Premise, Logic, Belief, Conclusion

“If quitters never win, and winners never quit, then who is the fool that first said:

‘Quit while you are ahead’?”

Those who support [the game] will follow the emotions of the [players] they support.
Those who are against [the game] will ignore it.
Thus, the only type of person that can say such a thing is someone who has never participated. Someone who mocks and comments on [the game], but refuses under all circumstances to play it.

Under all circumstances, I will never forgive them, those who force happiness on those who strive for glory. I can forgive killers, rapists, torturers, thieves – as categories. Individually they may differ and some cases may become too personal to truly apply general principle, but overall I do not mind them. They are simply the ever-present asshole tax. But as a category and as individual instances, I cannot overlook those who force winners to quit. It doesn’t matter who they are. It doesn’t matter what they do.

May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory.

– Edel, Princess Tutu

I will never forgive them.


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