Update of an older post.

Favorite ten (types of) characters in fiction:

1. Shogo Makishima / Izaya Orihara /Lelouch Lamperouge / Light Yagami
2. Erika Furudo / Rorschach
3. Meiya Mitsurugi / Saeko Busujima / Kazusa Touma / Tomoyo Sakagami
4. April Ryan / Masami Iwasawa / Homura Akemi / Yomi Isayama / Rika Furude
5. Haruka Morishima
6. Akane Tsunemori / Tomomi Masaoka /Age
7. Kamina / Mikoto Shinozaki
8. Gendou Ikari / Charles zi Britannia / Kinzo Ushiromiya
9. Airs Blue / Yuki Aiba
0. Yuuko Kouzuki / CC / Admiral Spoor

Interpretations have one change, at #6, and extensions at #5 and #0:

1. This Is Not My World
2. Truth is God, This is His Message
3. Honorable, Out of Place
4. The Sufferer
5. Single-Minded Love
6. The Show Must Go On
7. Infinite Energy
8. This Is My World
9. Reason Once, Reason No More
0. Playing With Knowledge

Probably says something that my favorite male characters are all crazy psychopaths who can manipulate the world in ways most people don’t even think of (1). And that all my favorite female characters are loyal through lies and death (3).

I have nothing against characters of the other sex fulfilling those “same roles”, but I’d see them as something different. A woman as a “crazy psychopath” I’d see simply as someone who plays with knowledge (10), while a male with that sort of loyalty would simply be a samurai (7).


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