Divine Right

If I could have any superpower of my choice, it would be “Fiat“.

If I thought something, it would become reality.

Most people don’t consider this to be a superpower. The belief is that such superpowers need to be balanced in some way. If you are Ice, Fire will be your counter. If Speed is what makes you, one who manipulate Time can undo your actions. There must be difficulty in the execution. If there’s no difficulty in the execution, then you might as well have the world at your fingertips. You don’t want a superpower. You just want to be a god.

I say yes. The point of a superpower is to become God.

For simplicity let us assume you have the power of strength. You are Mr. Hulk, or perhaps just Mr. Terminator – your size and the aesthetic details don’t matter too much. Are you suddenly not a God? To the rest of the world, you might as well be. If you can do as in the movies and comic books, how much power output do you think you have? How much energy does it take to fling a one ton car 200 meters at 50 mph? If you had an infinite supply of this at your command – namely that you do not get tired from throwing people and cars left and right – what exactly makes you anything other than a god?

So what if you can’t take a tank shell to the face? What about it, if you can’t swim across the Pacific? Does it really matter if you can’t get from wherever you are to wherever you want to be in ten seconds? What you do have allows you to remove all physical barriers between you and your obstacle, essentially allowing you to travel in a straight line if that is your need. In the end, all combat is CQC and with zero recoil on all weapons (and thus perfect second shot accuracy) you’d be the best soldier there ever was. The fifth leading cause of death, car accidents, would never be a problem. Nor the first leading cause, heart disease, for that matter, your heart would be a ridiculously efficient and robust organ.

Ah, it is said, but superpower people can’t do everything.  They have many troubles that common people have too, and that’s why we can write stories about them forever. They still have to deal with money and love, politics and religion. They have to eat, to travel. Their homes still need maintenance. They still have to read and listen to gain information. Even with superpowers, they can’t just do what they want. But if you could just want something and have it… then it wouldn’t be a superpower. It’d be the supreme power.

The assumption of course is that conceiving of things is of no difficulty.

I disagree: The creation and continued existence of a discrete idea is a task of the greatest difficulty.

The above is a video from an anime called Index, and it illustrates how my preferred superpower would fail. 12:00 to 18:00 is sufficient.

I call it Fiat (Latin: Let It Be), they call it Ars Magna (Latin: The Great Art), but the concept is the same.

Alchemy (錬金術 Renkinjutsu) is a sub-branch of magic that is traditionally associated with turning base metals such as lead into gold and creating an elixir of immortality. However, the true goal of alchemic branch of magic is to model everything in the world […]

Ars Magna (黄金練成 Ōgon Rensei, lit. Imbued Gold) is Latin for Great Work. It is the spell in which alchemist would achieve their goal of simulation of the world inside the mind. With Ars Magna, they can bring out thoughts into the real world, essentially, making those who can accurately simulate or mold the real world would be able to control it.[2]

However, according to Stiyl, since alchemy is an unrefined knowledge, modeling the entirety of the world and its laws into a chant takes centuries even with the assistance of descendants and removing of unnecessary lines. Touma deducted that this why the prospect of why actual existing vampires are sought after by the magic side, by both alchemists and normal magicians, since one can achieve to finish the chants of the level of Ars Magna if one is able to figure out vampire’s immortality. Hence forth, no one has yet to achieve Ars Magna under the above means.

Aureolus Izzard is the only person who has managed to achieve Ars Magna. By utilizing the Gregorian Chant Replica to chant the spell simultaneously, he was able to bypass the time required to chant the spell in only a mere seven days as well as increase its effects 120 times. In his use, the Ars Magna distort reality through his thoughts, and require a vast amount of concentration to accurately model a thought into reality with it.

The ability to perceive differences is what differs one mind from another.

In a sense, it was written in the name of this blog all along: All Else Is Halation. The difficulty is figuring out what is Halation, what is the “else”, and what isn’t. Be it clear that I am not glorifying intellectuals. Philosophers and self-described “free” thinkers are the worst kinds of people precisely because they get this most fundamental of problems wrong. It is why they keep on answering questions nobody asks, and provide plans of action which match nobody’s common sense. They explore the halation, rather than eliminating even the most obvious.

