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The more acceptable it is to play victim, the more people will play victim. This holds true as long as the reparations are more valuable than the cost of being victim.

Reparations are generally paid out in accordance to how well a victim is recognized. If not many people recognize some claimed grievance as harm, then it will be ignored (on the general scale) until recognition reaches some critical mass. If many people recognize the grievance as harm, then reparations will grow accordingly. This is technically measured via power and not numbers – i.e. a group of powerful people will have more effect on this function than a similar sized group of people wielding no power – but it was written in numbers format for visualization aid.

Generosity is dependent on the relationship between productivity and number of encountered people in need. The more you produce, the more you are going to be willing to give out for a given constant amount of people in need. The more people in need, the less you are going to be willing to give out given a constant productivity. While there is a third governing factor to this relationship, namely the “altruism” of the individual, this factor is only minutely affected by a plethora of other environmental conditions. “Productivity” and “Number of encountered people in need” are effectively the two main variables. This is true for all people.

Reparations are not free. There is no such thing as a free lunch. All value comes from somewhere. This is a law of reality.

The more acceptable it is to play victim, the more people will play victim. The more people play victim, the less people will want to be generous – more stuff doesn’t just come out of nowhere. Therefore, an inequality is created. Why, where once a victim got some amount of reparations, now a victim gets something less? How is this justice? Thus, demand increases. The victims cry victim harder, and louder.

However, reparations are not necessarily a function of how hard or loud the victims cry. America has 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s prison population, with an overwhelming majority being locked up for nonviolent crimes, and probably at least a third of them being wrongly imprisoned. It’s not like they want to be in there. They probably want the hardest out of anyone alive to be free… but nobody cares. However, people do care about sexual harassment cases and award tens of millions of dollars (read: twenty average joes’ entire life savings (read: the sweat, toil, story, experiences, relationships, and dreams of the lives of twenty other people)) to rubbing some nobody woman because some nobody man rubbed her ass the wrong way.

In this society, what is recognition a function of?


If you can get enough people to cry victim with you, people will pay attention to you. You do not have to appeal to peoples’ sense of pride, sense of discipline, their desires, or their fears. You don’t really need to talk about principles anymore – it’s all just extra stuff we throw on top, and we all know it. It is a remnant of the past, where once it was necessary for an idea to convince people before their actions would follow along.

Now, we have the government. Do you not like how some people are claiming you’re evil and need to be thrown into a cage? That’s nice. Everyone has their own opinion, and you’re free to have yours. However, eventually, one of you will be thrown into a cage because we’ll win the numbers war. And eventually, another of you will fall. And yet another. Thus, the price of holding a refuting opinion increases, with no hope of it ever reversing. Does a government ever fail at oppressing or ignoring a victimized group? Sure. Then, what happens when they stop doing either? Does that group… go away?

As refuting opinions become such a high priced commodity that only the rich (the rich) and the black market (young men, the drunks, etc.) can have it, everyone else adopts the stance of “I’ll go along with anything you say”.

Don’t like it? Then risk the real risk and ever increasing risk of getting thrown into a cage.

Because now, we have democracy. “Power to the people”.

The more acceptable it is to play victim, the more people will play victim.

In a democracy, the more acceptable it is to play victim, the more people will play victim… the more acceptable it is to play victim. That’s it. There are no other parts. The only thing preventing absolutely everyone everywhere from playing victim all the time are those remnants of the past, and individual discipline. In a sense, democracies are very orderly. There is an insanely obvious optimal path: get everything from everyone just by crying wolf your whole life. This is why even in the extremely disciplined cultures of East Asia, the same things are happening as happened in the West. This is why all democracies do the same thing: print more money, give out more welfare, start more wars, give special rights to everyone, police state everywhere.

But fundamentally, and in the long run, the limiter has been removed. In democracy, it is truly a land of the free.

A land without order.

This story’s end has already been written. Because there is no culture, we are simply inserting more pages between now and that inevitable end:

“Democracy and Statism Fails”.


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