Athene’s Theory of Everything

A proper return is in order, but I will compile something of that sort at the end of this Finals week. For now, I present to you something amazing. As is the theme of this blog, the presented axioms are assumed as true, and implications are found from there to be compared to reality.

However, I have watched this three times in its entirety now and am still not able to incorporate all of it.

I do not know why there is not much discussion on Athene’s Theory of Everything. Perhaps it is because his most well-known facet is that he’s a troll. Perhaps it is because the physics actually don’t work out somehow. Or perhaps it is because something somewhere got revoked. No matter the reason, I think this video still presents sets of thoughts which are unifiable into a larger and useful perspective – and if not, decomposable into smaller and useful pieces. Or maybe it is actually the greatest composed troll piece I have ever seen.

It is still a welcome change in focus.


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