Anyone Who Calls “Discrimination!” Is A Scrub

And if you’re a white person, when was the last time you felt any privilege for being white. Never for me, I feel like as a white male, I’m under personal attack most of the time.

Apocalypse Cometh

You can’t win against people who play the victim mentality.

It’s not doable. Attempting to engage them on the battlefield of ideas while adhering to the rational rules of engagement will leave you in a very very sad place. Those who have the victim mentality are capable of doing, for many people, the equivalent of breaking the laws of physics. Why are you blaming rape victims for rape? Are you not hiring this man because he’s black? She has the same qualifications as the man you actually hired, are you a misogynist? Race, sex, class, beauty, age…

…”Discrimination”. Always that damned word.

For the duration of this post I will assume that equality is a virtue or praiseworthy value. Which, I must emphasize, it isn’t. I will also engage in other, less than graceful practices.

I like my boring and straightforward style of analyzation and I try to keep it while on this blog, but this “~issue~” boils my blood.

Every time anyone talks about discrimination I feel like I’m in an emperor’s new clothes scene. It is inevitable that the person crying wolf “inequality” will talk about how the other person believes something evil, and talk about how they have been harmed by it in some way. It doesn’t even matter if that other person has said anything. Have you noticed that? It doesn’t matter if the other person has said anything yet, but it is an unspoken social rule that you hold true what the accusing “victim” has claimed. There is no “until shown otherwise” clause; it is impossible for the accuser to be wrong. How could She possibly be wrong? Everybody knows that every last human being always has some innate bias they can’t remove. So this person must have it too! And He must be shown the right way and punished. It is for the greater good; it must be done.

Everyone’s known for forever that blacks basically have a get-out-of-jail free card called “racism” whenever they want to use it, and they’ve had it at least since the Civil Rights movement. Congressional White Caucus would be racist, we don’t see any C. Chinese, Arabian, or Indian Caucuses, but a Congressional Black Caucus is perfectly fine. We still have that whole Trayvon thing, even though it was revealed that Zimmerman was actually some Cuban Jew or whatever and not actually white. Black history month. The works. You know it, I know it, it’s the elephant in the room.

Women have a similar card called “misogyny”. It’s almost common knowledge these days that the courts are designed to prosecute rather than serve justice and that plea bargains are encouraged by public defense lawyers to an insane degree… but the public has barely given a thought to the frequency of false rape accusations, even though it’s clear to anyone who gives even half a look at the newspaper once a month can tell that “sexual harassment” has become a super big deal to the point where the physical action of having your hand on some woman’s ass can eliminate your income and basically any chances of getting future income for as long as you stay within these 10 million square kilometers because you’re put on some national public “offenders” list… all while your accuser is awarded much fame and cash, often from your pocket.

I just wrote out the long, non-euthanized version of “sexually harassing a woman can get you fired and jailed”. Sounds more powerful, doesn’t it? Doesn’t just sound like something you could only read about now does it?

By definition false rape accusations, whatever their percentage (you know logically it must be nonzero), increase proportionally to the rate of rape accusations. How many accusations have you heard recently? You want to know what can make a grown man cry? This isn’t even touching on rates of cuckoldry, a word which you probably haven’t even heard of.

More likely than not, you know about this societal screwing over of men, even if not consciously. It’s because it’s been ingrained in your thought processes via how language is used. You know that men are treated like shit. Just like whites are treated like shit, and young people are treated like shit, and every “oppressing” category is treated like shit.

An assigned reading I was doing for my socio class helped me figure out exactly why -this problem- we face seems so elusive. The week’s topic was on social constructs, and the reading was an excerpt from Lareau’s “Unequal Childhoods”. On page three Lareau writes,

America may be the land of opportunity, but it is also a land of inequality. This book identifies the largely invisible but powerful ways that parents’ social class impacts children’s life experiences. It shows, using in-depth observations and interviews with middle-class (including members of the upper-middle-class), working-class, and poor families, that inequality permeates the fabric of the culture.

If these inequalities were so invisible, then why are they THE ONLY things that are talked about?

I’m sorry, I asked a rhetorical question. Bad form on my part.

People always talk about how we shouldn’t talk about race, and how there are environmental factors or childhood experiences or whatnot and all these other things, but really, who talks about race anymore? In the intellectual sphere, when was the last time someone actually tried to claim that race contributed even the slightest to any trait? Nobody, because guess what happens to them once people find out. Who talks about race? Nobody, other than these people who say we shouldn’t talk about race.

