I’ma start writing again.

Or at least using this place again, every once in a while.

I’m starting to get the idea that using Facebook for everything is a dumb idea. I need to have my own blog or website. Or at least, have a central place where I’d be pretty confident that it wouldn’t be taken down at random. Facebook isn’t the absolute worst at this, that’d be Twitter, but I already don’t use that because 140 characters and that interface only creates cancer, at least in English. But Facebook still isn’t that good, and I don’t like their interface much either. I’d like to have at least some control over the interface of something that’s presented as my image, to direct attention here or there as I desire, rather than having exactly the same as everyone else’s. That’d take some learning of coding, but I’ll deal with that later. WordPress is one of the few sites I have at least not heard of people’s stuff just randomly being taken down, and I prefer using something I’ve used before rather than something entirely new.

Gonna need to clean house a little bit. There’s a bunch of people on blogroll I don’t follow much closely anymore. The about page is terrible, the intro page’s content is neat but it’s too long and probably shouldn’t be called “intro”. The quotes are still pretty good, though today I could probably put together a much better one. I suppose I don’t mind too much my old posts too much; I remember going back around the time I graduated college or something and removed the really embaressing ones.

I have an anime review/comparison I’m working on at the moment. I’ve written a few reviews of anime and games after completing them these past few years, mostly just as an exercise for my head more than anyone to read them. I don’t know why I had a fetish for writing extremely long posts back in the day; I still prefer longer than “let’s write 500 words in 10-word paragraph-sentences and call it an article” garbage, but no more boners for wordcount or length. But those were always spread out everywhere; some went on MyAnimeList, some on Steam, some on Facebook, maybe a couple of other places I’ve forgotten.

Something I’ve learned a bit about the importance of is the importance of particular people. Having grown up on 4chan among other things I always had the idea that it didn’t really matter who did something as long as it was good – my little stint trying to get on the good graces of some blogger was purely a game to me about getting higher viewcount scores. Drawing, and something else which is more important but I’m forgetting, has taught me that if you want good stuff, you basically have to find good people. If it’s just trying to reach some goal once then sure, it doesn’t matter who does it. But if you’re trying to get something to be high quality over and over again for whatever reason, searching all of a population every time is a logistically terrible idea. I needed references for drawing; going back to the same great artists saved me tons of time. It’s not “big boobs” in particular I’m interested, or “character from a certain series”. I certainly am, but they need to be high quality. Searching the stack of the internet via “big boobs” rather than some artist name is basically a waste of time. It’s something that I needed to do when I didn’t pay attention at first, but if I don’t have to I won’t. People who’ve put out one great work tend to put out more great works than just “anybody at random”; the trending algorithms of big data have not changed this. I haven’t been naming the sources for each of my quotes on my quotes blog, but I’ve been keeping track mentally of where they’re coming from, because it’s true there too. I think it’s true everywhere.

There’s a couple of anime reviewers who are great, and a couple of game reviewers who are great, but I always wonder what their opinion on other things is. If their opinion continues to be quality then that’s the best, but if it’s not then that’d be interesting too; why do I think highly of their opinion in one place but not another? Am I wrong? Even if I decide I’m not, that’s also something to learn from because it was unexpected. The most common path is that I find out someone whose overall personality or taste I already didn’t like turns out to be a commie, but there’s other things too. People who are somewhat prickly or harsh with certain things usually have very interesting stories to tell.

I think the most boring is if there’s nothing at all. There’s always connections to other things but they’re trivial. Oh boy, big retail company or fast food chain posted a meme on twitter! Artist posted a fanart of a series/genre they’ve never touched before! Celebrity jumps on the political #hashtag hypetrain! Never anything detailed. Disclaimer: I don’t watch livestreams.

Well, we’ll see. I’ve had the idea of coding my own site for about a month so even if I don’t use this site regularly in the near future there’ll definitely be some site a bit further in the distance. I’ll get back to that anime review for now.


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