Example 2

Answer to previous example: If you’re going to take the time and effort to support something – and voicing your support counts as effort; there are many other things you could be doing other than typing to people on the internet – then do it with your whole being. Do not preface anything you say with “iono” like you don’t know, “just” as if your opinion was worthless, or “i guess” like that guy in high school who raised his hand just to announce to everyone that he didn’t know the answer. To do so would be to lower yourself, which in turn implies that you would otherwise be higher if not for the people you were talking to – that is to say, it is an insult to everyone.

That is my answer.

>>> >>> >>>

Figure out what is wrong with the following quote.

As always, inconsistencies can (or rather, should) be recognized regardless of any prior beliefs, and those contradictions are what we remember to not keep when creating more accurate beliefs.

“What is your goal here, in posting these responses?”

“I thought it was obvious.”

“Humor me. Or if you prefer, “Enlighten me”.”



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