyer
SH: i mean youre right
KS: you don’t understand! she has a history of fragile bones!!
SH: chances are QC it will only be like 5000 or soemthing
SH: they cover you up to 25k right?
SH: youll be fine
KS: are you just going to make her suffer for life? how are you going to make things right!?!!
SH: the more money they ask for the more risk of them for a court battle, which is what they dont want
SI: ^
SI: scare tactics
SI: she’ll back off most likely if you don’t want to settle
KS: what if Americans are actually just a bunch of pussies :thoughting:
SH: she should settle as long as its covered by insurance
SI: yeah it all depends on the cost
SH: if its not then you call the lawyers
SH: because up until that point, it would cost more for the lawyer and ensuing court battle
SH: the american legal system is so :ugh:
KS: better to just give the bullies your lunch money until they ask for an amount where it’d be better to tell your parents and the school what’s happening……..
KS: :thoughting::thoughting::thoughting::thoughting::thoughting:
SH: @KS it costs a shitton of money for a lawyer, only rich housewives can afford it
SH: its bullying that you cant really avoid unless youre rich
KS: sure, I’m just thoughting.
KS: there’s just so many things like this you’d think this sort of thing would be taught in school or at least be explained in children’s stories
SH: my mother would have gotten a lawyer to fight against my father a long time ago but, well, most of our income and the money he stole left with him
SH: some things you just cant fight
KS: but you rarely find it anywhere
SH: @KS because children’s stories are fictitious
SH: nobody writes children’s stories about the real horrible things, they just write about hansel and gretel and shit
QC: IDK I’m sick to my stomach about it
KS: yeah but adult stories don’t write about it either
KS: we get stupid shit like SVU
SH: i think a lot of them do
SH: oh
KS: or marginally less stupid shit at best like The Wire
SH: maybe theres a few movies about it
SH: i dunno
KS: even Japanese seinen only uses it here and there from what I’ve seen
SH: scamming insurance companies through poor unsuspecting people isnt exactly heart-pounding material
KS: feels like it’s less children vs adults and more just different classes of people
KS: do you think Mafia guys the age of 15 don’t understand these things intuitively?
KS: of course they do.
KS: but they’re also raised by different people, people who don’t care to write books and mass paperback novels.


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