A More Special Snowflake

[12:36:10 AM] KS: really the only trouble i have is something entirely new
[12:36:14 AM] KS: namely
[12:36:16 AM] KS: job applications
[12:36:21 AM] KS: fuck job applications jesus fucking christ
[12:36:34 AM] KS: this is worse than staring into nietzche’s abyss
[12:36:50 AM] KS: because this time the abyss is filled with fatasses doing autofellatio
[12:37:06 AM] KS: “Searching for jobs makes searching in general look bad. It’s the worst possible representative for the concept. Whenever you’re looking for something everything is always pretty good and sometimes you get really pleasant surprises. But when you’re looking for jobs, every place is just “Hello, I’m here sucking my own dick, would you like to suck it too?””
[12:37:24 AM] KS: “why are we perfect for you”
[12:37:29 AM] KS: you’re not, i applied to 10 other places
[12:37:34 AM] KS: “why are you the perfect applicant”
[12:37:48 AM] KS: i don’t fucking know, how bout you give me the info on the other applicants? who the fuck does a trade study on just one object?
[12:37:58 AM] KS: it’s like asking if a jet is faster
[12:38:21 AM] KS: the amount of retardedness is too high
[12:38:23 AM] KS: i didn’t train for this
[12:38:46 AM] KS: nothing i have learned helps me on this
[12:40:58 AM] KS: wtf wasnt it just midnight
[12:41:05 AM] ML: wat
[12:41:06 AM] ML: anyway
[12:41:10 AM] ML: make connections.
[12:41:21 AM] ML: companies want people who are going to work hard for them
[12:41:24 AM] KS: i can’t suck enough dick to make enough connections in this time
[12:41:26 AM] ML: and if that’s not an honest motivation
[12:41:30 AM] ML: to at least fake it
[12:41:34 AM] ML: make the company seem better
[12:41:40 AM] ML: play the PR game for yourself.
[12:41:42 AM] ML: this is what I’ve learned.
[12:41:47 AM] KS: ?
[12:41:51 AM] ML: public relations.
[12:42:01 AM] KS: i meant the “play the PR game for yourself”

[12:42:08 AM] ML: become your own public relations agent.
[12:42:33 AM] ML: if you were a celebrity
[12:42:33 AM] ML: if thousands of people were watching you and you had to make a good impression
[12:42:37 AM] ML: what image would you push
[12:43:06 AM] ML: who do you want to be to them
[12:43:06 AM] ML: think about it
[12:43:06 AM] ML: then do it

[12:43:06 AM] ML: even though I just ranted about how narrative structure doesn’t work
[12:43:06 AM] ML: I believe it works in the short term
[12:43:17 AM] ML: all my jobs have been through connections
[12:43:22 AM] ML: because I convinced them I was the kind of person they wanted around

[12:43:26 AM] ML: am I really that kind of person?
[12:43:27 AM] ML: idk
[12:43:34 AM] ML: part of me thinks “If they believe it it must be true”
[12:43:41 AM] ML: part of me thinks “Nah you pushed that image”
[12:43:50 AM] ML: I’ve stopped caring

[12:44:29 AM] KS: so i have to be an idol

[12:45:27 AM] ML: yes.

[12:45:56 AM] ML: it’s difficult, but if you can do it, it works.


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