50 Cals For Breakfast Is Insufficient

Business Insider – Peter Schiff: More Racist Economics from a Libertarian

From now on, every morning, I’m going to admire tits and legs and read hentai instead of watching clowns and reading politics. More interesting, feels better, more efficient at waking me up, helps blood circulation… I think it’s actually better at everything. Even makes my imagination go wild.

Politics doesn’t do that. My arsenal of things to say is more or less complete; to improve it more comes at an increasingly diminishing cost-effectiveness ratio. As for using that arsenal, it now takes less mental effort than weightlifting.

“When in doubt, call it racist.”

“Someone should ask this man if he thinks alcoholic drinks should be illegal. When he says no, accuse him of being in favor of alcoholism and say that he is lacking in character.”

“Here we go again! One more time: libertarians are individualist therefore by definition they can’t be racist. It is literally impossible.”

– Comments on the article, from the I bet Ludwig von Mises can get more fans than John Maynard Keynes Facebook page


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