In the end, a superpower is nothing more than a resource at your disposal, and you use what you have to get what you want. It is in the same category as any other skill or “talent” – a Superpower is first and foremost not a super, but a power. Physically, a powerful person has more mass and energy at his disposal and command than a powerless one. Power is something you use to manipulate the world. Rockstars have the power of music, and they use this very effectively to obtain, say, drugs cars and women. CEOs have the well-recognized power over money, and they can easily get those same things. But in the end, the goal is to get drugs cars and women. It doesn’t really matter what you use to get there. You could do it by being the best chef in the world, the best piano player in the world, the best airplane pilot in the world. It may be harder for people with those kinds of powers given the mechanics of how obtaining women and drugs work, but that shouldn’t and doesn’t diminish their power. Ice isn’t no longer a superpower just because there are Fire guys running around. Pianists aren’t not powerful just because they can’t do what CEOs can. They can organize concerts and release albums with a single phone call. Let us say you are a hobbyist who likes playing the piano. Could you?

But now we return to the original “comparisons” which show that Fiat is not a superpower. Not only can X superpower not do anything he wants, he might fail even when he’s using the superpower. Batman could arrive at the wrong hostage location. Superstrength man could be dealing with something with more power than he can handle. But you, you with your pseudo-superpower, you will never fail at anything.

And that is correct in a sense. If I manage to complete my model of a world of how I want things to go, then there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

My superpower’s weakness is that it is reliant on the user’s ability to accurately model the world.

The fundamental problem with any power is its usage. It is using it correctly. If Batman is being stupid or being duped, it doesn’t matter how good he is at his ninja skills. If Superstrength man was successfully taunted or otherwise tricked into doing something unforgivable, it would be difficult for him to regain face. It differs from power to power and most superpowers have a fairly obvious counter. But counters in the end are vectors and not scalars; Ice man looking the other direction is going to get sniped by Fire man no matter how good he is.

9:00 to 13:30 is sufficient.

Fiat is not “cheating”. It is not possible to “cheat” reality. If everyone had Fiat and you had pissed someone off enough to kill you, even if you thought to timestop and check out “every possibility”… you’d have to unstop eventually. You’d have to be confident of the limited amount of thoughts you could consider. Bullets? Poison? Xray? Microwaves? Sleeping pills so you can’t think to counter while you’re asleep? How about your airplane suddenly decompressing and exploding? The internet has made people complacent with their minds. Just because it is possible to access so much information and create so much thought with google and wikipedia doesn’t mean you actually know it, can understand it, much less use it.

It is exactly this complacency which is where Fiat cannot conquer. Because people do not realize that they and all humans and the nature of nature has this property of direction which necessitates that the other direction cannot be covered, Fiat seems like the domain of God. It is not the domain of God. It is the domain of Man, just as all other powers and super powers. It is, as with all power, only as strong as your mind.

All other superpowers are simply flairs and decorations of the most basic attributes of power: the ability to make the world do what you want, and your ability to direct your energy where it needs to be the most.

The former is Fiat. The latter is Passion Clarity; something I attempt to build here. Neither are givens.

If one can’t even conceive of Fiat being a superpower, if one only could only conceive of conventional single-purpose stupid-mode superpowers like flight and invisibility, how could one ever hope to even use such simple superpowers well, much less the one power to rule them all?

Have the superpower of flight all you want. What speed are you going to fly at? Did you think about keeping a static air bubble around you before going mile high? How about staying below the speed of sound while above a major city? What about staying at an elevation which commercial airliners don’t fly at? I can think of quite a few other things you’d need to keep in mind too while flying around, and they’d fuck you up if you didn’t.

Power is not inherently meaningful. Making it meaningful is a task and takes effort via other means. Because people cannot understand this, they focus on superpower rather than superpower, and thus have set up to ruin any power they’d ever get. Because direction is meaningless to them, all their focus on good intentions, on resumes and past history, on reputation and money – anything and everything they do will fail. And does fail.

The first step and the simplest step is the most important step.

It is where everything else grows from.

Just by the existence of [X], this level of reasoning is possible for Furudo Erika.

What do you think, everyone?


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