Democracy is claimed by its proponents to be of, by, and for “the people”, in kind of a singular platonic sense. It is an ideology to justify mob violence and theft in a sophisticated and slightly detached form. It’s the next barbaric fantasy, it’s one that is more advanced and difficult to discredit than the oligarchy, because by opposing democracy, you can be painted as an oligarch. Now, authoritarians LOVE democracy – the Bolsheviks, the Jacobins, the National Socialists, the Obama cultists – the predominant cloak of the authoritarian today is as a “man of the people”. Whenever anyone talks about democracy, equality, fairness, tolerance, anything having to do with the good of or duty of “society”, one of these platonic bugaboos, that person who talks about these things and talks in these terms is probably an authoritarian.

– Ryan Faulk

If you are capable of using my philosophy to support political authoritarianism, you are doing something wrong.

There is a significant difference between being an authoritarian on your own actions and being an authoritarian on the actions of others.


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