Mental Switches

I’ve been trying to learn how to draw for the past ~three months, though in the past two weeks I haven’t done much anything due to sickness and computer problems. Coming back to it today opening up my most recent incomplete sketch file, I didn’t feel anything in particular. No urge to improve, but also no particular grievances or misconceptions about my abilities. It was simply there, like any other random piece of complete amateur art you could find in the sea of the net.

But everything came back the moment I put a single new stroke on the .psd.

Like waking up from a dream.

Mental switches are pretty interesting. In particular, it’s interesting that my switches appear to be switched “off” to just about everything and only a few can be manually turned “on” without any need for some curiously specific set of reference events. It’s like a bunch of engines with their starters removed – or rather, misplaced and hidden in some sort of eccentric treasure hunt game.

Writing here for instance I have no idea where the switch went. I used to care, now I just come by every so often for indiscernible reasons.


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