Video: “How whites took over America”

I have attacked this way of thinking via structural weaknesses, showing that it does not hold internally to its own logic applied consistently, that it is completely inefficient at achieving its stated goals (in other words, suggesting that it was designed for another goal), and other pretty dry reasonings. I’ve said before presentation and content are not separable, and my lack of ability to do things “wet” is one of my failings. I don’t entertain well; I don’t understand how to captivate an audience. I’m not too bad at being captivated myself, though.

This made me laugh in many ways. It says many of the “same” ideas I’ve written about.

I really don’t like having to infrequent this blog (I’ve done it like, what, at least three times in a row now?), but what must be done has to be done. Keeping myself safe and healthy, and well in school is ultimately a higher priority for me.


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