Advertising To Women (Substance)

A seemingly over-common reminder writers of the manosphere give is that “game” doesn’t actually convince women to want to bang you. There is no such thing as “seduction”, it is a magical word to describe actual skillful actions, akin to the word “talent”. “Seduction” is nothing more than presenting yourself in the most efficient manner possible relative to the goal of getting laid by whatever girl you have the tastes for. If she doesn’t care for screwing or screwing you in the near future, you can’t really change that. Roosh had this good example in his book Bang (or Day Bang, I forget) where his girlfriend brushed off some famous musician trying to make an approach. Roosh says that by no common means of measurement could one say that he was better than that other guy. He had not the money, not the looks, not really anything – but because his girlfriend was not open, that musician couldn’t succeed.

Game, in short, is marketing. Marketing towards the goal to make the woman “buy” your “product”. Or “package”.

The belief is that you can’t market a product that is actually bad. You need to actually be a good man, be good at being a man, be manly, be worthy of respect, and have experiences worth discussing or values worth holding up, for her to actually be interested in you. I don’t have too much of a problem with this idea – by itself. The most fundamental pieces of manliness are linked to survival on the physical and biological level, a set of behaviors on how to act and react in relation to reality given the “human condition”. It is a good idea to pursue being better at being a man at all times as your first priority because it will always be in your best interests. Until the human condition is significantly changed, through things like cybernetics or biological immortality, you can treat manliness as something that is inherently good.

For the sake of getting a woman, though?

“Being a better man because the woman I like will like it” is the exact mark of a submissive man, a “beta“, and this is perhaps why game is spreading but the cultural understanding is not increasing. For these people, the aim is first and foremost to obtain the pussy. The pussy wants a certain “man” product, I shall produce that man product for her, and I will make it with a crafted quality that is better than anyone else’s! In this frame (it is admittedly internally consistent), from the beginning to the end is marketing.

In contrast, well-practiced game practitioners only end with marketing. They first create a product they themselves love (you are the only person you spend all your life with), and then they set out and find somebody else that likes it. There will be girls that these men like that aren’t open to them because they do not seek such a product, or require higher levels of marketing than is currently possible for the man. That’s fine; they’ll just try again on the next girl. No big deal. This does not mean that they have given up on their ideal. It entails only that they have stopped directing their energies to obtain the attention of this one female. There is a product they have that they love, and there is a certain trade that they seek. If this woman is not interested in the product, no matter how optimal the trade would be if it occurred, the fact is, it didn’t occur.

While both the game practitioner and the beta have something they seek, only the former has the ability to set terms. The beta has no conception of bargaining, no sense of self-respect. It is only the practitioner that has the ability to see past the good to envision the great, to put things in perspective and in order. It is certainly great to have one goal and only one goal in mind, but such an approach fails to anywhere near match the effectiveness and greatness of someone who has his one goal as important because he has to put aside other goals. Because he is paying opportunity costs, the trades he actually does complete better be fucking worth it. The beta has no sense of opportunity cost. He sees one girl, is smitten, and puts everything on the line. For this one could-be romance, he will do everything. A Don Quixote.

If you have never experienced a sudden farewell… then you have had a truly happy life.

– Mana Tsukuyomi, Muv-Luv Extra

Do you want to be the peddler hawking goods on the street, running after tourists?

Or do you want to be the guy sitting comfortably in his stall, having a good time talking with his co-workers and the couple of customers that wander over?

If you were a prospective buyer, which one of these guys would you want to do business with?

The above is not the frame women see things in. Whatever your answer, it is fundamentally different from theirs. Dominance is great, but at the purest game/marketing level, what women look for is social acceptance. It is a true statement that if the peddler was chasing after a group of female tourists, and managed to gain their attention and hold it for a non-insignificant length of time, that guy would get a lot more business than the stall guy. When you market to men, you market largely about content. When you market to women, you market largely about marketing. Like democracy and the victim mentality, trying to sell to women is an infinite recursion loop.

I’m totally serious. You boys think your game seduces women in to bed with you, but all it really boils down to is your status and the absence of judgment from her peers. Your game doesn’t convince her to sleep with you – she either wants to fuck you or she doesn’t. All your game does is convince her that her friends will like you and she won’t be judged. That’s why your game will work on one fly chick and not on another fly chick. The one who wants to sleep you but still rejects you simply doesn’t think her friends will approve. If she rejects you for any other reason, you’re not her type, and nothing you can say, do, or game will change that. These girls are all manufactured in the same facility; that’s why I laugh at them when they talk about how unique they are, and that’s why I laugh at boys when they use the word “seduction.” You’re not seducing anyone; you’re just projecting social status to a girl who already wants to fuck you, and convincing her that her friends won’t judge her for fucking you. You just happen to be doing it better than the nigga who chatted her up right before you rolled in.

