Once Is All It Takes

Because a picture of a pretty girl happened to come up one day I was browsing /a/ I noted the source. Because I noted the source I later looked up the story synopsis.

Because I happened to play vidya with a friend today and because he happened to get his mic working, I was talking with him. Because I was talking with him, I happened to get convinced another vidya was boring, so when he went off to play something else I saw that I was out of things to play with. When I finished all my work, because that friend was the only person who picked up Muv Luv Alternative immediately after I told him about it, I considered picking up a new anime again, the first time I’ve watched one since April and the second time I’ve watched one since the previous May.

Because I happened to remember White Album 2, I watched all its current episodes.

And so, I happened to discover and spend my time on an extremely competent romance, with the best pilot episode of any genre of all time, and changed me fundamentally:

“Path to success?”

Sorry, not interested in buying anymore.


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