Music: “Noisy” – Muv-Luv OST

Haven’t practiced drawing in a few days, haven’t written anything good in a few days, haven’t figured out what to fill this blog with other than music now that I’m not writing on politics, haven’t done homework, haven’t started practicing approaching girls… sigh. Writing all personal stuff is okay once in a while, but it’s not that fun or interesting. Gonna need to tidy up my life a little bit more.

But organizing is definitely hard stuff. I dare not look at it as a simple chore.

Though to be sure, everything is just something to do. Just a matter of whether it’s “something to do” or “something else to do”.

In a traditional economic model, it explains why clerks and accountants are paid so much. In a more free market model, it explains why successful entrepreneurs are paid so much as well: they’re just clerks of a higher order.


2 thoughts on “Music: “Noisy” – Muv-Luv OST

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