What Do You Wish For?

“In college, during exam days, I heard a lot of excuses as tests were being distributed. People hadn’t gotten enough sleep or they hadn’t had time to study as much as they wanted to. A lot of my classmates were scared that if they really studied hard and gave it their all – and still did poorly on the test – it would be a rejection of their intelligence. So they went through college never knowing the limits of their test-taking ability. That type of protective strategy only served to soothe their egos. Right now you have to decide if you’re going to concern yourself with protecting your ego or with maximizing your results.”

– Roosh V, Bang

“Why did you catch up? Didn’t I tell you to rest? Don’t you want to finish the course?”

“I only want to win…. to win today’s race.”

– Kouichi Terao and Mikoto Shinozaki, Over Drive


3 thoughts on “What Do You Wish For?

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