Ultimatums and Decrees (Sorcerer Of Certainty)

I’ve written a few posts singing the praises of anger. To me it the advantages it endows are abundantly clear; as the fundamental problem of all problems are distractions and confusions from the correct method, and anger gives effortless elimination of things which don’t matter relative to your desire, it can be said that anger is a fundamental solution. I do not think it is optimal, but its benefits should not be ignored simply because it may not be the best solution. Often, to solve any problem you need a number of different skills and resources each used correctly in harmony. Anger is one of those resources.

The original purpose was to create and illustrate a direct response to what seemed to be a straightforward simplistic claim by the convention: “being mad is bad, being rational is good.” This is a false statement first and foremost because it is a false dichotomy – one is generally infinitely more rational while emotional than not (I do not treat the average female’s toying with emotions as the real thing). Do you make better decisions when everything is on the line and you need to make the correct choice, or do you make better decisions when you can really afford to just stay in bed all day and not do anything? Emotions simulate the former situation. We experience reality through models, and when are models are there but reality is not, we treat reality the same way. If I act in my everyday life with the belief that everything could be fucked up by a disgraceful and dishonorable person if I don’t pay attention, I will act with the same precision that everyone else would use only in the most dire of situations. This makes me more efficient in two ways; one because I am more precise more of the time, and two because I have practice and they do not.

I was responding to the wrong thing. I missed the fundamental problem and solved something else.

The thing they don’t like is what anger entails: an ultimatum.

You are not allowed to be absolutely sure about anything.

Being able to lay down any definitions – whether they are accurate with reality is, again, not relevant at this time – is the greatest sin in this equalitist culture. You can never be “serious”. It is a feminine world; you can never believe in something until you consult with the committee of everybody. Which makes decisions based on…. the decisions of everybody… who each look to… everybody. Everybody is equal, and everybody is shit. Of course as reality and time waits for no one and things actually need to get done, inevitably decisions are going to be made. However, where a man outside of this culture would simply decide what he wanted and dealt with whatever came afterwards, those in this culture decide what they want and then bitch about whatever comes in their way.

“Confidence” is fine because you are “open to criticism”, which is simply a phrase for “You’re going to believe what I believe”. Look at any situation where people have disagreement, discuss, and then still end in disagreement. The person in question will first think “Finally, a dumbass who is willing to change his ways”, then if they failed in their task and then proceed to change their painting to instead say “Wow what a fucking waste of my time, closed minded asshole”. It’s as if they think reality is like school, where they are the teacher and everybody in the world are their students, just waiting to have information dumped on them. If the students are disobedient or insubordinate, one word or one pink slip sends them away, and suddenly you don’t have to deal with them anymore. Unless they come back and shoot up your school. In which case, it’s still somebody else dealing with the problem for you. This is still true on the other side of the analogy; if you are the average facebook user and you tell someone off, every last one of your friends will also tell the guy off for you. Or you can tell on them – “report” – to the admins, and they’ll ban them for you. And you can be all smug about how you didn’t have to do anything and the evil people got justice served to them, because everybody else is smug about it too.

“Arrogance” however is not acceptable, because you can’t do what everybody doesn’t like. In the frame of individual action, there is no meaningful difference between confidence and arrogance. Its difference arises from social disapproval. Leftists will call Obama confident; non-leftists will call Obama arrogant. The broader case was illustrated in the previous example; someone will be “confident” until they are confident that the other option is correct, at which point they become “arrogant” because they “don’t” listen. “Don’t” is a rather important term. If someone “didn’t” listen, it does not reflect on whether or not they are currently listening. These equalitists do not particularly care whether or not you did listen, but whether or not you are listening. If you listen/listened and change/changed your ways, you go from arrogant to confident. They claim to want you to just open your mind this once and make a decision afterwards, but they never actually want you to make a decision, because they could end up being wrong and if you tell them they’re wrong, well, that’s the apocalypse. This is all assuming the definition of “listening” as “agreeing”. To put it nicely, it is not a very accurate synonymism. To put it bluntly, it’s fucking stupid.

