Music: “Koi ha Mizuiro” – Amagami SS ED 4

I got a Fuji Altimira 3.0 at Black Friday today.

There was an SST 3.0 and an Altimira 3.0 for my size, both for the same price. The SST definitely looked nicer and sleeker, and had a white-red color scheme. I didn’t notice all the similarities in the Altimira at first because it was mostly black with some blue. But the SST’s geometry just didn’t end up working out at all for me. My torso is apparently too long and my legs too short for that bike. The Altimira though…

15 mph effortlessly. 28mph at max output. 3-5x speed for the same power output. 2x speed at 1/2 power on lowest gear. Can’t even touch the highest gear.

First time my main opponent on a bike are not the pedals, but the wall of wind in front of me.

It was amazing.


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