I must be on the downside of the wheel of fortune these days.

Had a bike crash on Thursday. Shifted up while just starting up from zero, chain fell off, something happened and I ended up faceplanting on the ground. Lost two teeth.

They classify it as “chipped” because I technically still have ~70% of both my front teeth left inside my jaw, but teeth are like icebergs – of the visible part, half of two of my teeth have been shattered off.

Not that any of that mattered to me. The nerves were exposed to the air and all I want to do right now is be able to eat again and talk intelligently.

Dentist says I have to wait three weeks until the bone “grabs” the roots again to attempt any kind of surgery or reconstruction. Same principle as braces, where you only see the dentist every month because your bone moves very slowly, except this time my bone created space because of an impact.

Lesson learned: Don’t use faulty equipment.

Or, corollary: Always keep your equipment maintained well.


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