In a free society, I’m walkin down the street police got the nerve to ask me “Where you goin? Where you comin”- ain’t none of yo damn business where I’m goin. It ain’t none of yo damn business where I came from. FUCK your talkin about ‘where you goin’. He goin and asking, “What are you doing here”, you go anywhere and ask anybody else, what they doin there? You stop and ask anybody else in this society, man, “Why do you exist?” You understand what I’m sayin? But you got the nerve to ask me that all day, everyday, now what do you think that does to me, psychologically? What does that tell me, what message am I being fed every day?

[…] It’s just a question of when this is going to erupt, and upon whom is it going to erupt. Am I going to attack myself? Am I going to attack my brother? Am I going to attack my own image in the mirror? Or am I going to eventually attack the cause of my anger, and my frustration? The point is I’m a walking time bomb, I’m gonna go off, someday, somewhere, on somebody. The question is, upon whom.

– Kumasi

That’s been the one taboo, is that black people and other oppressed people in this country are never to use violence to achieve what it is they want.

But this country uses violence whenever it chooses, and then it legitimizes the violence.

– Ron Wilkins

– Crips and Bloods – Made in America

It is now no longer that one guy with the dark skin color can rape one woman or rob one store. It is now every single person of any age any size either gender is capable of killing 3000 people by themselves while appearing absolutely inconspicuous. (Or replace it with anything, really. The more you treat people a certain way when they have no alternatives, the more they will behave the way you want them to behave.)

Replace Racism with “War on Terror”.
Replace “Whites against Blacks” with “America against Mankind”.

That is what we have today.

What do you think will happen in 2-3 decades?


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