Just as faking it until you make it gets you success, pretending to be out of character will eventually make you someone else, and imagining failure and worst case scenarios will simply make them appear.

I had this somewhat long post on Facebook about personal and family problems that I had planned to expand upon here. It probably wasn’t as bad as I wrote it out to be, but I felt like writing an exciting version of it., emphasizing certain points and making the whole thing seem like some kind of ultimatum and impending battle royale.

And soon after, I just felt really bad. I had laid out a story where I’d have to fight against all probability to win. While this is the format of epics, those in the epics themselves never think this way. People who work from zero to everything don’t worry about how hard their circumstances are. They don’t think about how they could have been in better situations and be living better days… because to do so would be equivalent to committing suicide. To spend time on worrying is to spend time not thinking about how problems could be solved. Indeed, if there was an opposite to “working hard”, it would be “worrying” – instead of recognizing that the problems are there and need to be dealt with, one imagines about how the world would be if that problem was not there and then laments that such is not so.

What they do is think about the problem in the most efficient way possible: what is it, how is it affecting me, and how can I get rid of it or turn it into something that works to my advantage?

This is what I have claimed to try to do.

And I will try to do it, until I can do it.

An Angel says, “Never borrow from the future.  If you worry about what may happens  tomorrow and it doesn’t happen, you have worried in vain.  Even if it does happen, you have to worry twice.”


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