Video: “One Hundred Epiphanies”

I’ve talked a few times about how it is almost purely counterproductive to have a state, from the personal discipline frame, and discussed some particular ways in which it could destroy culture. I’ve linked a few things which show how just by economics and the numbers, the state is doom to failure for civilization.

This video presents an argument on how states corrupt not only the culture, but the very core of what it means to be human.

Two and a half hours long, but I highly recommend it.

This is a transcription of the last section. I’ve made a few edits here and there for smoothness, and of course, all the punctuation is my style. I hope it encourages you to watch it in its entirety.

Over the past 17 years, small businesses were responsible for 65% of all new jobs in the United States. This, despite business regulations having a disparate impact against small business owners over large business owners.

Let me ask you a question.

If you wanted to start an ice cream shop, what do you have to do in reality? Not in terms of dealing with the state, but just in physical reality. What do you have to do? Well you have to find a building. You have to get the equipment and materials. You make a few signs, hire some employees, or get some people, some family members or some friends to work for free at the beginning to take the risk along with you. You have to pay for electricity and water and trash pickup, and uniforms. Or if you have some extra clothes, maybe you know someone who can make clothes; you don’t have to buy uniforms, you could make them yourself. There’s… a few things and that’s certainly expensive, but much of it could be done out of your house.

In reality, you basically know how to start an ice cream store.

You do.

You may not have the money on hand or you may not want to. You may not have the desire, you may not have the time, but you know how and it’s really not that complicated. It’s not that much more complicated than a house and basically, the equivalent of running some fancy kitchen equipment for 12 hours a day.

How do you start an ice cream store today though… that’s something.

What do you have to do to get a small business license? What are the property taxes, the income taxes, the payroll taxes? What are the health and safety regulations? What if an employee sues you? What are you going to do then? What if a customer sues you over some trivial mistake? What are the land ordinances? What do your signs have to be like, what are the regulations regarding the signs?

Go work for an already established firm and go put up with a bunch of nonsense that a corporation is going to throw on you all the time. Put up with their nonsense. Put up with their BS they’ll constantly pound on you with, day in day out, at some data entry job, because otherwise, you’re going to have to put up with the nonsense pounding that the state is going to put on you that’s even worse in trying to run a small business.

And you know what? If you don’t like the BS that a corporation is doing to you, if you don’t like that well then there’s the door. And outside that door is an economy that doesn’t work, because the state won’t let you live.

Fraternal societies don’t really exist anymore. Fraternal societies used to provide welfare when its members were indigent. They also coordinated plays and get-togethers. It was a fraternal society. It wasn’t just welfare, or just unemployment insurance. It was a society, and if one was out of work they could find work through the society.

 “One of the Clayton boys needs a job.”

“Oh, I think I got some work for him.”

And you know they might be willing to take a little bit of a loss by employing someone, a friend of a friend of a member of the society. Now, critics of the fraternal society will comment on how small it was compared to modern welfare states, but quite frankly, is that a bad thing? I view the size of welfare states not as a success but as a fantastic failure. When an economy needs this much charity it’s sick. The size of these social programs is sickening. The size of these things means people and communities aren’t self sufficient, to the extent that communities even exist anymore. What’s the incentive? If you’re out of work you can claim unemployment income security from the state.

The workplace, due to mass regulations, is dominated by large corporations and so, the volkish nature of a healthy society breaks down. You want the worker to own the means of production? Well then why demand all these employee regulations and all these benefits and taxes? And why are you making it harder for small businesses to form, by making it harder to hire people? Why are you creating an environment where large monolithic corporations are at a comparative advantage compared to the small businesses, and as a result occupy an artificially large sector of the economy?

Instead of this volkish economy and instead of any of this, we have these synthetic, these unnatural mass ideologies like humanism and egalitarianism and even this bizarre globalist capitalism that makes up the “right”; these things which deracinate, these things which burn the roots and turn all who it infects into a cultural Marxist pâté that tolerates everything. We get a mass society with a mass workplace, a mass democracy with mass politics at a mass schooling with a mass curriculum, which creates a mass MAN. A degenerate man, who fills his empty life with baubles of consumerism, and has no reason to start a family. People who are smart don’t have kids. What are they having kids for? For what movement, what people? Only unintelligent people have kids, probably by accident. And so we have this explosion of single mothers.

Imagine if having a kid was a great joy, as it should be, of adding to the fraternity. You aren’t egalitarianism when the primary unit is inherently egalitarian. That’s where egalitarianism actually exists, that’s where it came from and that’s why you have these people inappropriately trying to apply it to millions. That’s where it can exist and only where it has existed. It is in this unit where your blood rises to the call to take care of your own! “FIRST WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN!” And no fucking sociopath with guns have to make you do it.

The world laid into a million hedgerows and thickets and burrows of, “What of communities?”

This paste is your union. This grey, sickening paste is your unity. This is your tolerance! Become a drug addict. Get some prescriptions because you’re depressed because you have no people. Be unable to find a girl because your work is not communitarian, and you have no church community, and no fraternal society. And so in order to find dates, where do you go? You go to dive bars, or you go online and have this weird kind of set up thing where you have to date people because you don’t find girls and meet up with girls, and just talk to them naturally at your church, or your fraternal societies, because you don’t have those things.

A better world is possible, but only after breaking out of the false and absurd fantasy land of statism, and especially its modern democratic humanistic manifestation.

We are not statists, we are socialists. We are not capitalists, we are for freedom.


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