Last Words on Feminism

Ultimate offense:

The goal of feminism is to turn the world into one big kindergarten.

Ultimate defense:

It’s almost as if women are like every other category of literally anything: 99% disgusting shit, 1% maybe not so disgusting shit.

General idea:

Fourth wave, Nth wave, doesn’t matter. In the end it’s women complaining to men about men, and there’s only a certain category of things they ever can really complain about (or alternatively, only one way they can ever really complain about things), and this is it.

Obviously this doesn’t mean all the problems it causes in reality are dealt with or its history is erased, but there’s no point in entertaining the idea that their premises might be true. No more wasting time or energy in manners of things that do not matters – at least from this mental plague. Keep these things in mind and all possibilities have been covered.

Endgame doesn’t mean the game is over.

Just means there are no more moves that gain possibility.


One thought on “Last Words on Feminism

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