An Occcupy Wall Street protestor is walking along the beach when he spots an old oil lamp. The man decides to rub the lamp and out pops a genie.
“Salaam,” says the genie, “I will grant you one wish.”
The protestor responds, “Well I am firmly convinced that a job is a fundamental right. Thus, I wish I had a stable job that provides me with food and shelter. No more worrying about rent, groceries, and bills for me!”
The genie nods and says, “Very well, your wish shall be granted.” The genie snaps his fingers and the protestor suddenly finds himself transformed into a donkey attached to a grind mill. “Hey,” he brayed at the departing genie, “what is the meaning of this?”
The genie looks back and says, “Is this not what you wanted? The farmer will take good care of you and provide you with all the food and water you require. Your job is simple and productive. What more do you want when you yourself demanded that someone else take care of you?”

– Joshua Trujillo

h/t to the Facebook page I bet Ludwig von Mises can get more fans than John Maynard Keynes


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