Video: “The Midlife Crunch” – City Slickers

I was looking for this video to insert in a couple of entries back.

This is what life looks like, IFF you don’t have discipline and lose sight of the prize.

If you view your life from the third person, of course it’ll look like everyone else’s in the end. Of course it’ll be just another sequence of events you could lay out on a single piece of paper. Remember what they had you do in K12 to represent life? A line. Point to point. Oh sure there are some other, smaller lines leading out to text boxes talking about other points along the line, but at the core it’s just a line. Life is a line. Not a circle.

This is not to say that thinking of life as a line is pointless. On the contrary, it reveals many things. It reveals to you many events in an almost godly manner – if your parents or your grandparents can tell you that at this point in your life, this will happen, you’ll literally have all those years to think about how you’ll deal with it. At the very least, even when it happens you won’t be caught completely by surprise. You’ll “hit the ground running”, as they say.

But if that’s all you see life as, then it’ll be boring. If your entire existence really is just a sequence of things that can be completely recreated through scribbles on a glowing rectangle… well, why not just make those scribbles and be done with it? Of course your life will look lifeless, if you’re not living it.

There’s a pretty easy fix to this problem, though.

Think about something. Something you want, right now. Now, think about what and how much you need to do to achieve it. Got it? Good. Now imagine someone else who wants the same thing as you, and in front of your eyes did exactly what and how much you thought you needed to do…. and succeeded.

How would you feel about it? You don’t need to tell me or anyone else – just know what you actually feel. If you feel good for him and can honestly congratulate him on his efforts, then that’s great. If it wasn’t all circumstances and fortune, maybe he did a little thing here and a little thing there you didn’t think about, and his experience can be something you’ll learn from If you feel disgust, and think that you could do better… well you basically just looked at yourself succeeding, and didn’t think it was good enough. You now know what you need to do better.

If you don’t feel anything or if you don’t know what you actually feel, it’s the same problem: you don’t care about what you want enough. In other words, your life feels lifeless because you’re not living it. There’s only one solution. It’s not a play on words.

Your life must be lived, and you must be the one to do it.

All Else is Halation.


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