– “Sparkles“, friend of Professor Mentu

Everywhere you look, the one core thing in all advertisements aimed at women is that they contain other pretty women reacting to the product. Screentime isn’t dedicated to the information on how the product is better than other products or what it doesn’t, it’s dedicated to showing good-looking women seeking each others’ approval by laughing and covering their mouths, looking at one another while wearing revealing and sensual clothes which indicate their higher relative value to the average female viewer. I pulled the above description from a specific advertisement, either a hair product or a skin product I forget (lol). The only thing I really remember about it was two squares showing before and after. And the narration wasn’t even about how the product measurably changed something for the better, it was literally “Look at how these women feel so much better about it!” It is, to be sure, the distilled essence of how to sell women things. Women don’t actually give a fuck how exactly this product is marginally better than the other one over there. You think all women are actually expert dermatologists?

You think women are experts on anything outside of gossip?

(Hope for the best, prepare for the worst; desire the best, expect the common. Do not execute in any other order.)

If they’re not trying to go the special effects natural fascination route, marketing is always about how these random guys or these random girls like it, so you should too. It’s not particularly noticeable when women do it because they’re fucking retards. There’s a reason why the language has been set up so women want a “man” and men want a “girl”; it’s because the expected maturity is as such. But I found one where someone clearly tried to use the same thing on men as they do on women. Samsung Galaxy S, some guy is watching football and texting at the same time at a cafeteria. Two other guys walk up.

Guy B: Is he texting and watching video at the same time?

Guy C: Hey what are you doing?

Guy A: I’m texting and watching a video at the same time.

B: You can’t do that.

C: You can’t do that.

A: And yet I’m doing it.

C: Yeah.

B & C: Nice.

It was like watching people jack off to porn.

Here is one final example. It should be easier to see through than the rest.

It doesn’t even matter what the fuck they’re talking about or what any advertisement is trying to sell anymore. Half the time if they don’t show the product up front, you can’t figure out what the fuck they’re trying to get you to buy. That’s because it isn’t about showing superiority anymore. Advertising has advanced to the point where it’s about either confusion and pacification through a ridiculous amount of special effects, or appealing to shit fuck “hur dur pretty people like it” limbic senses. And it happens because it works. It is simply true that most people like having their most basic buttons pushed, and will attempt to obtain those things. They do not aspire to greater things, a greater order. Just the small things are fine. If it comes with the cost of not understanding the vast intricacies of reality or how to deal with one’s own emotions, that’s just fine. It takes a master to both create something amazing and to show it off without deprecating its quality in some way. But stuff like the Samsung Galaxy S commercial? Any third grader could’ve written that.

Betas are disgusting because they are the incarnations of pure marketing – they are the peddlers, and the peddled. They are disgusting because they act like women.

To them, all actions are about selling. It’s all about looking good. Outside of the most basic and immovable biological imperatives, they are willing to do anything to gain social approval, and all the things they do are about showing how much social approval they have.

If we take betas at their word, their methods are indeed successful. Their aim is to get that one pussy. Indeed, it’s perfect really. At all points in time he’s getting exactly what he wanted. The girl is nice to him, pleasant all the time, he’s gotten to “hang out” with her, and then eventually she sees the light and marries him and becomes his wife. Flipping it around, the girl sees a long term product being marketed to her. “I’ll take care of you”, the beta says, and that is exactly what she buys from him – when she needs it, of course. Which isn’t until she’s 30, or apparently, 50. She says something, he does it. She wants something, he caters to it. All she needs is to give a smile or some shitty seal of approval, and he’ll feel like he just saved the world from destruction. Transaction complete.

It is indeed the endgame if that one pussy is your one goal. Who needs to spend all this extra effort on all this stuff nobody cares about? Labor Theory of Value is dumb man, more effort doesn’t mean anything if other people don’t want it. If you want something, you have to be the one who’s most efficient at it. Profit equals revenues minus expenditures, and my expenditures are much less than yours. I mean, I could put in some investment into this game stuff and I could end up with a lot more revenue, but why bother? I have what I want now, and everything is just fine. My buddies and pals are fine with it too, they think it’s cool that I’m trying my best to get my girl. No need to take unnecessary risk. You’re just crazy.

Yeah. I am crazy. I spend energy on seemingly useless things, and over half the time they bear distasteful fruit I’m too shameful to show. But those that I do complete well, I will show for all to see because if my product is good, fuck yeah it’s better than yours, and if it’s dead horrible, then i’ll learn and fuck yeah it’ll become better than yours.

But you’re useless. You have a thousand friends on facebook to my one hundred, you party every weekend while all I do on friday night is play video games, but what can you really do? Your shirts explicitly advertise your ability to absorb salty water, you give money to everyone that asks, but what can you really do? Can you stop a Columbine if it happened in your school and started in your lecture hall? Do you actually have something you can prove when showing your superiority, that isn’t your friends laughing with you when you point at them?

You spend so much energy trying to get to the girl, that you spend out yourself and there’s nothing left for the girl to turn around to look at.

If she turns around at all.

You’re right, I only got my shitty little stall. But damn if I’m not proud of what I have to sell.

So who’s better?


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