The whole argument structure itself is a joke to begin with. The original is of the form “[genes] can’t explain everything, [environment factors] are in a high correlation with [some set of events or attributes]”. First of all, nobody who believes in race or genetics believes race/genetics can explain everything; strawman. Second, the argument form given is a nonsequitur; just because there’s some correlation with environment doesn’t invalidate any kind of correlations with race/genetics. Sure you can choose to focus on one rather than the other, but that’s not what we’re doing as a whole are we? No, people try to start a fucking witchhunt no matter who the person is, even if it’s a Don at Cambridge. No taking into consideration why people believe in race/genetics, or in what ways they believe it or what strength they believe it – no consideration of breadth or depth – if they say they’re even considering it exists, bring out the god damn pitchforks.

You see the same fucking image, copy-and-fucking-paste, whenever any touchy-feely scrub cries wolf “inequality” on any other issue. “We” keep on responding to shit that isn’t there. The argument against income inequality, that if women really earned 70 cents on every dollar a man makes for the same job then every business would rush to replace their entire workforce with females to realize a massive amount of savings, is a broken fucking record AND YET women still claim oppression and patriarchy and evil shit. Say the slightest thing that gives seed to even the tiniest suspicion that women could be anything other than pure heavenly and faultless innocent angels, and you’re labelled as a misogynist. Doesn’t matter what statistics you have, haven’t you learned that only statistics which support the correct opinion are correct yet? You’re an adult, you should have learned this by now. Logic doesn’t matter either. Any person with half a brain now would realize that they want miles and miles between themselves and any potential discrimination lawsuits; if anything people who are less skilled or are more ugly are being hired in greater proportions than equal conditions. But no. People are evil no matter what the cost, because they’re evil!

There is a specific type of person that I am attacking.

It simply happens to be, but it is the average liberal of the masses, a person who claims the moral high ground because they are intelligent and educated, and tolerant of diversity. Their goodwill is endless, from feeding the poor to feeding the African children, from saving paper to saving *the* whales and the whole of this heavenly body.

It is also a position that, at the slightest hint that someone disagrees with them on certain issues,will batten down the ad hominem hatches and fire the righteous torpedoes. Have you noticed that? The moment someone disagrees with them fundamentally, all these people do is try to find out what kind of person this is and then proceed to derive characteristics based off of that. Oh, Zimmerman was white? Killing Trayvon MUST have been a hate crime. Oh, you’re a young man who thinks that the current system of marriage and dating has something wrong with it and it’s not the patriarchy? You must be a shut-in slob who hates woman, why don’t you go and buy a hooker.

Average response to my kind of criticism has been “Not All ______ Are Like That”. I have not known a response to this. Now I do.

I now know I can’t respond to it.

It doesn’t matter how many statistics I cite about how race is the best predictor for violent crime, they can always claim that it was done wrong or funded by some ~evil~ organization. It doesn’t matter how wrong or obnoxious one of their members can be, they can always claim that that person wasn’t a REAL feminist. No matter how right I may be, there will be exceptions. No matter how wrong they may be, those wrong examples and statistics are the exceptions. AND ALL THE MEANWHILE victim mentality reigns and grows stronger and louder, with purely (read: supported only by) emotional appeals, imagining some delusional painted dystopia to avoid.

And they can afford to fix these nonexistent problems, because they aren’t the ones doing the fixing, and they can force these people who don’t want to work, to do it, for free. Who loses and ends up toiling harder and longer when there are institutional forces to change the race distribution, irrelevant of actual skill? The oppressor group: the whites. Who loses and ends up toiling harder and longer when there are institutional forces to change the sex distribution, irrelevant of actual skill? The oppressor group: the men. It is the law of all such “social justice” organizations and movements to work in such a parasitic fashion, and it is also the law that these will not survive indefinitely.

Because they are parasites, you can’t attack them directly. You can pull a gun on another man, but you cannot pull a gun to shoot your infection. But once you realize they are parasites, you know that the proper response is not to outfight them, but to outlive them.

Outperform. Show that people you are better than the equalitists and masses who huddle around and reinforce each other’s notions of reality. Show that you are willing to subscribe to your own views, to anyone’s views as long as they treat you with respect and as long as their views are consistent with reality and pertinent to your interests.

At worst, all you need to do is point out the structural contradiction in their pretended argument, noted above. Otherwise, ignore them. You’re probably a better person than they are in every other aspect of life. Shine there.

