Our best efforts, truly all of our resolve has been in vain. Countless lives and valuable pieces of equipment have been lost.
However……look around you.
Look at how our home is being reborn, just as the cherry blossoms at the main gate bloom proudly, even on this dying land.
Look at your comrades by your side. Look at the passion still burning bright in their eyes.
What is it that drives us on?What makes us stand back up when our bodies are battered and bruised――?
It is the knowledge that devoting every part of ourselves to fighting against despair is the duty given to those of us still alive,\p and the fact that doing so is the one and only way to honor those who have given their lives for humanity’s victory.
Listen to the voices of those sleeping in the Earth.
Listen to the voices of those who met their end at sea.
Listen to the voices of those lost to the sky.
……the time has come for their dying wish to be requited.
Young soldiers are about to set off on a journey.
They will be carrying with them the wishes of those still here, and of those long gone, as they depart to face the enemy alone and without backup.
We will carve into our hearts the noble deeds of those who are not permitted to reveal even their names.

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