Masculinity’s Misdirection (True Sight)

The past couple of days I’ve been moving and unpacking things in my new apartment. It’s a nice place. I don’t have too much of an eye for interior design, but I have significantly more room than I did last year, everything is clean and functional as far as I can tell, and there’s air conditioning. Windows are also pretty soundproofed, it’s a flat upstairs and at least 400ft away from any major intersection. However, right beyond that 400ft in two directions are two shopping centers, making buying basically anything basic only 15 minutes away walking, round trip. No rats. No flies. A short-fiber/hair carpet which looks durable. A major improvement over where I lived during the last school year. I should be able to write well throughout this year instead of just during the summer, given the time.

I like living an easy life. What I have now is great and all, but it’d be even better if I didn’t have to cook my meals or worry about paying bills.

Saying this is rather easy; justifying it as a serious thought as part of a belief system is unconventional.

All the deterioration of mental and physical mechanics in living a life of luxury aside, the life of luxury is universal throughout all cultures in many aspects and it is as such because that is the best conditions as dictated by human biology, and it thus is also the desired life. I like having my dual monitor high quality GPU and CPU with my SSD, my colorful and sexy posters, my pillows and comfy bed, and wonderful games with immersive stories art and music. I don’t want complete/full/true “independence” and I frankly don’t care for it because I see no value in such a thing. I can deal with paying rent and finding out how to best save energy on my utilities bill and set up internet and how to get work and then go to work to have money to pay for whatever, but I’d really rather not deal with it. The end goal is power and the purpose of power is to get to do things you do while avoiding things you don’t want to do.

Frankly, I want power, and I do not particularly buy into the masochism some men seem to look for. If something has to be done then so be it. But there is not too much point in glorifying obstacles and hardship.

Just as perfection is another word for simplicity, luxury is simply another word for permanency.

San Francisco Bay Area is luxurious, because it has permanency of temperature and weather. Cruise ships are luxurious, because they have permanency comparable to five star hotels while at sea, and five star hotels are luxurious because they have permanency in quality of food, service, and accommodations. A house is more luxurious than a cardboard box because you have a permanent place to take a dump, to wash your hands, to sleep in and to have “a roof over your head”. A mansion with servants is more luxurious than a house because you don’t have to deal with the nonpermanencies of a house: caulking in the shower, cleaning the toilet, leaves in the gutter, weeds in the garden, feeling cramped ever. Kids who grow up in the same place their whole childhood have a luxurious life compared to those who have to move every year, because they see the same people and become familiar with their environment. Higher quality products of any kind are more permanent than their lower quality kin, because they require less maintenance or can take more punishment before failing. Permanency is a luxury, because “the only constant is change”.

Masculinity/Discipline/Honor is inherently not a state but a direction; it is a set of behaviors which dictate how to do things rather than what to attempt to attain. It is why one who is good at being a man is not necessarily also a good man. This means I take as relatively set, there are universals for men across all cultures.

The ends (“ideal”) seem to be relatively set as well. But set in a place I do not agree with.

The image is that of a nomad (we will discuss the manosphere’s image of an ideal man, as the feminized convention is incapable of producing ideals). Living light, carrying nothing but the essentials, yourself, and your skills. Be productive only to the ends that you need to fulfill what you want. Do what you love, fuck all the rest. Be a “Free” man. Children are transient, women are transient, work is transient, logistics are transient. The only thing not transient is working out, fucking women, and maybe a couple of arbitrary hobbies.

The reasoning behind this departure from tradition is the “red pill” of misandrism: the realization that the culture as it stands really has it in for everyone with a penis. Men don’t exist except as evildoers, all the while being expected to serve womens’ every whim. It is Original Sin, except this time, it’s just for men. It is “misogyny”, the “patriarchy”. Being that the system has made it so that there is no place for men, the solution is to exploit the edges of the system as much as you can. Deprive the system of what it needs – men to build and maintain it – and eventually it will fall. Something better will come eventually. Our job now is to destroy this one.

There is no particular problem with living a life with mostly transience if that is what is necessary. It should not replace the ideal.

There is a difference between acknowledging (“respecting”) change as constant, and seeking to create/embrace change as a passion.

I speak no lies when I say men wish for a family to call their own. To have an “us” to return and be useful to, rather than be in a constant situation of “I really don’t know anyone”. To have a woman who is yours, and children who you know are yours and will carry your legacy. It is ideal to own a home and be able to defend it. To have a home surrounded by a community who you’d defend and who’d defend you. Defend from physical and psychological, from economic and natural obstacles. It is ideal to be a man amongst men, to be recognized in public and have explicit opponents and enemies. These are universals, because they are all relatively permanent. They are in other words, not halation. They are knowns, and it is always easier to deal with knowns than it is to deal with unknowns. The path of order is always to create more knowns out of unknowns, and then put them in their correct place.

This “Nomad” end does only the former. It is true that by exploring the mechanics of game and how to attract women consistently, by traveling to strange new places, by living life on the down low, knowns are being created out of unknowns. Where once only the unintelligent dwelt haphazardly, higher men now descend to discover and make lives for themselves. These are all useful things to know, and I respect the men who choose to tell all willing to listen of their experiences.

