Ergo (Coordinate System)

I attempt to speak from a nonpolitical point of view. I believe I have achieved this more or less thus far – I base my argumentation on principles which I believe to be true, and I lead from them into my results. If my results happen to be categorized somewhat accurately by a pre-existing ideology, hey, so be it. Though to be sure, 1) I think I have sufficiently shown that my focus is not on politics, and 2) I really don’t fit the pre-existing ideology anyways. Libertarianism is largely based on liberty and the non-aggression pact… neither of which I believe in.

Perhaps I “believe” in them tangentially – that is to say, I end up acting the same way. But that is, I think, stretching the definition of “believe”. If I believe in something and end up taking a course of action, but you believe in the course of action, you can’t usually trace backwards and end up the same way. It probably isn’t incorrect to say it’s impossible because it’s, well, backwards.

Kendo appears to be mainly about swinging a bamboo sword. Picking up girls appears to be mainly about delivering winning lines. Fishing appears to be about catching fish. Cycling appears to be about getting to the finish line first. All of these are true in the sense that they end up in their respective actions. But starting there will not get you there.

I do not believe in Libertarianism. With sufficient chaotic levels it will disintegrate, because it is not based on a desire. “Liberty” is not personal. “Non-Aggression Pact” is not personal. Though intuitively the concepts of “Discipline”, “Honor”, and the act of seeking “Order” do not seem personal, I have shown that it is so inextricably tied to every action you take, that such is at least a fair approximation if not the best perspective to take on the world. It matters not what you desire – women, speed, money, glory, fame – if you want the best of what you want, you must use Discipline to get there. The only things in this world which are infinite and immutable are passions. “Liberty” is not a passion. So I cannot believe in it. It would be an exercise in futility.

What I do believe, directs me to think that free markets are the best form of organizing society. Libertarianism simply happens to end up in the same place.

It is important what you focus on.

This should be quite obvious as what you focus on becomes the center of your universe, and quite literally everything else revolves around it. Your frame of reference changes, and that is not to be underestimated. The world is very different if your goal is to not fail a test, rather than to ace it; if your goal is to not get rejected by a girl, rather than to get her to want to bed you; if your goal is to not lose, rather than to win. Needless to say, this is also apparent when you are not even focusing on the same subject.

As a result of my “heartless” Machiavellian “libertarianism”, I give much “harsher” responses to liberals… but at the same time, I am also able to write much less generic and much more inspiring arguments.

The culture today though… it has no focus.

For all are equal.

And where there is no focus, no order can be created. And thus, everything else falls apart.

I do not say that the culture today has no desires. We have plenty of desires alright. Politically correct ones include helping the poor, caring for the old, saving the whales, educating the young, and so on. Ask them which ones are more important, however, and suddenly they’re forced to talk about it like they talk about normal, sinful, everyday life.

It is perfectly okay to talk about most things in an order – you want to go to class on time over playing your game a few more minutes, you want to not piss off your boss over letting off steam where you stand, you want to save money now so you can buy something for your significant other later.

But you can’t say that educating the young is more important than caring for the old.

Because all are equal.

How this leads to the support for an infinite state I’ll leave as a mental exercise for you, but that in short is the problem with everything in this “world” (hint: all of these equal desires have infinite weight).

There is no order to it. All are equal. The belief is that the machinery of the universe are made with parts such that any two parts are interchangable, that the ecosystem of the culture are made with creatures such that any two organisms can swap niches,  that the community of this civilization are made with people such that any two people can Freaky Friday… and everything would be exactly the same as before.

“The egalitarian revolt against biological reality, as significant as it is, is only a subset of a deeper revolt: against the ontological structure of reality itself, against the “very organization of nature”; against the universe as such. At the heart of the egalitarian Left is the pathological belief that there is no structure of reality; that all the world is a tabula rasa that can be changed at any moment in any desired direction by the mere exercise of human will — in short, that reality can be instantly transformed by the mere wish or whim of human beings.”

– Murray Rothbard

It is not a true statement.

And thus, since Equality is the enemy of Order,

Therefore, I am against Equality.


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