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[…]First, understand the only reason stuff exists – women.

[…]In all truth and reality the VAST majority of the “stuff” that is found in the average American home (and I’m saying 90%) is ONLY there because the woman wants it AND it really serves no functional purpose.  Because of this, that means by default 90% of the consumer spending in this economy is driven by women.  Spending that would not exist if it were purely up to men.

And now you see some consequences on the horizon, don’t you?

If it were up to men, consumption spending would tank.  We wouldn’t be wasting our precious time (in the form of money) on doilies or Beanie Babies or “nice, matching furniture” or general crap that isn’t needed.  There would be an entertainment system, some dishes, some used furniture and that’s about it.  But don’t think it would stop there.  Our Spartan spending habits would have ramifications WELL beyond that of trinkets and doilies in the house.  Notably, the house itself.

[…]They will look at the lower financial demands of their family and will RE-EVALUATE whether or not it’s worth all the production for the compensation they receive.  They will RE-EVALUATE whether it’s worth slaving away 60 hours a week, 20 hours of which is uncompensated overtime, and another 10 hours that are stuck in traffic.  They will RE-EVALUATE whether it’s worth 30 years of tolerating insufferable insanity of corrupt bosses, incompetent co-workers and lazy underlings.  They will RE-EVALUATE through the prism of minimalism whether the percent of their finite lives they are forfeiting is worth the monetary compensation they receive OR if it’s just better to forfeit labor for leisure and suffer/enjoy a lower standard of living.  And it is here the true threat of “minimalism” lays for the rest of society.

[…] But wait, there’s one final aspect you haven’t thought of, and it’s particularly precious.

Men are infinitely better at being minimalists than women.

– Captain Capitalism, The “Minimalism” Threat

[…] Without fail, this line will drive every single one of them batshit crazy. It doesn’t matter how old they are, where they come from or their religious background, this line causes the hamster in every married woman’s brain to go nuclear. The secret is to say it matter-of-factly, like you’re telling her about the weather; it’ll make her freakout seem all the more ridiculous in comparison.

Why does this line cause wives so much distress?

Simple: modern women are allergic to the idea of taking any responsibility for their actions. Things just happen to them; they’re innocent victims of a misogynistic world.

– Matt Forney, How to Infuriate Married Women Who Complain About Their Husbands


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