But that’s not the man I want to be. Because the ideal is off center, there is a color of forsaken, a taste of desperation in the image they produce. These are not explorers who set out on a journey into the unknown to bring back the fruit of youth to their kings and their loved ones. These are explorers who stay in the wild, who do not want to go back, who think they have nothing to return to, and do not want to recreate a civilization where they stand. In the red pill knowledge revealing the evils of feminism and the stagnancies of this globalist world, the rallying cries have been to throw out not just this civilization, but civilization the concept itself. Though it is correctly stated that the first and foremost problem is “inner game” – philosophy, your approach to the world – the people who result do not seem to aspire to something greater. They are perfectly fine with living life fast and short. For all the emphasis they put on keeping the standard ideals as simply transients because of their potential to fuck up every last thing, (ex: women, rape accusations) the permanencies they establish fail to be worthy of envy. I do not doubt that the most famous pick up artists of the manosphere will be remembered and quoted. It will be just that – quotes. Little snippets. There isn’t a big picture, because they themselves actively seek to deconstruct it.

They will not be remembered as great men. Neither will any of the great destroyers of our time: the feminists, the occupiers, the equalitists, the “hope and change”rs.

I am not “blue pilled”; I acknowledge many and at least the most important lies of this mass non-culture. I still don’t buy this red pill.

Yes, if you pick the wrong woman and you do the wrong things, your life is basically over. Yes, if you talk to that girl in the office the wrong way, your life is basically over. Yes, doing this thing in that way is basically supporting the system and the system supports many bad things and that is not good. Yes, getting there the normal way means you have to jump through a lot of stupid bullshit hoops and you should not be forced to do bullshit for less than nothing. None of this changes anything.

In the end, there is only you, your goal, your desire, your friends, and your obstacles.

All of those things are simply obstacles to the goal. The fact that women today are suboptimal, that the world today is suboptimal, that both are out to get men in very difficult to deal with ways changes NOTHING on whether having a family and a community and being king is desirable. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1950s, 1850s, or 2050s, whether it’s hard as fuck or easy as fuck, so long as the “human condition” remains as it is, everything from a dedicated wife to 60-80F temperature range will remain ideal. Economics changes only what is achievable with a given amount of chance and effort. I have no doubt that the intersect given the demand curve of the manosphere and the supply curve of current culture is that of the pick up artist, the blogger who excels at being the master in any sexual relationship, the man who does what he wants but really doesn’t have too much to do. But what is and what should be are not the same.

Once escalated to principle it becomes blatantly senseless – there is one order, and everything else is arbitrary. If it is desirable and justifiable to get many women for just sex rather than one (or many, the number doesnt particularly matter here, only the desire) woman to do your bidding and raise your children, then why not also make it desirable and justifiable to be blue balled your whole life? Why not just go otaku shut-in mode? Cut off your own dick and make a big deal about it. Become a transsexual. Or kill yourself. If it is desirable and justifiable to live a constantly moving life, paycheck to paycheck and go out drinking and fucking every night, rather than be in the same place with the same people doing the same great productive things, then why not also make it desirable and justifiable to live completely off of welfare checks and loopholes? Why not live a life of theft, or one in your grandparents’ basement? Live in the Occupy camps out in the public and the weather. Or under a bridge. Or kill yourself.

If such a fast life is indeed your kind of thing, all of my criticism disappears. There is no particular problem with such a life in and of itself. People will be different.

As a solution and a response to the current rotting carcass of the ideals of the ancestors, as a replacement ideal for a new civilization? The proposal is literally to be average. Because the ideal is probably not going to happen and bad shit might really happen if you try to get a good girl and make a good family, you shouldn’t do it and you should convince all other men not do it? The justification seems to be that we have to get to a point where “all” women recognize that they’re shit out of luck without sperm first, and then change things. Ideals are for later, we have to be troubleshooting mode first.

Let’s pose the problem in a different manner:

A problem exists. You can choose to be the troubleshooter, or you can choose to be the guy who creates a new system where the problem doesn’t exist.

Which one would you want to be? Which one do most people actually become?

Which one does history usually remember better?

Do you want to be remembered by history?

I have no fetishes for “working for change within the system”. But a system must exist, and the more this is recognized the better and the more orderly things will become. In the end what is sought is not freedom, but power, and power requires order. Fundamentally, “game” and its creation was the creation of a knowledge system. It is a theory. No clinical retard can achieve such numbers consistently. Being able to live on the move requires a system, one which has the mind ready to deal with the logistics of such a thing and the psychological effects of a nonstatic surrounding. Success at anything and everything requires a system. Systems – orders – are created around ideals, putting everything in their most productive positions. Ideals are things which given all halation dealt with would be desired as the best of the best. They are permanencies, created through the great effort/virtu of man.

Is the pick-up life the ideal? Is that what a civilization should be built on?

If one can be determined to overcome all odds and live on the underbelly of society exploiting all the loopholes, then one can equally be determined to overcome all odds and build a dream on top of everyone and everything who stands in the way. Fight Club’s simplification that “Self improvement is masturbation” is fairly useful in the shithole of a mental structure we’re given by “mass media”, but ultimately not optimally accurate. It is a good tool to cut the crap. It is not the tool which creates.

In the end, creation must be done. The other side of the Nomad masculinity – the image of self-sufficiency, of fine craft, of hard labor, of loyalty to brethren and steadfastness to all else – is correct. It is the way of men. It is not the destination.

The destination is obvious. Luxury, permanency, ideal – the obvious. Deal with less problems. Do more fun things. It is eternal.

This is one of those goals where keeping the main thing the main thing may be the most difficult task of all.


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