Repost: Repentance is for Quitters

[…]Orwell was right and wrong. He envisioned that our future tyrants would keep us in check with ultraviolence. But just because America doesn’t have any gulags doesn’t mean our treatment of thoughtcriminals is any less like Oceania’s.

[…]Say something truthful but upsetting to the established order, and you’ll likely lose your job. If you don’t get fired right off the bat, you can bet there’ll be a torch-wielding mob threatening your employer into submission. Criticize your Marxist, feminist, lunatic leftist professors and be threatened with failing grades, never mind academia’s claim to be a place where ideas can be exchanged freely. Espouse red pill ideas in front of your blue pill friends and get kicked out of the club.

[…]No man is more honorable than the one who goes to his grave without repenting, without apologizing for speaking the truth to a world infatuated with lies.

[…]Come and get me.

Matt Forney


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