Multiple Reposts 2: Don’t Talk About Truth

Women’s intrasexual combative use of the knowledge and fear of the Wall did not go unnoticed by men. Therefore the feminine imperative found it necessary to make the truth about the Wall as socially and individually subjective as possible. As with most uncomfortable truths unique to women’s weaknesses, the feminine creates social conventions and ambiguities to misdirect men from becoming aware of women’s eventual powerlessness over them (i.e. the progressive loss of her sexual agency). The Threat of having men become aware of women’s Achilles’ heel before they could consolidate long-term commitment with their best hypergamic option was too great a risk not to form social conventions about the Wall.

 – The Wall

The same situation exists with Betas/AFCs you know. If you tell them the truth– they’ll say you hate women, or have dated the wrong types, or whatever else they can come up with to protect the mental model under which they operate. They’re invested in that mental model and they’re happy with it; to challenge it is to, almost literally, destory the world they live in. Not only will how they view the world be destroyed, but how they view themselves will be destroyed as well.

 – Denial

Most people are conditioned to think that deliberate use of power is inherently manipulative, self-serving and sometimes evil. In context this may or may not be true, but in so demonizing even the desire to understand power, not only do we inhibit a better critical understanding of power, but we also make the uneducated more vulnerable to the use of power against them. The 49th Law being: Never educate others of the principles of power, which is itself a form of using power. Never talk about Fight Club.

The Pet

You don’t talk about sex for the same reason you don’t talk about religion, politics, money, power, or faults of others. The ways to navigate these topics were all taught and learned through methods and channels that now barely exist. They are currently being replaced by media and the market, structures which, due to their inherently public and not private nature, can never correctly replace their predecessors. There are things that should not be talked about that are now talked about, and there are now things that should be talked about which are instead silenced.

I find it difficult, of course, to endorse political correctness. This is because I’m an intellectual and I have trouble keeping my mouth shut.


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