That’s what this whole anti-definitional culture is. Fucking stupid. It’s an extension of the nihilist “There is only one truth, and that truth is: there are no truths”, which has a patent obvious error that it actually posits a truth. It’s very appealing to the retarded masses though because it fits in exactly with their “freedom” idea and the “American dream” that “you can be anything you want”. Don’t make assumptions. Don’t judge me. You don’t know who I am. I’m still discovering myself. I’m finding my passion/calling. You don’t know that. You can’t know what the future is. How could you possibly say that tomorrow, or maybe the day afterwards, there won’t be a knight in shining armor coming to pick me up in his sports car and ride us off into the 50 Shades Of Sunset?

I’ll be that these protests are just about the usual crap. Government is not providing enough handouts to the people and is only helping rich people.

You don’t know that! You always label people! You have no idea what their values are! You’re just assuming that!


My assumptions are right about you. I also assume the sky is blue; I am right about that too.

It matters not how much time I take. Whether it be five seconds from one instance to five years and a significant fraction of my life, this culture is against claiming any ground.

#1 Temper NA

I’m sorry that I’m confident about my reads on how good players are and what they can do. Oh wait. No I’m not.

It is definitionally impossible to be incorrect when you are correct; don’t let anyone fucking bullshit your way out of direct contradictions or you’ll never be able to start a train of thought. Homosexuals are NOT normal. Feminists are NOT feminine. Spending more money does NOT get you out of debt. Fucking up a country’s economy will NOT achieve peace. A culture centered around hype and procedurally manufacturing the next big thing over and over again does NOT create unique individuals each with self initiative for their own passions. Note that I don’t particularly care whether I make statements which are politically correct. This is because being correct has nothing to do with being politically correct. I am smarter than a fifth grader. I’m not about to question my level of intelligence with such a low bar.

I treat everything else in reality the same way. I know something, and I will act on it. If I don’t, I will learn something once, then I will act on it until I make a mistake, at which point I correct my error and continue to proceed.

Not abiding by this and not putting authority before reason turns your entire world into a high school girl gossip circle where at every turn you are looking for approval. There is no right or wrong there, no correct or incorrect. There is only what the group says. In this communistic attempt to get rid of and overthrow the king, the result is that everyone is slaves to the halation and the winds of time and change. This “enlightenment” has lowered us back to being animals. Do the great men focus all their energies on obtaining the latest designer clothes? Do those who succeed in creating history-changing inventions go for the most hypes shoes?  Phones, movies, concerts, “The Game”, this is the kind of shit the people cement as the foundations of their identity.

This “SWAG” is for sewer peons. Kings have something else, called “CLASS”.

CLASS is dictated by someone specific. SomeONE did something a particular way, and everyone else started doing it either because that guy did it or because he told people to do it. It does not matter that “You’re just following someone else” because in the end you are either following someone else or you are leading yourself, and when you are clear about which category you’re in for which action, you are much more likely to be respectful and mindful of each and have less of this imbecile “every child has his own potential” to “I’m fucking unique because I fucking bought the fucking iPhone5” spoon-fed society.

I hate the standard Plato Allegory of the Cave / Matrix thing because that’s really not the problem we have these day. The problem is not that people don’t want to be told they’re wrong, the problem is that people don’t want to think that they even might be wrong. Spoiled so far is this civilization from our parent generations and reality, it has been able to believe that it is possible to exist throughout all of reality questioning everything, except questioning themselves on whether or not it’s possible for them to be wrong. The concept of fallibility itself is incomprehensible to the entitled solipsist bitchism of today.

It is an inevitable result if you never lay down the law. Which law does NOT matter. Some feminists talk about how it is men who start wars, men who kill and murder, men who rape and men who thieve, therefore if we have women running the world all children will be loved and educated everybody will be fed and the world will be at peace. A fucking fantasy, because the average American teenager is basically free – they have cars, credit cards, aren’t under the dominion of their parents or anyone else for that matter – and the American teenage girl says not how to organize society for a better future, but how it’s fucking embaressing that she got a 16gb white iPhone instead of a 32gb black iPhone. Say that’s just a bad apple all you fucking want, it’s the fucking norm and the norm is normal. Saying the magazines on the cashier rack at the supermarket don’t matter and nobody actually reads them is a LIE because nothing is sold and widely circulated unless it is bought. IT IS TRUTH that most women are fucking retarded, and IT IS TRUTH that most people will vote for the worst possible reasons.

This is what your free world looks like. Welcome To America.

Was this how people acted in the unenlightened, old-fashioned, bigoted, racist, sexist, and intolerant recent past?

