Video: “The Truth About Success”

No one wants you to succeed.

Only your mom. And even your mom doesn’t want you to succeed because she’s afraid you’re not going to call her back. So even she doesn’t give a fuck.

No one wants you to succeed, homie. Nobody. Nobody gives a fuck, dude. And no one’s going to do it but you. How old are you? You’re a 24 year old man, so you got no sympathy. Remember when you were a kid, you cry a little bit, you’re like, help him out right? You’re a grown man dude, you go get killed in war and shit and no one will say shit. If you were like some kid and got killed in a war, people would be sad. If you’re a woman and got killed in war, potentially people could be sad, although that’s changing. No one gives a fuck dude. 24 year old man goes gets killed, you’re a grown ass man. Nobody gives a fuck.

So if you have a dream, and it’s worth it to you because you’re someone who’s inspired by that dream, then you can choose to go to that level and find your own motivations.


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