Cyberpunk Slums

The world didn’t make sense to me, but I accepted this was because I didn’t have access to a car. Eventually the world didn’t make sense again, but then I accepted this was due to the existence of oil. Then the world didn’t make sense again, this time the explanation was electricity. The most recent requestion was concluded with coal. It seems to more or less conclude the physical side of things.

With this it is finally clear why slums in cyberpunk dystopias don’t strike anyone as particularly odd. The slums arise not due to lack of internet connectivity or to any other new technologies.

The problem there is lack of energy.

The known known with increased technology is human loss of identity. The unknown known is that physical energy will run out first.

Corollary: “Power” is control over 1) design, 2) minds, and 3) energy. Control over mass is largely irrelevant. Mass may determines if you execute tesuji, but energy determines if you have sente.

Corollary: It would not be surprising if America’s image of being oil “grubbing” was designed for its benefit.


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