New Blog – “Game Theory”

I am now putting all posts about videogames elsewhere.

While I will still talk about them here occasionally as I always have in using them to make some seemingly unrelated larger/fundamental philosophical point, I’ve recently been interested in how videogames are designed in and of themselves. I forsee writing more posts akin to my response to the planned changes of Rengar, in which I don’t attempt to make any idea which can be exported outside of game design. I had thought about making a new category of posts to throw them in, but that doesn’t make the posts any smaller, and they would still not fit in the theme of this blog.

Or to look at it the other way, philosophy also should not be getting in the way of videogames. When it is necessary or useful then bring it in – but then that’s something different entirely.

So I made a new blog for it.

Title may or may not be tentative depending on if I can/bother to think of something more unique and less generic.


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