Fuss Fuzz

Now I really did take an arrow to the knee.

I’ve gone through a bit and started over, since I accumulated so many quests that I wasn’t sure what I was doing and I was losing a lot of immersion. The problem I have here is the same problem I have in Skyrim, albeit from an opposite cause.  There, it’s the same theme as I’ve been talking about here – too many things is the definition of “halation”, and where there is halation there is no purpose. At first I was pretty sure I was learning things for the purpose of doing something about dragons, but then I got lost about whether I should be emphasizing this or emphasizing that.

Here, my problem is where to stop. I’ve already decided that it’s fine to not record my every thought (though I should ease up on that a little to get more entries), and I don’t hesitate because I am more or less certain what I want my blog to discuss, but I don’t know when it is to stop thinking. I have something partially written right now that could probably be trimmed down to a single entry, but I don’t feel that it’s complete. This problem has existed with me for a while now, of where to stop. Writing the dreaded seven to ten page paper is easy, it’s the two page summary that is hell for me. It is perhaps the reason why I talk the way I do about the things I talk about – I have trouble with not knowing when to stop immersing, so I talk about the problem I believe I have already solved. That is to, the problem of not starting. But it is somewhat cyclic, in the end – one way to look at it is that I started too many things in Skyrim and didn’t know where to stop starting things, that I forgot what I was doing.

Also probably because I started looking things up on wikis and finding out the answers of what the effects of my actions would be before I did them. (But I won’t say too much on that here, since that’s what that other entry is going to continue on.) Here I’m fairly certain about what I’m writing because I have it all written down, so I have the pleasure of bypassing the limits of short-term memory. Turned around though, that means this problem is not a memory problem. With the memory limiter, not stopping means all is halation. Without the memory limiter, not stopping means that all is nothing (because nothing would ever get said). I.e., white noise and black space. “Life” is somewhere in the middle.

But everyone knew that.

I’m playing Skyrim with the Japanese dub. Everything sounds better in Japanese – they have a certain timbre that I have yet to find in other languages. I don’t know what the source of timbre is. Maybe it’s normally distributed for each race? Or maybe the Japanese just have a preference for it so it’s more pronounced there.

“May the Light of Certitude guide your efforts.”

– Meridia, Skyrim

Confidence is probably three parts. Knowing, Doing, and Remembering. The difficulty is probably in having more than two parts at the same time.


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