The Purpose of This Blog

The main reason why I’m writing this blog is so that I can collect my thoughts. I have done a couple of blogs in the past for the same reason (each stopped because the next one took over), and this time I am moving from Facebook. Many of my posts are simply not “Facebook material”. They do not consist of me posting a status about me going out to dinner, posting pictures of events, or about how I’ll be gone for the weekend. My news feed is quite literally a news feed, and with the recent formatting change to pictures, it’s become like Tumblr as well – except still about politics and economics and recent events. Perhaps half of all my posts on Facebook are links from other sites with some commentary, and the other half are original statuses with thoughts about something. Such is more fit for a blog than a social networking site.

I am not particularly seeking adversaries. Though I will be saying many things that offend this or that group, I am not looking for debate opponents. I have nothing to gain by spending time with someone who disagrees with me and is determined to be right on whatever they happen to believe. To those, I will give the cursory glance at the argument, just as a basic manner of courtesy that I give to all points of view. My aim, however, is to learn about things I want to learn about. If your expressed concern is not catching my interest, tough luck. If your expressed concern comes packaged with malicious sarcasm or outright indignation, then I clearly won’t care or want to look in your general direction. I truly don’t believe that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

I heard a good analogy from my Kendo sensei. In wrestling, you can be the biggest jackass but as long as you win, everybody will like you. In Kendo, if you can win against anyone but have the worst manners, no doujo will ever accept you. That is similar to my philosophy with differing points of view. Everyone thinks they’re right (if they’re not, then they’re in the process of changing something so that they think they’re right) – someone shoving their point of view in my face after I’ve said something, or even if I’ve said nothing, doesn’t mean anything in terms of how right the perspective actually is. It does, however, show lack of respect on their part. All this “don’t judge a book by its cover” is just making us forget that we need to put effort into our covers.

I will attempt to not be that kind of writer. I am seeking, after all, people who have things I want to know more about.

I’m not sure exactly what I want to know more about… I’ve never known much about the names for it. It’s crossed philosophy, economics, psychology, anthropology, epistemology, literature, and politics. In the end, none of these have my undying passion – I know a little bit and learn more from time to time. But I guess we’ll find a name or make a name for it as time goes on. Or we won’t. Not a failure either way; don’t need a name for something to talk about it, as long as it can be described.

Of course, it’s not all totally going to be deep stuff. A noninsignificant amount of it will just be mental exercises on light joke material (read: politics) to stay in shape. A few things to make it a little more personal.

I shall be posting as I have time, thoughts, or other things to say.



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