Logical End

I noticed something funny.

OWS/Liberal/Statist people always talk about how the Market can’t regulate itself, because nothing can regulate itself. These people also state that The People need Government because People can’t regulate themselves. Let’s assume that these two things are true: “Nothing is capable of self-regulation”, and that “things need regulation”. However… they also state that Government is The People, and The People are the Government. Additionally, it is an unsaid axiom of that belief system that the Market is not the People. Four possibilities arise.

1) “Government is needed to regulate The People” is false, due to conflict with “Nothing is capable of self-regulation”.
2) “Nothing is capable of self-regulation” is false, due to conflict with “Government is needed to regulate The People”.
3) “Government is not The People” is true, required to solve conflict as stated in 1 and 2.
4) “Market is needed to regulate Government/The People” is true. Assuming 3 is false and the conflict in 1 or 2 are true, then Government/The People are not capable of self-regulation and need to be regulated by another entity.

Interestingly enough, all of these conclusions make a lot more sense than their premises. Put all of them together and you have a pro-market anti-state position.

Technically if we follow logic strictly from their premises we can’t have more than two of these conclusions true simultaneously… but really, if any of these are true (and at least one of them must be true), it deals a fatal blow by being completely inconsistent with everything politics and economics that they believe.


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