The counterpart to the Aerobic model of motivation.

I only wrote a long explication on how I thought an aerobic model could work because I did not find / did not care to find a theory written up by someone else on the matter. I think the balance of each, just as it is with true aerobics and anaerobics for physical exertion, should be left up to individual doing the execution. When I crashed my bike last month, I was unable to pull back from it because I was too focused on training the aerobic model.

But the model itself is only as good as using it properly – and using it properly requires knowing what you want.

I think that last part should be modified, the “knowing what you want”. We’ve discussed before how knowledge can be a function of time and situation, and it’s this blog’s thesis that structuring thought differently leads to the perceptions of entirely different worlds – ones more accurate to reality, and more serving to your purposes. What emotions you are feeling is makes up a major part – so really, you want to seek to feel something. When I found out I was unable to repair my bike back to a condition I would be satisfied with, I had lost sight of what was important. I wanted to just be better at aerobic motivation, regardless of what I’d feel in the moment. And so, I had four weeks of disrepair.

But I shall not make that mistake a second time.

This is the emotion I seek.

That’s the other thing, right? You can look back and be like “Oh I did good”, but then there’s also those times where you know you’re going to win – you just pulled something off, something which took great discipline and awareness, a passionate drive and the graces of fortune. But the timing window has closed for all that opposes you. Nothing can stop you anymore. You’re going to win, and the only thing that is left is for the fat lady to sing.


is amazing.


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