There is no “And if it doesn’t work” clause. Everything has a chance of failing.

Do you want to fail while outliving, or while succumbing to a simple “u mad xD?”


This will be a post I will link to in the future if anyone calls “Hate Speech” or “Discrimination” on me, or asks how to get past the accusations of.

While I have been gone I have been introduced to, and have been reading, “race realism” and “the manosphere”, respectively. I’m not too interested in the former so I won’t talk directly about it too much, nor will I give a precise and rigorous definition about it. A layman’s understanding has sufficed for me: race exists, and it can be used as a predictor for various biological and non-biological traits and attributes. No big surprise or anything for me, I’ve always taken race as something which exists but “shouldn’t be talked or thought about”. The second part has simply been removed, so I may mention it from time to time. It has always puzzled me how everyone could talk about super hung black men and micropeen Japanese men, but yell for mommy any time black IQ scores are brought up.

As for “the manosphere”, it is a term which refers collectively to the pick-up artists / seduction community and the men’s rights movement. Its main unifying factor, at least in my point of view, is the idea that men these days don’t know what it means to be a man. It is not a given that male means man; increasingly, male actually means absolutely nothing at all. Aside from basic philosophy and motivation topics (like the ones I’ve discussed here),  a lot of discussion rests on diagnosis of society in relation to sex. It probably isn’t too much of a stretch to say that the average young man today thinks of society as having no mechanics which operate off of sex, and only knows of how to interact with the opposite sex as someone of a different sex based off of what they saw as a kid in Cinderalla, what they read in Romeo and Juliet, what they see on Jersey Shore and vague stories they can’t relate to (and thus can’t understand) from their parents and grandparents about proper courting. The manosphere attempts to illustrate in various ways how differences in men and women, from their biology to their psychology to their behavior patterns, interact in society – either in today’s, or in hypothetical ideal or dystopian ones.

Reading people write on such topics are truly a breath of fresh air. Even reading motivating stories feels stale sometimes because of how common and socially accepted they are. But I’ve always felt in my gut that something was wrong and some idea wasn’t being touched on which could vastly explain much of social interactions. The idea that I am a Man and that this fact requires something of me and sets my social position which is expected to do some things in some ways, in some sex-based system, is, if not what i was looking for, at least something which has vastly better predictive and explanatory powers than the standard equalitist theory of everything.

I am open to discussion on these topics, as I am actively reading up on them and looking for more. The ones I currently find are the highest quality may be found on the blogroll links to the right.

I simply get quite livid whenever anyone starts to say that I am ignorant or intolerant or use some form of ad hominem against me because I am considering socially taboo ideas. I don’t particularly care for attempting to never get mad at anything – case in point, many equalitist shits subscribe to the “outlive” idea I wrote above; you can just see it every time they talk smack about you but then end it with a :3 or a :] or some shit fucking smiley DESIGNED to piss you off. Being mad has its uses, I abhor the lobotomized “happiness” many people seek. I find this victim rent-seeking mentality a very serious issue and worthy of riling my emotions, but the little equalitists shits correctly believe that them getting me mad and getting me to spend time responding to them is equivalent to acknowledging a loss.

This entry is my compromise.

In one go, I have not only given an explanation of my beliefs on discrimination to both supports and detractors, but also links to content of similar opinions on the matter. A written out and detailed post that will far outlength any particular criticism, but can be used to respond to each criticism – and though at first it may seem to be an instant win because I have spent so much energy responding, over time it means less and less. The more people and more instances in which I refer this post, the more and more total amount of mental and energy each of my opponent will use in raging against me will exceed the total amount of energy I used to write this one post, one time.

If that pisses them off, good. You gave me a canned “umad;)” response, I give you a canned bitchslap full of “fake” evidence to piss you on. GG bitches.

I believe, though, this way creates the best balance. I can’t get everyone to agree, nor do I think that’s a worthy goal. I believe what I have done here allows me to maximize the amount of people who will consider not only my point of view, but also learn to consider other socially taboo ideas either from others or on their own.

Outside of learning ways to improve passion clarity, that is the greatest goal I have – to help people achieve what they want to achieve, by showing them that no matter how creative they think they are, there is always a new thing to learn, a new way to learn, or new way of looking at the world entirely.

Kind of disappointing that something as simple as how a knee-jerk ad-hominem response to racism (belief in race) needs to be clarified as nonrational. But what needs to be done, needs to be done.


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