Respect for Fortune: A Musical Illustration

I’m really not too big a fan of listening to music anymore. I have an iPod, but I basically never use it. I always have people to talk to, or scenery to admire/ponder. When I do listen to music, I think I do it very differently from most people. No matter which track it is, I like to have it on loop. I guess it ends up having the same effect as other people my age listening to a plethora of different trash “music”, but I think it’s rather important to note that they turn it on like our parents’ generation turn on the TV. It is done to fill up the time and becomes senseless, whereas I loop things for a dual purpose of both focus and learning the song better. You don’t memorize how to sing one without listening to it a few hundred times.

I was humming random songs the other day, and as usual I would get bored of humming one and switch to the next whenever it was convenient and meshed into the current scale well. I stumbled upon something interesting. I had always liked video game soundtracks – specifically, RPG ones – more than the random anime inserts or OP/EDs, and much more than the average scratching and droning on American radio, but I could never figure out particularly why. After straight lining up of three different RPG themes though, I found what it was:

They all have a sense of respect for the unknown.

Whether or not RPGs these days either as a category or as any specific game achieve this is not relevant, as that is dependent on the efficiency of the storywriters and the game designers. The composers, on the other hand, seem to overwhelming have retained the correct idea. Their works, unlike most of the stuff that gets on the big charts, successfully captures the essence of RPG and thus a perspective of reality aimed at exploration and searching for a path greatness.

As with the previous musical illustration, I cannot guarantee these will not appear again on some future “content-related” entry.


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