The thought that it could be better and it just needs change is inherently an exclusive one; you must necessarily send into oblivion those aspects which you think must not exist in whatever niche. This is a decision, an ultimatum for the near or forseeable future so long as you can maintain its existence, one which necessarily limits your options. Opportunity cost is a truth of reality, and those who acknowledge it and treat it as a solid concept progress towards their goals linearly, rather than in the haphazard and lost manner of those who think that they could do everything if just “given” the “chance”.

Men are not created equal. Women and men are not created equal. We were not born with absolute powers (“rights”).


Well? What is it?

I… I want to ask you something about Honda. How did you feel about her?

Why do you ask?

Sh… She asked, me to…

How do I feel about her? Oh, geez.

You don’t think you’ve done anything wrong to her?

Wrong? Did I? It’s what she wanted, right? It’s not like I extorted her into doing anything.

B…but you were blackmailing her… with the m-movies.

What? She even told you about that? Shit.

I… I know everything that happened.

Well. I do it because I can, right? Is that a bad thing? If Honda doesn’t like it, she has to do something about it. After all, she’s in her situation because of choices she made. Of course, it’s not like there aren’t people whose decisions are made entirely by others, but those are very special cases, you understand. For everyone else, we have a series of options, and we choose out of them. Are you following me? If you can’t solve it on your own, you can ask someone else for help. But if there’ no one to ask, then it’s your fault for making those life choices.

But… you still… you still did some things that were wrong.

Hey, you shouldn’t speak like that. Even if you happen to be correct.

It’s a common habit in all kinds of worthless people to look for fault in others rather than oneself, whenever something goes wrong. The first thing that Honda should do, is to think of how to correct the things she did wrong, isn’t it? From there, she can come to me, and think of ways that I can correct myself. I’m an educator, you know? I think this is much more useful than any school lecture. But it’s up to you to get something out of it.

What? Are you one of those kids who says garbage like “Adults don’t understand me”, or “Nobody knows what it’s like to be me”? You can’t turn out to be so spoiled and rotten. If you think they don’t understand, then you have to give the effort to make them understand. Like what I just told you. You can’t just abandon the effort to explain, and blame the other person for not understanding, can you?

Here’s another thing. People who talk about “finding themselves” are also worthless. They’re just avoiding their current state, and finding escape in a nonexistent pretense. All there is, is what you want to do in your future, where you want to go, and what to do in order to achieve that, right? Right? What kind of you needs to be found? All the things that you’ve done are the sum of what makes you yourself. And if you can’t recognize your current state, then that’s a problem isn’t it?

If you’ve only done so much in your life and that’s all you can come up with, well, it just goes to show there’s no cure for stupidity.

– Honda’s teacher lecturing Kirie, Bokurano

You are nothing until you act, and action requires certainty.

Fiat was once treated as a power of the gods, now it’s treated as shit tier obviousness because everything has become simplified and computerized. But reality always collects debts people owe to it, and this civilization is continually paying at least minimal interest on its existence by ignoring the laws of biology and physics. Because reason is placed before authority and committee before decision, nothing is done anymore and anything aspired to is chaotic – a revolution, or a zombie apocalypse. Meanwhile, Fortuna retakes her place as master and because we refuse to realize we are not actually gods, we start “wondering” about why everything falls apart when we try and touch it. The names used in each particular instance doesn’t really matter, the universal rule is that no serious obstacle is taken seriously: Oh, politicians are just stupid. Muslims are just different. Those feminists are just extreme. Etc. etc. etc.

When you plant yourself and your flag down somewhere, anywhere, you suddenly need to defend it. You are now bound. No longer are things random and equal, it is possible to have selected something which has great pros in some directions and great cons in others. You can now gain and lose in a meaningful manner, and keep things with a sense of permanency and security. You begin to develop power, the ability to obtain what you want, and learn through the successes and failures of your endeavors. But this only happens once you have declared something as a truth.

Nothing exists before that. When you declare something as truth, you are literally creating a world.

Do you want to be right?

Do you want to become a god?

You know something when you are satisfied with what you know,
You believe something when you are satisfied with how you believe,
You have trust when you are satisfied with your pattern predictions,
You are saved when you are satisfied with doing no more,

You are always where you want to be,
And you are never where you cannot be.


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