Music: “Oblivious” – Kara no Kyoukai ED

Biking after Kendo today was not a good idea. That, or it’s because I did not un-devote my attention from the fact that I have a 10 page lab report and a midterm this week. Or both (that might actually be it – at the beginning and end of kendo practice we’re supposed to focus, and I use it to focus on kendo then unfocus on kendo. That “unfocus” might’ve screwed up my cycling practice). Either way, I could not go for very long at all today or very fast, and it felt very bad. I’m not going to stop doing it. It was relatively easy to tell myself to put off writing off on some interesting ideas I’ve thought about so I can study more and do homework. Training though, is in that same category. I cannot simply write that off the same way.

In 2 weeks, a similar situation can reoccur: the same 10 pages, plus 2 midterms. I will simply redistribute study time and do the lab report on the weekend, and not allow it to happen.

Error in execution and estimation of fatigue.

Gonna post a song as if it was indeed a problem of lack of drive, though. I used to question purpose all the time, but now I define purposes instead and spend mental energy on figuring out how to get there. Pondering is still fun, though. It just takes up time that I do not have during the day.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been having all these vivid dreams every night for so many nights.

Day 4:
34:42 Min, 82 Avg RPM, 14.0km (8.8mi)
Avg speed: 20.5kmh (12.8mph)
Modal gear: 10 cruise, 12 sprint
Cruise Watt/RPM range: 120-140 / 78-85
Sprint Watt/RPM range 195-210 / 80-90
Sprint frequency: @15, 30 min

Comparison to Day 3:
Avg speed: 20.5 vs 24.5kmh (16.3% decrease)
Total time: 34:42 vs 92:13min (62.4% decrease)
Total distance: 14 vs 38.5km (63.6% decrease)
Other comparisons zeroed/inapplicable.


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