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<Image of Congress> (Caption:) The producers of 0% of the things want to regulate 100% of the things. OCCUPY CONGRESS

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Why Occupy Wall Street is retarded.


i’m not understanding how this picture supports your caption.
from what i’m reading/understanding from this photo is that the producers of 0% of the things (the 1%) want to regulate 100% of the things.

the 1% are the producers of 0% of the things because 1. they aren’t providing jobs like they say they are. 2. they pocket the profit instead of providing jobs for the economy 3. most of their profit are from the employees hard at work…so the 1% is producing nothing because they’re just letting the 99% or the working class work while they just chill-lax. Yet they want control over everything, and well they basically have control over everything. Which doesn’t seem fair. 1% controlling 100% of this country?

OWS is a movement that represent the 99% who should be voiced in this country, (chus our reps are OBVIOUSLY ignoring us) Representatives are supposed to be representing us and our opinions, since they aren’t anymore, the OWS movement is to represent ourselves. 99% wanting to be heard in this country and have a say in the country we live in…idk seems pretty reasonable…esp in “america”.


99% is a matter of perspective. From my point of view, pretty much everybody alive today is in the 1% in comparison to the history of the species. To say that protesters in america are the 99% is probably 99% of something to be sure. Just not something I’m about to pay attention to or respect, because to me it’s totally disproportionate to any perspective I use.

 Similarly, the rest of your argument might as well be written in another language. You use many categories I do not, and will not, because they are useless to me. For example, “fairness”. It does not matter what I think is fair and what is not fair; such does not help me change anything in reality. If I use the word “unfair”, it is because I want to make someone feel guilty about something and thus make them do what I want them to do. The concept itself is irrelevant.

 If there is a goal I wish to achieve, then I do not need such a vague concept. And if there isn’t a goal, well then, I wouldn’t be thinking about it to begin with.

 I see OWS people as either people who either believe in such concepts as fairness – in which case they are utterly incomprehensible to me – or they are trying really hard to sell me something. But they don’t tell me what that something is – the closest they’ve gotten is that one list of demands, which essentially is UDHR Part 2 or Communist Manifesto Part 3, neither of which I support. All signs point to it being retarded.


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