A while ago, I had to write up a list of 10 things I was grateful for for The Art of Manliness’s “30 Days To A Better Man“.

The list has not changed.

1 I am grateful that Women exist.

I haven’t really written anything up here yet about my anti-feminism views yet. It’s quite surprising really, as any time I’ve had a theme on my facebook posts it’s pretty much been about how feminism and sexual equality is a dumb concept. All I’ve posted in relation to this are some quotes from Heartiste and Roosh V and the stuff in my Quotes page. But that’s fine, we can always expand there later. Those views do not conflict with this one.

Women are what make life beautiful. I dislike using the “what if all of X category were gone” visualization aid because it distorts reality, but in terms of figuring out what’s most important to you, I don’t think it is too horrible a simple tool. Women would be the one thing I would not want to disappear. Take anything and everything else. As long as I can perceive beautiful and graceful women, I can live. I can’t say that with any other single thing.

There is no doubt in my mind that the only reason I see beauty in them and thus in the world is because there runs testosterone through my veins and a biological drive to impregnate any and all women. I do not turn away from this fact, as it is the most basic ordering principle. However, it is obviously not enough. Though knowing the most basic ordering principle is of tantamount importance, other principles are required to actually get to the goal. Forget and ignore these secondary orders, and you become something disgusting – indeed, that is by definition what it means to be disgusting.

Men who masturbate to their computer monitor clearly have the right idea, they just ignore that they actually have to go talk to women to get things started. Rapists have a better perspective, they just ignore consent – which is the basis of all economics and thus society. Pick Up Artists have what appears a pretty optimal idea, they just talk about things in a really dry and loveless way. There is some kind of optimal way to think of and to approach women. Similarly, while any and all human females fit the most basic ordering principle, the vast majority fail the other constraints.

We will not discuss who and how they fail here. Because today is Thanksgiving. It is to those women who fail none of those ordering principles that I admire, because they are my ordering principle.

For them I exist and for them I have nothing but desire.

2 I am thankful that I can Love.

Love is defined as executing on ordering principles.

One year ago at this time, I was beginning for the first time to truly dedicate myself to something. Two months later, I would go from a fat slob who only knew how to play video games to becoming an athlete. Two months ago, I would go from athlete to realizing that the same things I had learned in the past year – continual practice and focus on the end goal – would apply to any and all skills in life. And… all things in life are skills. Things to optimize. Things to do.

My mind was no longer free, wondering “what is love”, “what is my purpose in life”. It was in order. It was in love.

Love is a matter of who you are.

3 I would not do without a Brain.

While it is unfortunate I must pay such a high price for my gift of above-average intelligence, I don’t think I would prefer without it. In a sense, it really isn’t a price at all. Being intelligent means that, with a little development, you can never be bored. At any time, anywhere, you’ll always be able to find something either in the world or in your own mind to keep yourself interested and occupied. You never truly need other people, or something to actually do. You’ll always be happy… just the way you are. But of course, this is a cost and not a benefit on more fundamental levels, as discussed earlier.

It’s fun though. It’s like an extra pet demon to deal with which, when you manage to control it, becomes a golden goose. It is this demon that allows me to write like this right now.

4 I would not do without a Heart.

It reminds me after all else fails that I am alive, and I can do what the dead, the unborn, and the inanimate cannot.

It reminds me after all else fails what I am feeling and what I need to do.

5  I would’ve asked anyways to have been Born a Man.

For all the things men must deal with these days, I am still thankful that I am not a woman.

Throughout history, things have pretty much been made exclusively by men. Bread, Farming, Wheel, Money, Aqueducts, Plumbing, Concrete, Steam Engine, Internal Combustion Engine, Aircraft, Steel, Modern Medicine, Spacecraft… and it will always be dominated by men. The biological disposition of men is to compete and take risks, to find better ways of doing things that nobody else has done. And thus, we have inventors and entrepreneurs, the driving forces of development and better living conditions for all.

Our game to outdo each other to protect and woo our women means that our descendants will live easier lives and solve even greater problems.

It’s great to just be able to have one thing in mind and have all else follow from it.

6 Music enables me.

For all the times I can’t visualize a woman, her voice or imitations of her voice soothe me.

7 I love that I can Dream.

All the secondary ordering principles.

8 I am grateful for Internet, Capitalism, “Freedom”.

For all the men who live with me.

9 I am thankful for my Chance Conditions of Birth.

I talked earlier about how this visualization tool is flawed. It is the same reason why it is ridiculous to be “proud” of your heritage. Do you know what it’s like to be something else? I do not know what it is like to grow up outside of America. I do not know what it is like to not be a man. I do know what it is like to not be intelligent, to not be stirred by music, to not live without a computer.

However, gratitude and pride are as different as confidence and arrogance. One is about showing off to others. The other is about rectifying your own perception to better serve your own reality.

For all the problems I have with my family, my society, and my era, I am thankful I have this game to play.

I am thankful that I was born, with whatever I have.

0 I stand on the Shoulders of Giants.

For all the men who lived before me.


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